Top 15 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

Top 15 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

15. Urban Exploring
In this exploration footage, the unsettling thing isn’t a spirit or creature, instead
it’s a real-life threat that many don’t consider when going on these adventures. A small group of explorers entered what they
assumed to be an abandoned building. The looked around for a while, inspecting
the location and the items inside. At one point in the video, yelling can be
heard in the distance as two men walk up. The group explains that they thought the location
was abandoned to which they are told it apparently isn’t. The two men basically block the group from
leaving as the interrogate and intimidate them while holding what appear to be large
sticks or metal pipes. Finally, the two men tell the group to leave
and never come back. The strange part about this is that the building
had no electricity, no signs to imply that it was private property or in function, and
the men that approached them refused to explain who they were or what the building was. Additionally, the men don’t appear to be
homeless or serving the role of security. They just look like a pair of average men
that were in the building for no reason. 14. Ice Climber Survival
While climbing the icy terrain of Parsley Fern Lefthand Gully in February 2013, Mark
Roberts faced a fall that some people can’t even fathom. From hundreds of feet above the ground, Mark
is knocked off the mountain by a falling mass of ice. As a result, he plummets to the ground; his
Go Pro documenting every second of the drop. When the video begins you can literally see
the chunk of ice hurling toward Mark. Likely unaware of how high the block was coming
from, he puts his arm up to protect his head, loses his balance and falls. At first, he is airborne but fortunately,
begins to slide along the mountain instead of falling straight down. Mark walked away from the mountain with only
minor scratches, thankfully. The video provides those that have never climbed
an ice-covered mountain with a first-person example of what it’s like, and what can
go wrong. 13. Underground Exploration
One genre of YouTube allows viewers to discover abandoned buildings, haunted forests and of
course a variety of underground tunnels. This particular video was uploaded by StreetZips
in 2015 and explores an underground tunnel system that allegedly “leads to hell”. The 17 minutes of footage expose damp tunnels,
dark heights, and twisting turns. It’s unclear why this underground system
apparently leads to Hell, or exactly what the system is for. It certainly gives an unsettling and unique
adventure to the audience, though. If you don’t like small spaces, this content
will certainly bother you. 12. Haunted House Exploration
When it comes to exploration footage, the more unsettling, the better. This video shows a tour of an allegedly haunted
house that has been abandoned. For the most part, the footage is just unsettling
because of the location. However, around the 5 minutes, 53 second mark
a figure can apparently be seen by a door as the team enters the room. It is completely up to the viewer to decide
what is seen in the clip, but the footage is still unique and entertaining in itself. 11. Great White
This video was posted to the GoPro YouTube channel as part of their Awards category and
it shows rare footage of a Great White shark. While diving and possibly hunting in the deep
sea off the coast of South Africa, Johan Potgieter came face to face with the underwater beast. Great Whites weigh between 1,500 and 2,400
pounds, can be up to 21 feet long, and swim at a maximum of 25 miles per hour. So aside from the sheer wonder of stumbling
upon this underwater predator, there’s also a slim threat posed to a human that comes
in contact with them. While this brave diver does come close to
the great white, he isn’t attacked and leaves the water unharmed. The video does give marvelous footage and
cinematic shots of the sea creature, though. Footage that might cause some to look away
or even squirm. 10. Unknown Creature
This video, which surprisingly only has about 80 views, allegedly shows proof of a mysterious
dog-monkey hybrid. Posted by Beqson Production, an amateur cyclist
was filming a bike ride with his GoPro, on a small path near his home. Things are normal at first as he travels down
the narrow path. Eventually, he crosses a bridge and travels
the path between two cement walls. Just as he approaches this point, an animal
jumps down from a tree and is nearly struck by the bike. In the description, the cyclist explains that
he saw the creature in the tree before it jumped down, so he was able to avoid directly
hitting it. A strange noise, similar to a croaking frog,
is heard when the animal hits the ground. It’s unclear if the animal made this noise,
or if it was a result of the bike swerving, though. When the footage is slowed down, the animal
does resemble a monkey but it seems too large, gray and almost hairless. 9. Motorcycle Fall Officially uploaded by Inside Edition in 2017,
the short footage shows a motorcycle rider falling off a cliff. The rider wearing the Go Pro was a few feet
behind two fellow riders and friends as they traveled quickly down a highway strip. The two lane road, which seems to wrap around
a mountain, shows the rider going too fast around a curve in the road. Unable to slow down in time or effectively
shift his direction, he ultimately shoots straight forward and flies over the road railing. After flying off the road, the remaining riders
stop and immediately head down to search for their friend. Thankfully, they found the rider lying in
a bush. David stayed by his friend, who explained that his
tire slipped, until help arrived. He was thankfully conscious, and though he
was shaken up, was overall coherent. 8. Zip-Line Fall With a Go Pro adorning his helmet, this zipper
is wearing all necessary safety equipment and is seating on a small wooden set that
accompanies the zip line. His original speed isn’t included in the
clip, but he eventually comes across a serious obstacle. In the middle of the line there seems to be
a large knot, or fray in the cable that makes it impossible for the zipper’s carabiner
