Yall wanted to see how the trainer Dongeun eats in buffet [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.01]

(The long-awaited buffet time) Dongeun, sit in front of me. Get ready to eat. – Yes. / – Yes. (She reacts quickly at the words, “Let’s eat”) Is this a buffet? – Yes, it is. / – Is it a buffet? (A worrisome situation for the buffet) I’m worried. That place is going to suffer so much. (What does Director Dongeun choose first?) (A bunch of meat) – Meat. / – Oh, meat. (A bunch of shrimp) Shrimp. (The buffet might go bankrupt) (She grabs a second plate) She piled up one plate already. (She adds beef bulgogi) – Meat again? / – Bulgogi. She eats a lot of meat. (This is how a Pilates instructor eats?) They were unfortunate to have her as a guest. (Time to eat now) That’s… That’s just for herself, right? Did she bring food for the whole team? – No. / – Goodness. (She’s going to eat both plates of food by herself) Is something wrong? I’m hungry. How much shrimp are you trying to eat? (She filled up two plates) She really filled them up well. (Jeongtae and Miru also filled up two plates) Oh, there are spoons here. Why are you carrying spoons and chopsticks in your pockets? Who? What? This is a comedy movie, right? No, the employees… Why are they carrying spoons like beggars? They were holding two plates, so they couldn’t hold the spoon. Your hand is turning. Your hand is turning. Look at this. (He’s suddenly inspecting the employees’ food) You only brought noodles. They’re on a different level. Are you really preparing for next year’s competition? (We can’t eat next year, so we should eat up now) Let’s go after we eat. Let’s go do something fun. Alright? (I should eat as well) You guys are upsetting me. (The upset boss goes to get food) (Their minds and bodies are exhausted) (From promoting the gym) (On the other hand, Director Dongeun…) (Is slowly warming up) (She’s eating without saying a word) When Dongeun starts eating, she stops talking, right? Yes, she likes to fill her stomach first. She looks like she came by herself. (What does he get from the buffet?) (Marinated meat) (Grilled short rib patties) (Sausages) (A heaping scoop of glass noodles) How can they replenish that now? See? I’m not eating that much. (A light eater’s two simple plates) He’s eating like a cow. (He’s eating like a cow) – Are noodles protein as well? / – Of course. It turns into protein when I eat it. (The human vacuum) – He really likes noodles. / – A film festival. We should submit this to a theatrical film festival. It’s so fun to watch. (Dongeun suddenly puts on gloves) What is she doing? Does she carry gloves with her? What is this? What’s her intent? (Gloves are a must for Dongeun when she eats) She always ate with gloves. She carries gloves with her when she eats because she doesn’t like it when food gets stuck between her fingernails. (Her gloves don’t care about the time or location) – We use those when we cook. / – When you cook. She’s using gloves that are used for cooking to prevent food from getting stuck in her nails. She uses them when she eats. She’s really on a different level. It must be comfortable when peeling shrimp though. (She peels the shrimp and eats it) There aren’t people like that in wedding buffets. That’s right. At a wedding buffet. She’s not saying a word. (Her mouth only exist to eat) They’re not saying a word. (I’m going to use my bare hands) Miru, you live around here, right? Yes. What do your parents do? They own clothing business. – A clothing business? / – Yes. Gyeongtaek, your dad owns a chicken restaurant? Yes. What about you, Seongsu? He cooks meals at a company. – He cooks meals at a company? / – Yes. He cooks… He lied because he thought I’d go visit his parents. He thought you wouldn’t go if it was at a company? It was a lie? He cooks meals at a company. Didn’t you say that he owns a raw fish restaurant? They have no tact. (Goodness) He cursed with his eyes. (Laughing) You lied about your parents’ job? Did they change jobs? (You guys are no help whatsoever) Do they own a cafeteria or a raw fish restaurant? They’re operating a small sushi restaurant right now. – That reminds me of Coach Hyun. / – I should go. I miss Coach Hyun. Oh, no. (The frustrated employees) Do they have a boat in front of their house? Yes, they do. Can you go fishing on the boat as well? – Yes, you can eat raw fish as well. / – That’s right. I’ve never gone fishing on a boat. (He looks forward to fishing on a boat) I’ve never gone either. Me neither. See, Seongsu? You’re our dreams and hopes. (Our dreams and hopes, human wreath number one) I’m sure he won’t go. He won’t. (But he can’t hide his anxiousness) (Quietly) Where are you going? To get more food. You’re going to get more food? You’re not going to eat more? No. I’m alright. (Her plates have been cleared) Where’s the bulgogi? We changed the bulgogi to something else. Why? You ate it all. Should I bring you some bulgogi? Yes, thank you. Oh, my. (Please give me bulgogi, I’m getting dizzy) This is a precious clip. Comedians should repent. Comedians need to repent. – How… / – What is she doing? – She’s so unique. / – Did you bring the same food? – I can’t keep up with her. / – These taste the best. (Shrimp, bulgogi) How many shrimps is she eating? Are you hooked on shrimp? (She starts peeling the shrimp again) (She eats the shrimp) She always has the same expression. (This isn’t a scene from before) – She’s really amazing. / – It’s amazing. Does… Does she not get full? (A shrimp graveyard) Look at the shells. (All these shrimps are inside one person’s stomach) Are you surprised? I’m very surprised. Are you alright? This is my first time seeing this. (Culture shock) No matter how much money Boss Yang earns… (She’s worried about Boss Yang’s food expenses) He won’t make enough to feed her. When I eat with Dongeun like this, I spend about $10,000 a month. That’s why he keeps cooking instant noodles. That’s right. It’s impossible to fill her up. Even instant noodles would cost him a lot of money. Let’s go and work hard again. Alright. Are you still eating? It’s a mouthpiece. A mouthpiece? Are you going to go boxing? (An orange mouthpiece) (Time to go back to the gym now) Finish eating and come out. – Alright. / – Alright. – Orange. / – She needs to rinse her mouth now. (After she finishes feasting) (She remains by herself at the buffet) (She’s done eating so she takes off her gloves) (And enjoys a cup of coffee) (Have you ever seen a shrimp graveyard?) The plates are stacked. It’s not a conveyor-belt sushi bar either. It isn’t. (Sad) I think that if she had more time, she’d eat more. It’s not a conveyor-belt sushi bar. She ate five plates worth of food. (She’s the last one to finish eating) She abundantly ate five plates of food. Abundantly.

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