Which is the best
360 camera under $1000? In this video, we’ll look
at the top contenders in mid 2019, figure out
which one is best for you, as well as rank them from best to worst. I’m also going to give
you three predictions for 360 cameras that I think will be out by the end of the year. I have no allegiance to
any of these cameras. I’m not being paid by any
companies to make this. I’m just a dude in the
front room of his apartment who you could say, has a
little bit of an obsession. And this obsession led
me to owning basically every single point and
shoot 360 camera ever made. I have made in-depth reviews
of most of these cameras, so if you have your eye
on one specific camera, do check out my in-depth review before you make that purchase. This video will be more of an overview of what’s good, and what’s not. So here are the top 17
contenders in mid-2019. Let’s do it. Now, I’m going to start
with the newest 360 camera of the lot, and that’s the Ricoh Theta Z1. This is a $999 360
camera with two in-built one inch sensors, which is
the very first 360 camera to ever have this. And as a result, the image
quality is incredible. This is the most DSLR-like
point and shoot 360 camera I’ve seen so far, and the manual control you can take over this, is insane. It does the best raw photos,
it has the best bracketing, with the most amount of
control over how you set your exposure and the
amount of brackets you use. But it’s not cheap. $999 is out of most people’s price range, so if you’re a professional
shooting virtual tours, you should consider this
and go watch my review. If you’re not, there are
other cameras on this list that will do a good enough job. I’m putting the Theta Z1
straight into the buy category. Next, is Ricoh’s other camera,
and that’s the Theta V. In my previous video, I knocked
the Theta V out entirely because I thought they
were going to release a new, updated version of the Theta V. They did release the Theta Z1, however, the Z1 is more for professionals. They’re not really in the same category, because of the massive price difference, which is why the Theta V is still a decent option for consumers. At $376 still, this is
still worth that much money, but it’s not a camera that screams ‘buy me’. And it used to be when it first came out, but the 360 camera market has
at least doubled since then, which is why it’s no
longer an obvious choice. I’m putting the Theta V in the cameras you should consider list, for
the excellent image quality and dynamic range at a decent-ish price. The Theta cameras have
always been amazing for in-built HDR, so if
you choose one of these, you won’t be disappointed. Next, are the two Gear
360s, the 2016 and the 2017. And the only thing these two have over the other cameras
right now, is price. They’ve been out-shined
in almost every way and they’re cameras of the past. Back when these came
out, there was only like, five cameras to choose from. So of course, they were the best. But now, in 2019, they belong in a museum. The prices are actually really good, and yes, I would say these
are the best acceptable 360 cameras for the
lowest amount of money. So if you only have
like 100 bucks to spend, I’d consider getting the Gear 360 2016, because the 2017 is now $165,
whereas the 2016’s $109. And by the way, this actually does shoot 30 megapixel photos,
so it’s good for that. But as I said before, it’s
outdated in every other way. Also, you’ll need a
Samsung phone to use it. So while it’s still an okay option, I feel kinda meh about it. So, I’m gonna put it on the meh list. With the 2017, I’m taking it off the list. Do not buy the 2017 version, because there are much better options now that are kind of
close to this price point. Like this one, the YI 360
VR, shoots 5.7K video, and it’s $199. I used this one for a few weeks, but as a Mac and iPhone
user, it was a no go. It was unusable because
there wasn’t enough software and app support. The footage didn’t stabilize, also I had massive dynamic range issues. This is probably the worst dynamic range I’ve ever seen from a 360 camera. But if you only have $200 to spend, and you’re on PC and Android,
this is an okay option. I didn’t end up making a review about it, but if you’re interested in the YI 360 VR, check out the reviews
of my fellow 360 guys, because I’m pretty sure they
all made in-depth reviews. So, I’m gonna put this on the cameras you should consider list,
purely for the price, but as a Mac user, you’re dead to me. (laughs) That’ll teach ya! A camera that I think would
be a much better option at this price point, is
the Xiaomi Mi Sphere. This has been the top of my
list for a long time now, and yet, it still stood the test of time. I can see heaps of people
in the Facebook groups are still using the Mi Sphere, and getting amazing
photos and videos from it. No wait a sec, just photos. For videos, it’s now really sub-standard, because it started as a 3.5K camera, and then they updated it to 4K, but it’s interpellated 4K, so it looks fake and it just, it doesn’t look great
compared to basically every other camera out there
that shoots 4K or above. But for photos, it’s used 23 megapixels, and I used this camera a lot
in my previous virtual tour videos and I got some
really good results with it. This is one of the sharpest 360 cameras you’ll find for photos. The dynamic range is okay,
and the raw kinda sucks, but if you’re shooting in an environment with controlled lighting,
like outside or inside, just avoid mixed lighting interiors. The camera’s gonna do just fine. In fact, it’s going to over-deliver for the $220 price
point it’s currently at. So if your budget is under
$250 for a 360 camera, the Xiaomi Mi Sphere is still
my 360 camera of choice. Yes, you should definitely
consider the Mi Sphere. But first, let’s look
at some better cameras at a slightly higher price point. One of the most exciting
ones, is the GoPro Fusion. This camera’s consistently made
the top three of this list, ever since it was released, and back then, it was way more expensive. I remember, I paid $1000