to pass over the lump. After several moments of struggle, the zipper
decides that his best bet is to detach himself from the system and plummet to the ground. Luckily, he has a parachute to save him on
the way down. Still the overall struggle, possible malfunctions
and sheer height presented makes for thrilling yet unsettling footage. 7. Inside Footage
In this video, uploaded by Mr. Ben Brown in March 2016, several Go Pro cameras are fastened
in the car. Four friends fill the car with Ben Brown in
the passenger seat. While driving through an intersection, the
car is unexpectedly struck from the passenger side. The vehicle jolts to the left, several airbags
deploy and the group is stunned. This perspective is rarely, if ever, caught
from the inside of a car and provides immediate reactions as well as the few seconds before
the hit, in which the driver attempts to swerve out of the way. Additional dash cam footage, that was later
obtained from a car behind the incident, shows the outside view of what happened. No one was hurt, and neither vehicle was badly
damaged. 6. Train Surfing
While no one should attempt it, some consider themselves professionals. This video was filmed in Vienna, Austria by
Sky Joker. It begins with Sky Joker grabbing onto the
back of a stopped train and tracks his high-speed travel, passing several stations and scenic
routes. The video was likely cut down to make for
a more viewable upload, but it’s clear that Sky was on the back of the train for a lengthy
amount of time. At various stops, Sky jumps off the train
and either gets back on before it continues, or gets onto other trains. The 22-year-old thrill seeker warns that no
one should try this, as it is very risky. 5. Bear Chase
An anonymous bike rider was traveling down a path alone, as his Go Pro documented his
travel. Just after taking off on the path, the rider
spots a large brown bear to his right. The animal begins to charge towards him from
a bundle of trees. As the rider picks up speed, the bear starts
to chase him from behind. Several shots, thanks to the rider glancing
back, shows the massive creature coming toward him. It’s clear that this person is panicked
as he breathes heavily and tries to outrun the predator. Eventually, the cyclist comes across a large
branch in the middle of the trail and he seems as though he abandons his bike and starts
to run away on foot. After a moment he comes to a stop and hides
in a wooded area. The bear is not spotted again and the frazzled
human continues to exit the forest. 4. Jellyfish Encounter
Jellyfish, commonly referred to as jellies, come in a wide variety of species. Some are lethal, some are harmless, and some
can hurt you but not do extensive damage. This video was captured underwater with the
help of a Go Pro, and shares a swimmers encounter with a Rhizostoma pulmo jelly. In this video, the swimmer skillfully avoids
the tentacles of the jelly and thus, avoids a sting. The footage is still one of a kind. 3. Shark Footage
This video, filmed in late 2013, shows what it’s liked to be chased and eaten by a shark. Crewman of a sportfishing boat known as the
“Pumpin Hard” attached trail bait and a Go Pro to their vessel to capture this thrilling
footage. While traveling just off the coast of Maryland
a Mako shark began to chase the bait and boat. Mako sharks can swim up to 22 miles per hour
and weigh over a ton. What begins as just a dark spot in the water
eventually becomes a massive beast approaching the camera. While glaring its teeth, the shark quickly
snaps off several of the bait fish, dips out of the scene and eventually creeps back in
for more. To date, the video has over 3 million views
and is considered to be one of the best amateur shark videos ever captured. 2. Train Dodging
Much like the sport of train surfing, train dodging involves thrill seekers purposely
standing in the path of a fast approaching train to jump out of the way in the nick of
time. Train dodging is usually performed in rail
stations or tunnels. In this case, a large group of people enter
a dark tunnel to practice their sport. The fast paced footage shows the group exploring
the tunnel, standing on the railways and jumping to safety. Thanks to Go Pro equipment, the video also
shows footage of dodgers standing against the tunnel wall, only a few inches from the
train as it passes, a perspective that isn’t always easy to capture once the person has
jumped to safety. The risks of this act are blatant and many
question why anyone would put themselves in this situation. With over 13,000 views on this video alone,
though, it’s obvious that some enjoy watching this dangerous thrill. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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by translating the video not only will more people be able to watch it, but a link to
your channel will be added in the description. 1. Divers Final Hours Jacob Childs is a popular diver that provided
fans with magnificent underwater footage with the aid of his gopro. In this video, which was later uploaded by
Inside Edition, Jake is recording what he believes are his final hours alive. While diving off the coast, he was suddenly
swept away by a current and when he finally emerged he found that the dive boat had abandoned
him. He swam for several hours, lost, and exhausted. Knowing the dangers of the ocean, especially
alone at night, he decided to pull out his Go Pro and record some final messages for
his family. He explains the situation and shows that the
sun is quickly setting, before he shares his goodbyes. Jacob was fortunately saved and later explained
that his wet suit and emergency device were what saved him in the end. Despite floating for about 6 hours, Jake also
says that his ability to stay calm and not panic was an important factor in his survival. This proves that when diving or performing
any dangerous sport, the proper equipment is absolutely necessary. Not only did Jake make it to safety, he was
able to document several hours of footage to share his experience and advise fellow
divers of the correct procedures in this situation. Though the video is heart wrenching, sharing
it is vital for education.


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