Top 15 Craziest Prison Moments Caught on Camera

Top 15 Craziest Prison Moments Caught on Camera

Number 15. The Swarm: Guards always have to keep their
eyes open, as they are usually outnumbered in their unit by inmates. Without warning, a situation can erupt, forcing
an officer to fight for his or her life as they wait for help to arrive. CCTV at Pinal County Jail showed an officer
enter the indoor rec yard, when two prisoners run around the corner and begin beating him
seemingly unprovoked. Luckily, a second guard quickly rushed to
the scene and subdued the men with pepper spray, helping the other officer wrestle the
two inmates to the ground before any serious harm could be done. In Cook County, Illinois, another officer
had to use force to subdue an inmate viciously attacking him, but managed to get a security
door open and into the vicinity of fellow guards, easily subduing the inmate. Mobile Jail in Alabama captured a horrifying
moment when an inmate forced his way into a guard’s office and attacked the officer
inside. The reinforcing officer struggled getting
the door open and aiding his coworker, but the inmate continued to put up a fight before
being restrained. The number of inmate on guard attacks is endless,
and with a prison system where the rules of the prison don’t match the rules of the inmate,
there is likely to be continued clashes for the foreseeable future. Number 14. Leap to Escape: When people are in a tight
spot, they sometimes take desperate measures to escape. Inmate Kenneth Williams at Turner Guilford
Knight Correctional Center in Florida was surprised when the cell doors suddenly opened,
and he walked out to investigate. Two other inmates snuck out and stalked him,
cornering Williams in a nearby hallway. After a brief exchange of words, it became
clear these two inmates were out to get him, and he made a run for it. After seeing he was again cornered, outnumbered,
and running out of options, he leapt over the railing and onto the floor below. The would-be attackers watched and looked
over the railing in shock, seemingly unsure if what they just saw actually transpired. There is speculation a guard or several guards
were in on the attack plot, since the two attackers appeared to know the doors would
open and they sprung into action. The motive behind Williams attempted assault
is believed to be gang-related, as Williams is the suspected leader of the New Moneii
gang. Williams suffered from a fractured vertebrae
and broken ankle, but survived his plunge. An investigation is ongoing as to the cause
of the prison doors opening, but it is unsure if this will ever be revealed. Number 13. Andarius’s [Anne-dar-e-us] Taste of Prison
Life: Beyond Scared Straight was a show on A&E from 2011 until 2015. The show followed teens going through programs
meant to have them experience prison life in order to steer them away from their criminal
behaviour. One clip that has gained widespread popularity
is that of Andarius, a young, self-proclaimed member of the Bloods gang. During his prison visit, he was introduced
to locked up members of the rival Crips, who showed them their full anger towards his claimed
gang. A prisoner forced him to do push ups, while
an officer shouted conflicting orders at him. At another point, Andarius was hoisted outside
a prison cell, where prisoners inside shouted at him and tried to grab him from under the
door. He began crying and recanting his claims as
a Blood, apologizing for what is known as “claiming.” The prisoners then forced Andarius to peel
an orange, threatening him if he didn’t do so. By the end, Andarius was in tears, and had
been shown the scaled back version of prison life. This episode helped cause controversy with
the prison tour programs, with people calling them inhumane. However, supporters have stated no children
are actually harmed and are simply being given a taste of prison life, not a full scale version
of the experience. Number 12. Deputy Moon: Prison guards work in a stressful
environment. In many prisons, guards are outnumbered by
prisoners, and rely on their equipment to regain control of situations. However, many guards have also used their
attitude towards the prisoners to gain a mutual respect between each other. This is what saved the life of Florida guard
Kenneth Moon in November 2009. While on duty in one of the blocks, a prisoner
walked behind Moon’s desk and began violently assaulting him. The prisoner got Moon into a choke hold, cutting
off the guard’s oxygen and sending the situation into critical. Several prisoners rushed to the desk, and
it appeared Moon’s ordeal was about to get worse. Suddenly, the first prisoner to arrive flew
a hard punch into the attacker’s face, sending all three men to the floor. More prisoners arrived and began prying the
attacker’s arms off of Moon, while another called for help over the radio. Eventually, Moon was released and helped back
to his feet, while prisoners subdued the attacker until help arrived. The entire attack was captured on CCTV, and
other guards were amazed at how quick the prisoners saved Moon’s life. When asked why they ran to helped, they simply
replied “Moon’s a good guy.” Moon had a reputation as being cordial with
the prisoners, treating them with respect and in turn gained Moon respect amongst the