for my GoPro Fusion, and then it went down slowly to $900, then $800, then $700, which
is still kind of high, but the image quality from this thing has always been worth it. The 360 videos I’ve shot
with the GoPro Fusion around the world, have been incredible. It was one of the first
cameras ever to go above 5K video resolution, and as a result, it was one of the first 360
cameras to look like genuine high definition when reframed. Up until that point, 360
video from these cameras looked kind of blurry, and crap. And the Fusion really led the way for amazing 360 video quality. However, it also became
known as one of the most difficult 360 cameras to work with. You use two SD cards with the Fusion and importing your files,
stitching them, exporting them, editing them and reframing them, is like a week-long process
if you have a slow computer. And this made it difficult
for a lot of people to use the Fusion. If you have a computer
that’s spec’d out to the max, like I do, this won’t be an issue for you, and it is worth it to get
that amazing video quality. But if you’re someone that
prefers a mobile work flow, then the Fusion is
going to disappoint you, because the app is not that good. You still can’t download your 360 photos to the camera roll, and
reframing your 360 video in the app is almost impossible to do while keeping it smooth. It has nowhere near the reframing ability as some of the other cameras on this list. The good, is they’ve
updated the video resolution from 5.2K, to 5.6K, and
they’ve decreased the price. I saw this on Amazon for $299. That’s incredible! For what this camera can
do, damn, that’s cheap! And did I mention, it’s also waterproof? Look, no question, the
GoPro Fusion is still in the buy category in mid-2019. This is an amazing 360 camera
at an unbeatable price. If you can get around the
hurdle of having to edit on desktop, then this is
going to be one of the best options if you’re into shooting 360 video. But I’m warning you, you’ll
need a fast computer. Next, is a little camera
that used to be the Fusion’s main competitor and that’s the Rylo. When the Rylo came out, it
kinda changed the industry, with its game-changing
video stabilization. The six axis stabilization
was pretty much perfect. It didn’t matter how much
you shaked the camera, somehow, it found a way
to stabilize the footage, and look like a cinematic dolly shot. And us folk in the 360 world were like, damn, that’s impressive. And then a little company
came along called Insta360, and copied Rylo’s homework. This was one of their
leading cameras at the time, the Insta360 Nano, and they
found a way to replicate the stabilization from the Rylo and they put it in this little camera. And then suddenly, the secret was out, and Rylo lost its unique selling point. And while there have been
updates to Rylo in the past year, with their firmware, their software, and the most important one, they’ve up-scaled their
resolution from 4K to 5.8K, which is a massive jump. It’s still got a tiny little problem, and that is no unique selling point. When you and I go out to
buy ourselves a new camera, do we think, I wanna buy
a camera that’s just like all the other cameras, that
doesn’t have any unique features, it has the
same resolution or less, it has an inferior app, it
has inferior overall specs, and even the price is the
same as the other cameras. Is that what you’re thinking? No. You want a camera that’s
better than the other cameras, at least one thing, just one thing. And yeah, if there were
two or three or four or 10, or 50 things, that would be awesome too. But even one thing would be good. And if a camera doesn’t
have a unique selling point, it can at least be unique with the price. It can be cheaper than all the others. Well, I’m sorry to say
Rylo, but you have no things that are unique selling points. So therefore, Rylo, I’m sorry, but I’m putting you in the meh category, and you’re just on the cusp
of the do not buy list. And you’ll be there next
time if you keep this up. Next, is the KanDao Qoocam
which is a 180 camera, that also doubles as a 360 camera. It has two lenses on one
side, one on the other. This is also a camera
whose unique selling points are dwindling, but it
does still have a few. The first one is, it
has the longest battery life of the lot. On a single charge, this
thing can last three hours of continuous recording. That’s a long time. Looks weird though. Also, it’s the second best
camera for shooting raw, after the Theta Z1. It shoots incredible DNG8
photos, in both 360 and 180 mode. Here it is halfway
between 180 and 360 mode, so I’m gonna call that 240 mode. In 180 mode, it captures a depth map and that means it knows how far everything is from the camera, so it
can then simulate that later. If you’re uploading a photo to Facebook, you can upload a full on 3D
photo shot with the Qoocam. Then you just move your mouse around and the 3D effect comes to life. Yes, they’re low quality,
simulated 3D photos, but no other camera has this feature yet. I’d say the Qoocam is a good camera, but not a great camera. When I compared it to the
Vuze XR, and Insta360 EVO, it came third out of the three. So I’m going to put this on
the cameras you should consider list, with the main selling point being that incredible battery life. A better option for a
360/180 camera hybrid, is the Vuze XR. I think this is the best
designed 360/180 camera yet. Hee. Hee. Hee. Where this is an upgrade from the Qoocam, is it’s 5.7K, whereas
the Qoocam is only 4K. I really like the design of this camera, because since the lenses are on one side, you can easily hold the handle and your hand isn’t going
to show in your 180 shots. The Vuze XR is a good
choice for a 360/180 camera, but there’s something better. We’ll find out what that
camera is in a minute, but for now, I’m putting
the XR on the cameras you should consider list. Feel like a news presenter. (singing) This is 360 News, with
Ben Claremont, just in. Some idiot has just totaled
