Z-EDGE Dual Lens Dash Cam πŸ‘€ (ULTRA HD Camera ) Front & Rear πŸ‘ˆ

Z-EDGE Dual Lens Dash Cam πŸ‘€ (ULTRA HD Camera ) Front & Rear πŸ‘ˆ

hey guys welcome back to the channel I
have a new dashcam that we’re taking a look at already I do have my own action
cam in my car but this one has dual front and rear cameras and as a Super HD
in wide angle recording so I’m going to try this out for you guys so this is the Z-EDGE stealth dual lens
car camera I’m going to first unbox this and then later I’m going to install it
in my car and show you some video footage so let’s see what’s in it
a little bit messy but I was looking at it earlier so this is the front camera
that you get it’s small it is definitely stealth but you do get a nice screen
with some very visible controls one problem that I have with some of these
dash cams this is just a screen and I’m not able to really do anything so I’m
excited to dig into these settings and options and see what I can do you do get
a quick guide in both German English and Chinese how to connect your cables and
your regular user manual now there is a lot in here you do get three different
types of cords as you can see this one is very very long this is to connect the
front camera to the rear camera and here is the rear camera so you see this is
adjustable with 3m tape on top for you to attach anywhere here are the two
together I really do like the fact that this does
have a rear feature you have somewhere you the you put it in the front and then
you can view you can film via from the front seat and I just don’t get that
it’s a little weird to me as you see there’s a lot of different links and
wiring depends on where your outlet is and how you want to personally install
it you do have this tool right here to help peel back some of the interior of
your car so you can hide it I know this is very nice because I kind of had to
manually do that with a screwdriver the last time I did put a dashcam in so this
should be very helpful so this does come with a micro SD card I will I would
like to say that a lot of these do not come with this you have to purchase one
separately and I find that very annoying especially since I usually tend to get
the wrong thing and so it’s really nice that they provide you with this it’s of
course only 16 gigabytes which this does have a looping feature but if you want
something with a little bit more gigabyte you can purchase your own but
this does come with it so you’re able to start with it right away you do have
your little cigarette outlet thing to plug in your cameras and you do have a basically the stand for you to put this
on your your front camera on in the front of your vehicle it has your 3m
tape so you can attach it and everything like that it also does come with clips
to put your wiring up neatly think it’s very efficient and pretty nice that they
provide you with all this usually some of these companies just give you the
camera and let you do you so so let me just
tell you a couple features of this I am going to be reading these off just to
give you exact detail this can simultaneously record in the front and
the rear but you do have to run wires from the front and back to the cigarette
lighter plug if you’re into cars and you are comfortable with doing that I
totally recommend that for you because having a rear camera does help in a lot
of situations where you get rear-ended and you can’t really tell who’s at fault
and stuff like that or if you want like um
this does have like a little parking feature where it keeps running just in
case you’re afraid of anything going on it does do that so you can see
everything around your car and it records at a 150 degree wide angle
that’s a really big angle I like that you get to see everything around you
does have a built in G sensor accelerometer that triggers motion and
crash vibration and it does have parking mode so I’m going to install this in my
car right now and then show you the footage all right so I am taking my old dashcam
out and we’re going to put our new one in so my old one used a suction cup and
this one uses I’ll show you so this uses a 3m tape so you stick it up there and
don’t have to worry about it falling down or when the heat changes it’s you
know all right so I was hoping my previous wiring would fit but this is
not the same input so I’m going to have to wire around a new the cord that comes
with it so that I can use this and make sure that the spot I’m putting it is
gonna be fine for the eye sight so it’s up there now we gotta put the figure out
the wiring right now I’m not an expert at tucking
wires away so I’m gonna my friend do that and we’re just gonna get you the
video and show you how well this works all right so as you can see we have our
dash cam up it’s held up by 3m tape which is provided they have the rear
plugged in right now I don’t believe I’ll be using this feature simply
because there’s a lot of wiring and hiding that I would have to do and I
have a hatchback which I think putting that in the back of my car is going to
be a little bit hard to do of course if you have a different setup that’s gonna
be a different story for you and if you want maybe two dash cams and want to are
an expert at hiding wiring of course you can do that as well but this is just my
my personal opinion you know so I do just want to show you the picture
quality on this so I do have it plugged in my passenger will hold this for our
ride so you can see what it looks like so of course if you simply are using
just the front dash cam you just take this cord out right here which plugs the
rear in and it still works fine now nothing’s changed and of course do you
plug it back in when you want the rear when you figure all of that out – Alright so that is a look at the Z-EDGE dash cam please check the description
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