prisoners. It was because of this, several men convicted
of charges from robbery to kidnapping charged in to save Deputy Moon’s life. Number 11. John Geoghan: The Catholic Church has been
under a lot of controversy over sexual abuse perpetrated by priests and bishops, as well
as the church attempting to cover up the assaults. John Geoghan was one such priest who was accused
of sexually assaulting over 130 boys in six different parishes around Boston. Investigators also found significant evidence
of a cover up conducted by high ranking church officials, who actively moved him from parish
to parish in order to derail the investigation. In January 2002, he was found guilty of assault
and battery for grabbing a 10 year old’s bum in 1991. He was sentenced to nine years at the Souza-Baranowski
Correctional Center. While in protective custody, fellow inmate
Joseph Druce managed to get inside Georghan’s cell, rig the door shut and proceed to murder
the former priest. CCTV shows guards attempting in vain to enter
the cell and save Georghan’s life, but by the time the doors were opened, Georghan had
perised, having been strangled and severely beaten. Druce claimed he had been planning Georghan’s
murder for over a month, considering him a prize. Already serving a life sentence, Druce was
tried and sentenced to a second life sentence, though has reportedly shown no remorse for
his actions. Georghan’s story of sexual abuse inspired
Canadian rock group Billy Talent to write their hit Devil in a Midnight Mass in 2006. Number 10. Mexico Prison Shooting: Sometimes, external
forces can lead to dangerous situations in prisons. Cuidad Juarez, one of the world’s most dangerous
cities, is still engulfed in the Mexican Drug War, with many cartel members ending up locked
behind bars in the jail. In July 2011, members of a cartel armed with
automatic weapons managed to break into the jail, then shot 17 rival cartel members before
fleeing the scene. The resulting riot lasted almost a day before
law authorities regained control of the facility. The perpetrators were believed to be under
the orders of El Chapo Guzman [Gooze-man], Mexico’s most notorious cartel leader. He has been known for his use of violence
against rivals, police, government officials, journalists and anyone who gets in his way. He even ordered the massacre of a drug clinic
against those attempting to kick their drug habits. The video of Guzman’s assault on the jail
shows how out of control the drug war has gotten, with an almost anarchic atmosphere
within. Currently, Guzman is being held in a prison
near Cuidad Juarez, awaiting extradition to the United States for drug trafficking and
homicide. Number 9. Teen Assault by guard: In the fall of 2008,
15 year old Maleka Calhoun was arrested with her friend after they were pulled over in
a stolen car. Calhoun was allegedly uncooperative and vulgar
throughout the intake process, and guards were loosing patience with her. She was led to a cell and when officers asked
her to take her shoes off, she crossed her arms and lightly kicked off her shoe. Suddenly, Deputy Paul Schene lunged at her,
kicked her, throw her against a wall before throwing her to the floor. Schene and another officer then restrained
Calhoun and then led her out of the cell. Calhoun admits to arguing back and forth with
Schene, but says the shoe did not hit any of the officers, Schene claims the shoe hit
him with force, leaving a large bruise on his leg. However, surveillance footage backs up Calhoun’s
side, with the shoe shown to have not hit Schene or the other officer, and Calhoun not
kicking her shoe away with great force. Schene was charged with fourth-degree assault
and pled not-guilty in March 2009. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for
Calhoun, the tapes of the beating appear to tell a story against his pleas. Number 8. The Kentucky Prison Fire: The last place to
be trapped in a fire is in prison. Fires in prisons are especially dangerous,
since flames can cause damage to electrical equipment, trapping prisoners in their cells
as they perish from burns or smoke inhalation. Northpoint Medium Security Prison in Kentucky
was opened in 1983 and has an estimated 1256 inmates within its walls. On the night of August 21, 2009, between 60
and 80 inmates rioted across the prison. A fire broke out as a result, with five buildings
in the facility going up in flames. Before the riot, the prison had been in lock
down after a Hispanic gang assaulted a black and a white inmate. Frustrations over the lockdown boiled over,
and prisoners took their anger out on the prison itself. Residents in the surrounding area gathered
to watch the flames extend into the sky, with the cause being initially unknown. Several small explosions were also observed,
believed to be from electrical equipment. The prison’s Emergency Response Team managed
to regain control of the prison so firefighters could begin putting out the flames. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt in the
riot and blaze, which is lucky considering the extent the flames travelled. Due to the damage, inmates were temporarily
housed in other prisons while the facility was repaired. It has since returned to full operation and
still runs as of 2016. Number 7. Darnell Smith’s Rampage: For many, romance