his 360 camera at Bondi Beach. His name is Ben Clare– wh-what? This leads me to the other Vuze camera and this is the Vuze+ 3D 360 camera. Yes, it has eight lenses total, and it shoots 3D in all directions, whereas a Vuze XR just
shoots 3D in one direction. It’s in 4K, the footage looks okay, and I don’t even know
if the app is finished a year after release,
but, this is the cheapest 3D 360 camera you can currently buy. Would I recommend it? Well, I’ll let the dust
on the top of the camera be an indicator of that. But if you ask someone
that wants to try 3D 360, then this is going to be your best option. So I’m gonna be generous, I
won’t put it on the meh list, I’ll put it on the cameras
you should consider list. But really, you wouldn’t
buy it for any other purpose than 3D 360 at 4K. Next, is the Ultracker Aleta S2C. I did make a video about
this, but since then, the price has changed. It’s gone back up to 1200
and something dollars. Which means, it’s not
eligible for this list. So, as much as I would like to include it, and if I did, I’d put
it in the meh category, but I can’t, so forget you even saw this. And the reason I would have
put it in the meh category, is because now with the Theta Z1, this is no longer the best
option in the $1000 price range for virtual tours. The Theta Z1 has incredible dynamic range, and the Aleta S2C has very average, if not below average dynamic range. Yes the resolution is 52 megapixels but that doesn’t matter
when the highlight’s completely blown out,
the shadows are crushed and there’s visible noise
in a lot of your shots, so yeah, sorry Aleta, there’s a new king that’s taken the throne. I don’t watch Game Of Thrones by the way. I think that’s how it works, right? The new person takes the throne after they defeat the old one? (imitates gun fire) That was a very expensive battle. Oh, hello. It’s the Garmin Virb. I’m afraid to say the Virb
has suffered the same fate as the Rylo, it has no
unique selling points really, other than I guess the replaceable lenses. That’s one thing, but it’s not enough, because the price hasn’t changed. It’s still at $560, and for that price, you could basically buy two Fusions, so, yeah, sorry Virb, it’s not me, it’s you. You did good, kid. You did good. But now, it’s time to
put you in retirement. You’re going on the do not buy list. I feel like there’s a
company whose cameras I haven’t mentioned. Who could it be? Mmm, oh. Yeah, that’s right, it was Insta360. I’ve got four cameras
here, the Nano S, the One, the One X and the EVO, and I’m gonna start by taking out the trash. The Nano and the Insta360
One are no longer cameras you should consider buying. They were good when they came out, but because Insta360 release
cameras so frequently, and the updates are quite significant, these cameras have no unique
selling points over these two. So yeah, don’t buy these cameras. Should you buy the One X and the EVO? Yes, of course you should, and here’s why. When the One X was released last year, it became known as the 360 camera killer. It absorbed all the best
features of its main competitors, making it the obvious choice. For anyone wanting
anything from a 360 camera, you could probably find it with the One X. The photo quality was great,
the video quality was great, and the amazing app was
the icing on the cake. Before this thing came
out, editing 5.7K video on a phone just wasn’t possible. But somehow they’ve found a way, and not only is it possible,
but it’s actually really easy. They designed the app
for the One X so good, that you simply tap, swipe, pinch and drag to create amazing
reframed 360 masterpieces. And you didn’t even need a cable, the download speeds were crazy fast. Well, since they released
it, they’ve added more, and more and more features,
making it the obvious choice for anyone looking for a 360 camera, for photo or video with
a budget of under $500. There’s so many features I
could talk about right now, with the One X, but I won’t do it here. Check out my other videos about the One X to find out exactly what they are. But I’ll just say this is
the most versatile 360 camera ever made, and I’ve
used it every single day since I got it. This is a $400 360 camera,
that gives $1000 worth of value, and it seems to
be getting better and better as time passes. Enter the Insta360 EVO, which
was released about six months after the One X and
has 99% of the features that the One X has, with an
added feature that it also doubles as a 180 camera. This is 180 mode. And this is 360 mode. In 360 mode, it makes
the design kind of clunky compared to the One X, but
I found the image quality to be identical. It’s got all of the One X’s insides in a newly designed body, but in 180 mode, it also doubles as the
best consumer 180 camera money can buy right now. So it’s two cameras in one. Whereas the One X is
obviously just one camera, so you need to decide
whether you like the idea of shooting 3D 180, or if
you’re a pure 360 shooter and you couldn’t care less about 180. Because if you only plan on shooting 360, then the One X is going
to be the better choice, because it’s designed
slightly better for 360. It’s just easier to put in your pocket, and use in everyday situations, because the design is really
simple and user-friendly. The EVO was $30 more, and
while the design isn’t as good, the 3D you can shoot with
this thing is incredible, and worth every cent. For a more detailed
breakdown of the differences between these two, check out my review of the Insta360 EVO. But I’ve got to say, I
get asked the question which 360 camera should
I buy several times day, and my answer 99% of the
time, is the Insta360 One X. The quality you get for the
price paid is just insane and I don’t think I’ve
come across a single person that has regretted buying this camera. The One X and EVO go right to the top of the cameras you should buy list. So, here are my four winners, and hey, this is just my opinion, you
might have a different one, so if you do, leave a comment
