Xiaomi Mi A3 vs Mi A2 Full Review with Camera Samples

Xiaomi Mi A3 vs Mi A2 Full Review with Camera Samples

‘Music’ Xiaomi just released the Mi A3, and last years
Mi A2 dropped its price. Leaving many of you confused, so as to which
one should you get. Or you might be using the Mi A2 for sometime,
and are looking for a reason to upgrade to the Mi A3, but not sure if its worth the upgrade
or not. Don’t worry, I am Sagar from Tecworkz, and
in this video I will help you decide which one of these 2 is the right choice for you. Let us start with the point that you guys
are most concerned about, Price. Xiaomi launched the Mi A3 for a starting price
of Rs.12,999 for 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage, and Rs.15,999 for 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage. Which is much lower than last years introductory
price of the Mi A2. Right now on Amazon, the Mi A2 is available
for close to Rs.10,000 for the 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage variant, and the 6GB RAM and
128GB Storage variant is being sold for Rs.15,999. There is a Rs.3000 difference between the
base variants, but the 6GB RAM variants of both are priced similarly, which doesn’t
really make much sense. And for that price, going with the Mi A3 should
be your obvious choice. If you are looking to get the base variants,
let us see what the A3 offers for the slightly higher price. Mi A2 came with a unibody metal back, which
made it very durable. I have dropped mine a fair amount of times
within the last year, and you can see the scuff marks at all corners. But it fared pretty well, and survived all
of those the drops like a champ. Mi A3 on the other hand comes with a curved
glass back, which makes it feel much more premium than the A2, but it also makes it
more fragile. Xiaomi used gorilla glass 5 to protect the
front and back of the Mi A3, but it is still glass, and it will most definitely shatter
if it takes a bad drop. So if you are planning to get the A3, make
sure to use it with a good case. In terms of overall build quality, as I said,
Mi A3 looks and feels much more premium than the Mi A2. And since it is narrower and has a much smaller
overall footprint than the A2, it feels so much more comfortable in my hand. I can even reach most of the screen and use
it with just 1 hand if I have to, which is not very easily possible for me to do on the
Mi A2. Now the Mi A3 is smaller then the Mi A2 in
terms of overall dimensions, but it is in fact packing in a slightly larger display. 6.01inch vs the 5.99inch on the Mi A2. Xiaomi was able to achieve this by dramatically
reducing the size of bagels on the Mi A3. A2 had these big bezels at the top and bottom,
which are now replaces by a small notch at the top and a much narrower bezel at the bottom
on the Mi A3, which looks far better and in line with most of the modern smartphones in
my opinion. A3 also gets a Super AMOLED display instead
of the IPS LCD one on the A2. But the the big disappointing part is that,
the resolution of this new Super AMOLED display has been dropped down to 1560×720 pixels,
from 2160×1080 pixels of the Mi A2. This takes the pixel count down from 403 pixels
per inch on the Mi A2, to 286 pixels per inch on the Mi A3. And this drop is noticeable, specially while
reading text or zooming in on the images. This might not bother everyone, but you should
still check out the display of the Mi A3 in person, in one of the Xiaomi stores.If you
are planning on getting this phone. I also don’t like how saturated and punchy
the colours on this Super AMOLED display are. And in the settings, there are no options
to change the display colour gamut, or turn the saturation levels down. Fingerprint sensor on the Mi A3 has been moved
to the front under the display, as opposed to the rear physical one on the Mi A2. Xiaomi claims the fingerprint sensor on the
A3 to be the 7th generation in display fingerprint sensor, but it is still much slower and not
as consistent as the physical fingerprint sensor on the Mi A2. I prefer having a physical fingerprint sensor
at the back, specially until the in display ones get much faster and accurate than they
are now, on these budget smartphones. For the buttons and ports. Both have the volume and power button on the
right. SIM tray on the left. USB C port for charging, a speaker grill and
a dummy speaker grill for a microphone at the bottom. And at the top, along with the noise cancelling
microphone and the IR blaster, we have the 3.5mm audio jack making its return on the
Mi A3, after being left out on the Mi A2. This is a welcome move from Xiaomi, as no
one expects this port to come back, once it is removed by the manufacturer. So thumbs up to Xiaomi for this bold move. SIM Tray on the Mi A3 also again gets the
option to add a micro SD card for further expanding the storage. Its a Hybrid SIM tray, so you can use either
2 nano SIM cards, or a Nano SIM card and a microSD card. Whereas on the Mi A2, there is no option to
expand the storage, and the SIM tray can just hold 2 nano SIM cards. Mi A3 offers a splash proof nano coating,
which reduced the risk of liquid damage. This does not mean that It is waterproof,
but it can withstand a few splashes of water or maybe a light drizzle of rain. A2 does not offer any such splash resistance. We have already talked about the back being
made of glass on the Mi A3 and the fingerprint sensor being moved under the display. So the only other difference at the back of
these phones is the addition of one extra camera on the Mi A3. Out of the 3 rear cameras on the Mi A3, primary
one gets a 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 sensor with F/1.79 aperture. Next camera gets a 8 megapixel sensor with
F/2.2 aperture and an ultra wide angle lens. Third and the final camera gets a 2 megapixel
depth sensor. On the Mi A2, primary camera has a 12 megapixel
sensor with F/1.8 aperture, and the secondary camera gets a 20 megapixel sensor again with
F/1.8 aperture. Here are some image that I took with both
these phones. 1st thing that you might notice, is the slightly
wider field of view from Mi A3’s primary camera. Its images also have a bit more details, but
