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you we’ll show you how to install your owl
camera in a few easy steps start by looking under your steering wheel for
your vehicle’s OBD port once you locate it grab your owl obd power adapter and
plug it in now let’s route the cable along the door jam and extend it past
the center of the dashboard using the tuck stick push the cable into the gap
between the windshield and dashboard insert the cable ball into the suction
beam and route the cable along the tail Center the suction beam on your
dashboard pull the lever to securely lock the
suction cup in place use the tucks stick to hide the cable slack plug the USBC
end of the cable into the camera and mount the camera on top of the suction
beam now let’s connect your camera to the alkar cam app on your phone open the
owl car cam app and tap add camera your owl car cam screen will display a QR
code scan the code to securely pair your device’s now you’re ready to hit the
road thank you for driving without acaso tres one dual dash cam supports
single recording front camera 1080p 60 frames per second and dual recording
front and rear camera 1080p 30 frames per second adopts dual sony starfish for
front and rear camera also plus four pieces infrared LEDs for rear camera to
get super clear night vision loop recording makes it to record all the
time don’t need to change a new car built in
G sensor for locking the video when an emergency break or a collision occurs
dual camera viewing with 340 degrees to cover inside and outside of car reduce
blind spots more safety it has a 24 hours parking monitor to make your car
more safe during parking if the car is hit it will record automatically and
lock the video you hi guys today we’re going to be doing an
experiment with the Rose dashcam a 1 so I’m gonna set the temperature to 80
degrees centigrade which is around 170 degrees Fahrenheit and I set that to 10
minutes okay the camera is still looking great so now we’re gonna put it back in and
this time for another ten minutes we’re gonna turn up to 200 degrees centigrade
which is nearly 400 degrees Fahrenheit okay so after 10 minutes in the oven you
can see that the camera has started to melt but it’s not burned at all and on
the inside the battery hasn’t combusted you this video will help you get your
brand-new LG Innotech LGD 521 dash cam installed and set up in no time at all
let’s see how it’s done first let’s see what comes in the box this is the front
camera and it’s mount this is the rear camera these are the cords for the front
and rear cameras there are two self-adhesive wire Clips a user manual
and guide and finally there is a micro SD card and an SD card adapter the micro
SD card is inserted into the front camera and the SD adapter will allow you
to connect your micro SD card to your computer before you install the camera
into your car we suggest you update the cameras firmware please see your user
manual for instructions on how to do so now let’s begin the installation
starting with the front camera clean the area around the rear-view mirror with a
damp cloth or cleaning solution slide the camera into the mount now identify
the spot you will position the camera the lens of the camera should be in the
center of the windshield once you have the camera positioned ripe remove the
red backing off the mount and peel the clear plastic off the front of the lens
place the mount firmly in the correct spot plug the front power cable into the
slot labeled DC 1224 V run the power cable to your vehicle’s power socket now we will repeat the process for the
rear camera clean the top middle of the rear windshield and position the rear
camera with the lens in the middle of the vehicle once the camera is
positioned right peel the red backing off the camera and remove the clear
plastic off the front of the lens place the camera firmly in the correct spot
the lens must be facing the outside if need be twist it until it is facing
correctly plug the rear camera cable into the rear camera take one of the
self-adhesive wire clips remove the backing and press it firmly at the very
top of the windshield snap the cable into the clip most vehicles have a
crevice between the windshield and the headliner run the wire along the side of
the vehicle in that crevice all the way to the front take the second
self-adhesive wire clip and stick it on the front windshield at the very top on
top of the front camera snap the rear camera cable into the clip run it toward
the front camera and plug the end into the front camera and the socket labeled
our cam the rear cable may have excess link which could be doubled up in the
crevice congratulations your dash cam is now
ready to roll please do let us know if you have any questions about your camera
drive safely how do you know if you need the latest
barmen dash cam you drive one of these or this over epic distances or just to
go get takeout in bumper-to-bumper traffic ok Garmin save video to get out
of town you got are you seeing this are you seeing what I’m seeing and see the
sights is he pointing at anything in all conditions
bikes mom so you either need to pick up a full time passenger with a
photographic memory oh my photo ID or one of these Garmin dash cam the HD
driving recorder that remembers all the details of your drive small
reviews I need that why not
40 40 that’s even bigger choose a Garmin dashcam and pick up the perfect
passenger this is the Yi smart – camp so 165° wide angle camera records at
1080p at 60 frames per second to capture the important details from every angle it features a – the advanced driving
assistant system and provides real-time lane departure and frontal collision
warnings to keep you safe on the road this is how you install your you smart
dash cam let’s start by unboxing it over here I
have the Space Gray edition smart dash cam let’s just take this and put it over
here in the box we have the microUSB cable the 3m sticky mount which you’ll attach
your dashcam to and the USB car charger and last but not least the micro SD card
let’s actually set it up in the seat first
peel off the sticker then attach the car mount to the camera make sure that the
tab is to the right of the camera just like that and it’ll click then try to
place the camera right in the middle of your car behind your rear-view mirror so
that it’s not really blocking your view and it kind of hides in plain sight
adjust both knobs until you find that the camera is facing the right way take
the USB car charger and plug in the micro USB cable then plug that into your
cigarette lighter take the micro USB cable now and plug it into your dashcam probably gonna see a light turn on once
you’ve set your time and date it’s gonna ask you to put in a micro SD card
let’s do that now pick the microSD card plug it into the left side see how it does and it says it’s
recording so that’s all it takes if you want to get more professional with your
setup you have a very long micro USB cable that you can actually run up along
the seams of your dashboard now that we’ve got it set up let’s go for a drive there we go you you you

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