Vankyo Projector M50 Review – The Mini Projector Killer

Vankyo Projector M50 Review – The Mini Projector Killer

What’s go in on Guys ZoQo Hola here and
welcome back to another video please don’t forget to Subscribe and Hit that bell notification
button to see the latest videos. Today I have a question for you; can your
4K Smart TV fit into your backpack? and can it change its screen size?
Today I would like to introduce you a Wireless Projector from Vankyo.
Well this is Vankyo M50 Passport a compact Wireless projector that fits in your pocket
and has almost the same dimensions as your smartphone. Vankyo M50 Passport mini-projector is an Android-Powered projector that can project videos onto almost
any flat surface. Before I get into performance, let’s take
a look at some specs: Vankyo M50 projector has the latest Digital
Light Processing unit, DLP is a technology developed by Texas Instruments used for projecting
images from a monitor onto a large screen for presentations. DLP uses tiny mirrors the
result is sharp images that can be clearly seen even in a normally light room compared
with LCD Projectors. Vankyo M50 Passport It`s powered by Android
7.1 OS, has a Contrast Ratio of 2000:1 a native resolution of 854 by 480 and has 100ANSI
Lumens which is very good for his dimensions and price. The projection size can be from
30 in to 120 in. and has a powerfull 4200mAh Rechargeable battery that can last up to 1
hour of watching time. In the Package we find the
A Wireless Keyboard that Works as Wireless Keyboard, Touchpad & Mouse.
The Vankyo M50 Projector, an adjustable Projector Stand/Tripod, the Charging Cable, a Remote
Controller, a Packing Bag for the tripod, a USB cable, a HDMI cable.
On the back, we find the socket card, a USB port, a 3.5 headphone jack and HDMI port.
Vankyo M50 Projector allows you to achieve Screen Mirroring from your Smartphone or Tablet
thru Wireless Connection or by HDMI cable. Interestingly is that, Vankyo M50 Passport
comes with two remote controls, one is slim that reminds me of Amazon’s remotes for
its Fire TV sticks. It’s not elegant, but it does the job.
The second remote is as big as the projector itself.
It has a full QWERTY keyboard and a touchpad. I tested with Android phones, and my PC, and
it worked with all of the devices via plug-and-play Wireless connection through an included USB
dongle. It functions fine and made surfing the web
with Chrome and logging my YouTube account much easier.
The images and videos projected using the Vankyo M50 Passport projector are bright and
clear, and that’s the most important thing about it. A manual focus knob makes it easy
to keep things from getting blurry even at maximum size.
I was impressed how bright the images are, thinking of his dimensions.
YouTube videos were visible in daylight but his 100% performance can be seen in dark environment.
Using this projector with a dedicated screen resulted images that looks almost HD quality.
Here`s what it looks like projecting my video onto a almost Ivoire wall.
In my opinion, dose a great job for his dimensions and price.
Please don`t compare it with bigger and expensive projectors.
This is a grate option for your kids room or if you want to project good quality videos
and you don`t have a TV, can be used when you are camping with your kids and they will
love it. I don`t think that this can be used as a standard
projector in your living room, but definitely dose a great job.
The best thing about the Vankyo M50 is that it doesn’t have to connect to anything.
You can take it out of its bag, turn it on, and project a movie from Netflix, YouTube,
or Prime Video onto almost any surface. This projector has some minuses also.
It has a cooling fan that is pretty loud, and the internal speaker you can barely hear
it, it produce a very low sound. If you want to use this projector, please keep in mind
that you will need an external speaker, I’ve used with my Treblab HD77 Bluetooth speaker
and it does an excellent job. The final opinion is that this isn’t the
projector you set up in your living room but is a grate choice for kid’s room or you
can throw this in your backpack and pull it out wherever you feel like. It’s super-portable
and easy enough to use that you won’t be fumbling around in front of your friends for
five minutes setting it up just to show and YouTube video.
Well guys that is all for today, please don`t forget to subscribe and hit that bell notification
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    There is another good one native 1080p projector : ,you can see it on amazon

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    you are kgb ?


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