WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG 2020 (subtitles)

WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG 2020 (subtitles)

Shit this is boring Denmark is shot down (due to corona virus) I still have a few jobs in the calendar eeehm But i do understand the frustration that has somehow hit us all Welcome to noisefilm today I’ll be talking about what is in my camera bag as I’ve mentioned before I’ve been shooting mostly digital last year but I am getting back into film by now A few new cameras has made is way into my bag so let’s have a look at those when I am on YouTube myself I like to watch these videos where people go through their bags and their gear and show it off so that we get some inside knowledge on what is available out there so lets see my bag fully loaded for a trip for example where I would bring my A game then it would probably be loaded like this the bag itself is a Lowepro an older model backpack style. and I have used this one for roughly 10 year, and it is starting to fall apart a bit sun damage, and a lot of wear and tear it has been with me on so many trips New York, Paris, LA, Barcelone, Germany all over the world, and it has served me well let’s hav a look inside The first camera I want to show you is my primary shooter probably the best I have almost at least it is probably the one I bring around with me the most my… Leica M6 i have had it for 2 years now, give or take and I am so happy with it it just does the job, and always works and to those who haven’t held a Leica before it is something else, I don’t know if it is worth the money due to the high demand but I think I would probably buy one still it is sharp as a knife it just works for this camera i have a 35mm and a 50mm fantastic camera The next camera I want to show you is also my biggest camera the only reason I doubted wether or not Leica was my best camera is because I enjoy this one SO much it’s my Pentax 67 with this newly added grip and after adding the grip it it has just been a joy to carry around before when carrying this giant of a camera it was a bit harder to hold for longer periods so it would just kinda hang around my neck and that is not all that pleasant and to all of you who has this camera you know exactly, what I am talking about it is massive it shoots 120 film 10 shots total on a roll sharp as a knife on my Pentax I have the 90mm 2.8 and that is not the most sought after glass when it comes to the Pentax 67 but I chose the 90mm because it was more within my focal range of choice I love 50mm on my digital camera it’s is probably my most used focal range and my Mamiya RZ67 also has a 90mm attached I like the focal range to be somewhere around 50 I think this one translates to a 45mm awesome camera’ and as a friend said on all of my cameras is there a Paw necklace he is of cause referring to the straps from Barton 1972 love them it is the best straps money can buy i also have one on my digital camera which is filming right now it’s the Sony A7iii, it also have a place in the bag but meh it’s filming right now I also added a new camera i have shot with it 2 times by now and I think it has something else to it it has a bit of a learning curve but it’s a medium format camera it ways next to nothing and does not at all strain your back or neck it shoots 1×1 format photos it’s my Rolleiflex T which I just got it has a 3.5 optic it is slow to shoot with but I really enjoy that plus it is nice looking it is … so… it’s a fucking camera so nice, and stay tuned for a video on this on hopefully soon, and I’ll be talking about my enitial thoughts with it and how it is to shoot with it has a place in the bag for now beer time great with some beer the lightmeter built into this one I can’t figure it out I’ve been talking with a friend but I don’t get it i have to shoot a bit more with it I think so whenever I bring this one i also bring my lightmeter i have had quite a few but this one does the job for me and if I forget this one, I use an app on my phone lightmeter, it is good to carry around I sometimes use it for my Pentax as well because… the lightmeter on the Pentax here it sits on the top and if you shoot portrait mode it meters to the side, away from the motive and it does not work as well sometimes I do like this Meter in landscape and turn the camera to portrait, but if want to be completely sure and have complete control I will whip out the handheld lightmeter, so I tend to bring it with me and.. if I want to snap a quick shot without thinking too much i have saved one of my Olympus cameras It’s an Olympus MJU I sold the MJU ii it wasn’t too important to me to go with the 1.8 over the 3.5 to me it doesn’t matter all that much it is a nice camera despite it being a bit slower, it’s a tiny bit bigger and I like that tbh yes what else what else… yeah I have some film in the bag a nice mix of Kodak, Ilford and Fuji a bit of everything and for my 35mm a T-max, Ilford HP5 and it is actually just to stay sure I keep them in my bag if I ever forget any on a trip lastly I actually use my Canon flash a lot when I shoot with my Leica it fits and I like flash shots and once again I have a use for the lightmeter when shooting with this setup because it won’t meter flash on its own I think that was it, everything in bag when I am not on a digital shoot and actually lately I’ve been shooting campaigns on film and some of the clients actually prefer the film look and that is cool check out Noisy May link underneath their will be posted some film shots on their IG which I have been shooting that’s it I hope you stay clear of the virus and the cool thing about Denmark being shot down is you can go shoot some empty streets there is no people to distract you unless you are into shooting strangers but that is not my thing I will grab a beer and go shoot, that was my camera bag 2020 and maybe it will change but but I think I have the cameras I need as of right now at least for this year Paw Friis outta here, Noisefilm don’t snooze on the buttons down below forgot to say that last time c’ya next time

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    God video helt nede i tempo 🙂


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