Wicked Lasers Laser Cube Review

Wicked Lasers Laser Cube Review

I’m Will Greenwald, Senior Consumer Electronics
Analyst at pcmag.com and this little box is a box o’ lasers. It is the Wicked Lasers LaserCube and is a portable laser projector. It’s not a projector like you might think. This isn’t a pico projector where I can cast my screen to the wall, or a video game console
or anything like that. No, it is just lasers. This uses three diodes with a total power of the standard version
$499 is 800 milli-watts, and the prov version $599
is one full watt total power of shining lasers. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot, it’s just one watt, but when you think that
the tiny laser pointers you can get at a drug store or pet store are just five milli-watts, this is 200 times the power. And, even this is a 60th the power of a professional engraving laser, which is the size of this table. This is a tiny portable,
battery-powered laser projector that let’s you show laser
light shows, play games, listen to music with cool effects and even engrave some things with it, and I’m gonna show you how it works. I’m running the software called LaserOS, everything needs to be
controlled through LaserOS, either through a computer
or a cellphone or a tablet. It’s an app or program that let’s you set basically what this shows off, lots of different graphics that do a lot of different goofy things, but this is just the
simple stuff you can do, Still photos, fine, how about animations? Go to the animations section and a globe or how about a wine bottle. And because it’s
basically vector graphics, it can give a cool 3D effect. Obviously not actual 3D, it
doesn’t process in 3D graphics, but just taking really bright lines against a black background and animating them in the right way, you can cause a really
cool effect like that, like the arcade game Tempest, you can also have a airplane. This defaults to a bunch
of different sort of effects, because the idea
is you’re gonna use this if you’re a DJ or a performer, and you want to have
something cool shining in the background. The lasers can get much larger than this and just put it across a whole wall, so you can have things happening
when you’re playing music. So, I can set this to a visualizer, and let me just… Is the microphone array on? It should be. Yeah, see know it’s going with my voice, and I can sync it with
whatever music’s playing, any audio device on this, and it will do a light
show in time with the beat of whatever I’m doing. So, if you’re a DJ, that’s
kind of a big boon for this, and it’s a lot smaller
than most laser projectors of this kind that you’ll find. And, it’s battery-powered. It’s plugged in right now because, well we need to make sure
it’s running for this video, but it can last two to three hours just without this. It doesn’t connect wirelessly though, you do need a USB connection
to your phone or notebook. These are really simple arcade games, sort of all-but-in-name
classic arcade games, like Spy Hunter, PacMan,
Asteroids, Space Invaders. This isn’t a great game. Let’s try something else. How about some Laseroids? (bouncy music) In harp-mode, it sets these dots, but if you have a smoke machine or any sort of cloudiness
in the air, a fog machine, it lets you see the beams, and then putting your hands
in front of the beams, a camera watching this will say “Oh, I’m blocking these beams”, and then each beam you
block is a different note. So, you can kind of play it like a harp. Now one of the coolest parts of this I cannot show right now because it would start a fire, and I’m not being hyperbolic about that, I mean it’s actually
designed to burn things. This is a burning function, so you can use it to etch woods, leathers, possibly light acrylics, but this again is not nearly as powerful as professional burning lasers that are much bigger, much more expensive, but I’ve made some neat little coasters and plaques and just
things with bits of wood, so it does burn. Now the annoying part
here is the software. It is kind of buggy and awkward to use. You gotta wrestle with it to get what you want out
of this, and basically, you’re going to be doing
a lot of experimenting with projector placement,
alignment settings, to get the most out of
what you’re projecting or burning or just playing with, which is a bit of a pain, but if you’re of the mind to do that it’s totally doable, this is not a broken device at all. You can definitely get
cool things to happen. Besides that, it isn’t the most attractive or streamlined device. Wicked Lasers, their
pointers are known for being cool light-saber like designs, so this is just the most
stark, plain projector they could possible put out
where it’s just a black cube, which it’s (questioning tone), they could have done a little bit more. The Wicked Lasers LaserCube is a pretty unique device. I mean, there are laser show projectors, there are burning lasers, there are a bunch of
things kind of like this, but this is like a
Jack-of-All trades light box, that doesn’t do anything really perfectly, but it does a lot of cool
things that you can play with, and if you’re a hobbyist, if you’re willing to spend
half a grand on laser that can burn and play little arcade games and show stuff and be a music visualizer, just do a bunch of things, and are willing to play with those modes, it’s a pretty neat hobbyist device.


  • jimbert50

    July 16, 2019

    I think LaserOS should be pronounced "laser oh ess".

  • Tech Nerd

    July 17, 2019

    Darn, I was thinking it might be another cool Christmas side-of-the-house decoration laser, but I don't want to burn down the house 🙂

  • abu mohammad hesham

    July 23, 2019

    Hi ,, how can i order this cube please.

  • Oxi Clean

    July 26, 2019

    Can It can do regular lights shows ? Like not 3d light shows but just regular laser shows

  • OldShortyInCanada

    August 3, 2019

    That is a pretty simplistic and "limited" review. I think that shooting video of the projections needs to be done with a different shutter speed to allow for a better representation of the graphics. Even mentioning the method of manipulating the beams would be more helpful. (stepper motors at what claimed speed maybe ? )
    Perhaps stating that the "burning" isn't going to happen across a room using a large graphic BUT requires a fairly close and extremely stable set-up with darker colored objects to optimize the effect. But speaking of burning …
    The biggest omission has been to NOT EVEN MENTION the potential for permanent injury to everyone's eyes ! The reason the general public is limited to lasers that are supposed to be below 5mW (many of them aren't) is due to the fact that it can take less than a blink of an eye to burn a retina permanently. All you get is a slight >pop< in your eye and you never see with that part again. A 1 Watt laser is a significant DANGER to the uninformed and uninitiated user. Some form of =CAUTION= statement should have been included. 200 times the power means at least 200 times the danger.
    I'm not sure if you have protected yourself from that liability.

  • Dino

    September 6, 2019

    Good review. Terrible audio

  • nimoy007

    September 11, 2019

    But you CAN cast to it. Garbage video. Thumbs down.


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