between prisoner and guard seems unthinkable. However, this is exactly what happened between
Darnell Smith and Trina Leja in 2001. Smith was serving a sentence in Stillwater
Prison in Minnesota. The two developed a friendship, and eventually
a romance, kept secret to protect Leja’s career. Other guards caught wind of the affair and
Leja was fired from her job. After Smith’s release, he conspired with Leja
to kill a former associate of his. On July 5, 2001, Smith and Leja murdered Bobbie
Holder, before dismembering him and disposing of the evidence. Unfortunately for Smith and Leja, investigators
quickly closed in and the two were arrested. Smith was given a life sentence and sent to
the Oak Park Heights prison. On his first week in the prison, Smith discovered
a flaw in the maximum wing of the prison; the doors separating the out area with the
cells could be easily jammed with a sheet, and so Smith sealed the gates shut and began
taking his anger out on the cells and windows. He and other inmates smashed bits of concrete
from their cells and threw them at the protective glass as officers watched on. Eventually, guards stormed in and subdued
the prisoners. In his rampage, several cells were heavily
damaged, and shockingly with only the prisoner’s bare hands. Smith continues to serve out his sentence,
and is constantly watched due to his manipulative behaviour. Number 6. Guantanamo’s Immoral Practises: Located on
the southern tip of Cuba, Guantanamo Bay is a military base, and prison facility housing
suspected terrorists. Since the prison opened, it has been the scene
of controversy for holding prisoners without fair trial and suspected torture methods used
on prisoners during interrogation. Waterboarding, or simulated drowning, is the
most well known of torture suspected to be used, but there is also reports of sensory
deprivation, and isolation. Humiliation is also widely used, including
stripping of inmates, shouting derogatory comments at them, and forcing them to perform
menial tasks. In 2012, BBC aired a documentary showcasing
the methods of torture used in a simulation, having people experience life at Guantanamo
Bay, from capture to detainment. The program offers an in depth experience
to what life is said to be like at Guantanamo, and has participants in shock at the treatment
they suffer. While it is largely scaled down due to safety
issues, it is still said to be accurate to the actual practises at Guantanamo. Clandestine footage of Guantanamo has also
captured the arrival of detainees, showing them being carried in uncomfortable fashion,
and being strip searched outside. Talks about closing Guantanamo and returning
it to Cuba has increased in recent years, but it is unknown of when that will be, and
where its prisoners will go once this is done. Number 5. The Rampage of Sabir Shabazz: Violent prisoners
will wait for the perfect moment to lash out on other inmates and staff. On January 3, 2012, a prison officer was making
rounds around his unit, when inmate Sabi Shabazz suddenly attacked him while the guard’s back
was turned. Shabazz, who was detained on child prostitution
charges, struck the officer with a metal pipe he pulled from his cell sink. Joining Shabazz was another inmate, who acted
as lookout during the assault. James Flowers, a convicted drug dealer, rushed
to the scene and pulled Shabazz from the officer, allowing him to escape and press his panic
button. Flowers continued to hold off Shabazz and
the other inmate as help was on its way. However, the situation escalated into a standoff
as Shabazz and his follower kept guards at bay on the second floor balcony, occasionally
charging guards and sending them into retreat. Eventually, guards made their own charge and
tackled the two men to the ground before finally restraining them. Flowers’ actions were praised as heroic by
the guards, community and even the district attorney. Flowers, however, cut his cooperation short
during the investigation, to avoid being labelled a snitch. He is still credited with saving the guard
from serious injury or worse. Shabazz’s motives remain unknown, and he has
been charged with assault on top of his child prostitution charges. The guard received a metal plate in his head
to repair the damage to his skull, and he has since made a full recovery. Number 4. Missouri State’s Eternal Prisoners: With the
amount of violence known to happen in prisons, it would come as no surprise the ghosts of
those who’ve died within the walls will linger long after. Missouri State Penitentiary had a long history
of violence, which continues to echo even after its closure. One particular infamous incident is when a
riot broke out, during which several inmates broke through the walls of a cell and murdered
the inmate inside. In season 8 of Ghost Adventures explored the
prison during the night, and captured several compelling pieces of evidence. Investigator Nick Groff was left alone in
the isolation unit, when he heard several bangs and people talking in the cells surrounding
him. After returning to fellow investigator, Zack
Bagins, he discussed his experience, when the two suddenly heard footsteps and a grunt
coming up from the isolation cells, where Groff had just come from. Bagins explained the amalgamation of negative