down there and let me know. Which is your favorite 360
camera in mid-2019 and why? And yeah, definitely check
out my in-depth reviews of these cameras, if any
of these or the others took your fancy. I’m going to remake
this exact video again, on New Years Day 2020. So hit that subscribe button to make sure you can be the first to see it. And now, I get to put my
clairvoyance skills to the test, and tell you three cameras
I think will be released by the end of 2019. The first one, is the
successor to the GoPro Fusion. Nick Woodman has already
confirmed that GoPro will be continuing with
their 360 camera development, and it seems like a
Fusion 2 is in the works. And yeah, that would kind
of explain the massive price drop out of nowhere. The challenge will definitely
be improving on the Fusion. The image quality and video
quality is already incredible, so for this to be a significant upgrade, it will have to be something
like six to 8K 360 video. Which is gonna be interesting,
because for that resolution, will probably come a higher price point, and to sell a camera
at a higher price point given where GoPro are at now, seems like a counterintuitive move. You know, since now they’ve
got a contender in town with the Osmo Action. So if they’re like, hey,
here’s a $2000 camera, no-one’s gonna buy it, which
is why I think it’s probably going to be closer to 6K resolution, and it’s going to be much
cheaper, and user friendly. This just ain’t workable
for so many people, so they need a much easier work flow with their new camera,
that hopefully makes it more consumer friendly and
more of a genuine competitor to the other action cameras out there, as well as the other 360 cameras. Release date is currently
scheduled for the end of the year. My second prediction
is a new Theta camera. I know they did just release the Theta Z1, but it wasn’t what we were expecting. We were expecting a Theta
V2, and didn’t get it. You know how two years ago
they released a Theta S, and then something like
six months to a year later they released the Theta
SC, which was a cheaper, simpler version of the original camera. Well, I’m predicting the
same thing for the Theta Z1. I feel like, or maybe
I’m just fantasizing, that they’re going to release
something more consumer friendly, and by consumer friendly, I mean the price is
more consumer friendly. They’ve already got an
excellent product here, but it’s just overpriced. Although Ricoh do seem
kinda slow with their camera releases, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. My final prediction is
for the Insta360 One X2. Or the One 2, or the One Y, or One Z. Let’s just call it the One X2 for now. But something I can say with
a good amount of certainty, is Insta360 have a patent
for their camera releases. They release at least
one major camera a year, as well as one secondary camera. First it was the Insta360
4K, then the Nano, then the One, then the
Nano S, then the One X, and then EVO. All those releases were
about six months apart. So will they be working on
their next 360 camera right now? Yes, of course they will be. When will it be released? I don’t know, probably before Christmas. How much of an improvement will it be? Well, that’s a tough
one, because they have an almost perfect camera already. And it’s hard to see them going
up too much in resolution, because it’s at 5.7K resolution right now. Yes, I guess, technically
they could go up to 8K, but that means it’s no longer
going to be a smartphone friendly camera, because
a lot of phones just can’t handle 8K video. So that’s gonna be a massive limitation for all 360 cameras
really, to go up to 8K. It will mean they become
desktop only cameras. So I’m thinking the video
resolution will be around 6K and the bigger improvement will be with the photo resolution. Hopefully we get up to
30 megapixels or more, and just better overall image quality. That way, we don’t have to
give up our mobile work flow, which is kind of what Insta360
cameras are all about. I’ve just started a rumor. (laughs) But I wouldn’t let that
stop you from buying the One X or EVO now,
because we just don’t know what they’re thinking. I could be completely
wrong, you know what? I probably am wrong. But, I hope I’m not. Whatever the next camera is, we’ll likely see it in the
next edition of this video, and by the way, I’m only
doing this video once every six months now, instead of three months. I just found there weren’t enough releases every three months to justify
doing it over and over and over and over and over, and yeah, you get the point. If you’re new to shooting
360 and you wanna speed up the learning curve,
I wrote an e-book called “A Beginner’s Guide to
Tiny Planet Photography” and I made a video course,
called “A Beginner’s Guide “to 360 Video.” And I made these specifically
with the intention of teaching you everything
you need to know to get started in under a day. So, after you’ve chosen yourself a camera, those two things will
show you how to use it. Now, if you’ll excuse me,
I’ve got a plane to catch. I’m gonna be on the road
for the next two months, with the aim of making
my best content yet, both tutorials, and 360 content. So be sure to follow me
on Instagram and Facebook to see what I’ll be up to. Which cameras will I be
packing you might be asking? Well I think it’s obvious
by now, these four. The four in the buy category and why? Well firstly, the One X for day-to-day 360 photos and videos. The EVO, when I want to
shoot a bit of 3D and 180. The GoPro Fusion when I’m in the water and want to shoot awesome
underwater content. And the Theta Z1 when I just
need incredible image quality. And I’m gonna be shooting
a few virtual tours while I’m away, so this is
the perfect camera to do so. All right, well my friends
and I best be going. So, yeah, see you in the next video. ♪ A little fox is on the hillside ♪ ♪ A little fox is named jiggy jaggy ♪ ♪ A little fox is on the hillside ♪ ♪ A little fox is on the same ♪ ♪ And a blue one ♪ ♪ And a pink one ♪ ♪ And a green one and a yellow one ♪


