Uboxing Sony MP-CL1A Mobile Projector HD (MP-CL1A開箱) and First boot up |Cantonese w/ eng Sub 4K|

Hi Everyone This video is about Unboxing MP-CL1A I will take more video about this device later remember to SubscribE this Channel This video only about the basic info. ,unboxing and start up test Take a look of the box MP-CL1A (Made in Korea)
Cover (Made in Thailand) There are many ways to connect with this device Support MHL Which is a cable of HDMI and USB-B port However, Sony cross out MHL function on Xperia X series and the recent SmartPhone series it’s useless even though you use a OTG as i tried at Sony Store about year ago The only way is connect it with Wi-Fi It also support PC, PS4, Vita TV, Camera etc. Apple products also supported but you need to buy an adapter I also include Bluetooth function as the sound from internal speaker is not too loud at all head phone jack included it used for connecting with Wireless speaker or headphone Let’s see what ‘s inside it just look like a “Book” Open the box you can see the cover then the device is inside it Caution!!! it’s different from other LED projector it used Laser Don’t look at the beam point directly!! it must harm your eyes as more output power on laser rather then LED Start up guide / instruction menu plastic cover & also used to be as stand and protect the beam point I realized that there is no any offical Holder sold in HK Model : MP-TH Usb charging cable Remember that Don’t look at the beam point directly!! Now comparing the Size HD SL-2/ Xperia XZ1/ CP S15 it’s similar to be a Smartphone Just like a XZP USB – B charging port it also can be a portable charger 3400mAh only but I not recommend to use it as a portable charger it may harm its battery easily only charge you Smartphone if you are emergency HDMI port Mini HDMI port on CL1 You can tune the volume here push it and call out the menu Switching it on now Hold the On/Off button more than 1 sec You don’t need to worry about the flashing light it only happen in video/Photo taking devices so no need to worry about Two input setting here HDMI/MHL/ screen mirroring (Wi-fi) plug in the HDMI cable PS4/Vita TV/PC supported It also has 2 picture mode you can set the contrast Hue and saturation or turn on Dynamic mode Off (more grey) ON (more contrast) you also can use bluetooth to connect with your Wireless Speaker Take a bit look on it one lap gameplay although it only get 32 ANSI but laser is more brighter when our eyes receive the image signals I don’t know how to calculate it… OK! This is the end of htis video Thank you for your watching Remember to Subscribe my YouTube Channel GoodBye~

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