you won’t notice it straight away just by looking at these images on a screen of a smartphone. A3 gets a much needed improvement in terms
of dynamic range over the Mi A2, and you can see how well it manages the shadows and the
highlights. Colours are also a bit more natural and pleasing
to look at from the Mi A3. The secondary wide lens on the Mi A3 lets
it take images like these, by standing at the same spot. Wide images are not as sharp or detailed as
the primary ones, but it is still nice to have a different perspective of the scene
for some of the shots. For taking close up shots, Mi A2 is much quicker
than the A3 at setting the focus on a nearby object. Once the focus is set, close up shots turn
out to be amazing from both the phones. Xiaomi’s A series phones have always been
great at taking portrait shots, and the Mi A3 is no different. It can take even better portrait shots than
the Mi A2, which at the time was at par with many of the higher priced smartphones. Portraits from the Mi A3 are much sharper,
have better edge detection, handle the exposure better, and show more pleasing colours. Secondary lens on the Mi A2 plays a bigger
role when it comes to lower lighting situations. In most lower lighting situations, A2 produces
images which are at par, if not better than the Mi A3. But the Mi A3 gets a night mode, which the
A2 doesn’t have, and that helps the A3 pulls way ahead in low light photography. This mode helps the A3 take much brighter
and better looking images in low light. So for images, I would say the triple camera
setup on the Mi A3 is a worthy upgrade over the dual cameras of Mi A2. Mi A2 has a 20 megapixel selfie camera with
F/2.2 aperture, while the Mi A3 gets a 32 megapixel selfie camera with F/2.0 aperture. It is no surprise that the 32 megapixel camera
on the Mi A3 takes much better detailed selfies. Overall sharpness, details, contrast levels
and dynamic range, everything is better in the selfies from the Mi A3. This is carried forward while taking portrait
selfies as well. Faces are in perfectly sharp focus on the
Mi A3, while they look a bit soft in the portrait selfies from the Mi A2. Skin tones are also more natural in the images
from the A3. So overall if camera performance is very important
for you, then go with the Mi A3. All its cameras are better than the ones on
the Mi A2. Let us now see what is different on the inside
of both these phones. Mi A2 came with a Snapdragon 660 processor
which was built on a 14nm architecture. This processor is coupled with Adreno 512
GPU, 4/6GB of RAM and 64/128GB os internal storage respectively. It packed in a mere 3000mAh battery, which
wasn’t enough to power this phone for an entire day. Mi A3 now comes with a Snapdragon 665 processor
which is built on 11nm architecture, which means it is more efficient. And it is coupled with Adreno 610 GPU, 4/6GB
RAM and 64/128GB of Internal storage respectively. It packs in a much larger 4030mAh battery,
which along with the much efficient processor, gives you more than a days power, even if
you are a heavy user. What these specs mean are, Mi A3 is better
than the Mi A2 in terms of overall speed and performance. We can see the same from some of these benchmark
scores. Single core score in Geekbench 5 is similar
from both, but the multicore score on the A3 is better, and even if you don’t feel
the change in performance right away, rest assured that the newer processor on the Mi
A3 is performing every task faster and much more efficiently. So if you want a faster phone, which will
stay snappier for a longer time, go with the A3. Software is what pulls most users towards
these A series phones from Xiaomi, because unlike other Xiaomi or Redmi Phones running
MiUi, these phones come under google’s Android One Program and run almost stock android. There are no preinstalled apps, no bloatware,
and no ads or vague spam notifications, just pure stock android. Both are running the latest version of Android
Pie, and the Mi A3 should be getting the Android 10 update sooner than the Mi A2. There are no special software features or
tweaks here, just stock android experience as you would get on a pixel smartphone. So on software terms they are pretty even. If you want updates and software support for
longer, then you will have to go with the latest of these 2 smartphone, which is the
Mi A3. because it will get more 1 major software update compared to the A2. After looking at all these points, Mi A3 seems
like the better choice. It does cost s bit more upfront, and has a
720p display compared to the 1080p one on the Mi A2, but other than that, in all areas,
Mi A3 is the one that comes on top. It has a newer processor, much larger battery,
3.5mm audio jack, triple cameras at the back which give better results, software support
for 1 more year compared to the Mi A2, overall smaller form factor making it much more manageable
in your hands, and an overall more premium and futuristic looking design. So if you are looking to buy a new phone,
I think all of this is worth the extra Rs.3000, and the Mi A3 is the better option of the
two. A3 is a good upgrade even if you are currently
using the Mi A2. But in that case, the price difference is
not just extra Rs.3000. You will have to add in the loss that you
take while selling your current Mi A2, which widens the gap between these phones for you. Those were all the points we had to compare. I hope you guys got all the similarities and
differences between these phones. if you want, you can go through the video
again, and note down the points that matter to you the most. That way it will be easier for you to make
the decision. What do you guys think about these two phones? And if you are planning to get any one of
these phones, which one would you choose? Please let me know in the comments. That is it for this video guys. Please hit the like button if you enjoyed
this video, and subscribe to the channel for more quality tech videos like this. You can also check out some of the other videos
from this channel. This has been Sagar, and i’ll catch you
guys in the next video. Take care.


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