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    I want one of these cameras for .HDR photo shooting. Basically, I want to take several exposures of one scene and then convert them into .HDR later on my computer. (I already know some of these cameras create hdr on the go but that's a process I want to do on my computer with a certain app) Which one of these cameras has the best manual exposure setting?

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  • HDscreenerX

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    I have both insta360 one X and GoPro Fusion.

    As for me, for what we do (jet skiing), the main advantage GoPro Fusion has is that the camera is waterproof without a case.

    In order to protect the camera from the splashing water Insta 360 one X needs to be used with the "bulky" case, it adds an extra unwanted weight to the slim

    and perfectly shaped camera and you have to use antifog inserts to get rid of the moisture inside the case.

    If for you there is no need for the camera to be waterproof I would recommend Insta 360 one X.

    The perfect slim form factor and if you are into mobile editing on the fly, Insta 360 one X takes the cake 100%.

    As of for me, I'm editing only on a desktop, so there is no difference, Fusion's workflow is fine for me on Adobe Premiere.

    When in comes to a video quality both of them are very similar but I would give an extra point to Insta 360 one X only because of the 3k 100fps slow mo option

    which GoPro Fusion doesn't have.

    Both of the camera's are really good, at the end of the day, it's just a metter of preference and the price.

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    I returned the Insta 360 One X. I wanted it for skiing and while the video quality was incredible, I just couldn’t see the display in bright sunlight. Also, the battery life was abysmal. I got maybe 20 minutes in the cold? I was constantly worried about scratching the lenses. My Hero7 has great stabilization and higher resolution compared to the 1080p reframed Insta 360 One X video and obviously far more rugged.

    If the next Insta 360 One X could significantly improve battery life, display, and some sort of lens protection, I’d love to bring it skiing because reframing 360 is so great.

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