energy is what leads to prisons becoming a hot bed of paranormal activity. Luckily for the Ghost Adventures crew, they
managed to come into contact with spirits still serving an eternal sentence. Number 3. The Guard Strikes First: Sometimes, it’s not
guards having to worry about inmates. On November 25, 2014, inmate John Steckley
from Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia was returning to the general
population, when he began trading words and throwing insults at officer Tyrone Glover. Steckley was calm during the confrontation,
not making any physical threats towards Glover. However, without a second of warning, Glover
threw a powerful punch into Steckley’s face. The two began to struggle with each other
until Steckley was restrained by other officers. Video of the assault surfaced on City Papers
news site, and outrage sparked across the nation. Before the altercation, Steckley had his arms
at his side and made no motions towards Glover, nor did he appear to be any kind of threat
whatsoever. Glover’s motive has never been explained,
but people believe it was high stress from the job which caused him to lash out on Steckley. This hasn’t deterred critics from calling
for Glover to face assault charges. However, Steckley instead received additional
charges to the original ones, while Glover has faced no disciplinary actions. Anger increased when it was revealed Glover
was involved in a similar incident before, where again no action was taken. Whatever the real reason why Glover reacted
the way he did will never be explained, but the video will remain online to vilify him. Number 2. Comayagua Prison Farm Fire: Honduras is noted
for a high crime rate, and has several prisons filled to capacity within its borders. Comayagua Prison is one such facility located
in central Honduras. On the night of February 14, 2012, a large
fire broke out in the prison. Initially, the inmates calls for help went
ignored, with prison staff believing it to be a hoax or trap. However, as the fire spread, a guard rushed
to the cells and began letting prisoners out to escape the flames. The cause of the fire is, as of today, unknown,
and is believed to be a result of a riot or electrical failure. Inmates deny the riot allegations, with survivors
reporting a single inmate was responsible for the fire, with him shouting “We will
all die here.” The fire lit up the night sky, and several
small explosions could be heard across the area. Inmates escaped the flames through the roof,
but as many as 358 perished in the flames, either from burns or smoke inhalation. The fire has stirred controversy due to the
amount of time it took emergency responders to arrive, which was between 20 to 40 minutes. Many of the bodies were so unrecognizable,
DNA was used to identify the deceased. To this day, it is the deadliest prison fire
in world history, and it continues to be a hot topic of debate across the world. Number 1. Pelican Bay Riot: Prison can be an unpredictable
place, and tensions run high between the various gangs and even individual feuds between prisoners. Pelican Bay State Prison in California has
gained a reputation as a hard prison, as the only supermax prison in the state. Only the most hardened of California’s prisoners
end up here, including the infamous Charles Manson for a brief period in 1997. On February 23, 2000, prisoners were out in
the yard for recreation, when the prisoners suddenly began attacking each other. Within seconds, the entire yard was a full
blown riot, and multiple inmates were stabbed and severely beaten. Guards attempted to gain control of the situation
by firing tear gas and using batons to subdue inmates. One of the guards in the tower noticed several
inmates stabbing a lone inmate, crowding around him and preventing his escape. Seen with no other choice, the guard fired
live rounds into the crowd, striking one inmate in the head and dropping him. The rest of the yard heard the shots and quickly
retreated to the ground, allowing guards to regain control of the yard. The inmate was killed instantly, and fifteen
others were injured by further gunshots. Staff recovered 89 weapons in the aftermath,
and were in shock as to how quickly the situation boiled out of control. From the first fists thrown to the riot’s
end lasted 30 minutes, one of the longest and bloodiest prison riots in California’s
history. The video proves how unpredictable and chaotic
prison can be, with most incidents beginning at the drop of a hat.


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    Now your begging 2x a show for subscribers im giving thumbs dow and watching something different

  • Assasin Hitman

    August 23, 2019

    prison nothing just full of junkies and wannabes that ain't guna be that's where your inner animal instincts come out came out 100% deadlier lot's of time to train.

  • Fernando Leon

    September 8, 2019

    the man who killed the priest from Boston should get a medal

  • tevenioinquotamare y

    September 14, 2019

    American agents are trained; despite our Italian police just suitables for jokes

  • Neto Aleman

    September 18, 2019


  • Zach Sharp

    October 6, 2019

    his voice instantly makes me so angry


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