This New Phase One XF IQ4 Medium Format Camera Costs $52,000 | First Impressions

This New Phase One XF IQ4 Medium Format Camera Costs $52,000 | First Impressions

(hands clap)
– Oh my god. (laughs) – What am I looking at? Oh here, the camera, (laughs) oh! – Oh (bleep).
– It’s really heavy. – Light camera. – Jesus, this camera’s ridiculous. – Phase One XF, I’ve heard of Phase One. – I don’t know anything about cameras, but this looks super fancy. – This thing is such a boss. – Can I take a picture? – I like this lavender shoe. – Listen to that action on the camera. (camera shutter clicks) – I actually don’t like
it, but it’s a good, I would never wear something like that. – Sounds like a Desert Eagle of a camera. (camera shutter clicks) – Feels like something,
(camera shutter clicks) ow. (camera shutter clicks)
– What? – What, I can count the threads, the individual fibers of the shoelace? – Holy (bleep), (laughs) so much detail. – Is this normal for all cameras? – Oooh yeah, texture, huh. – It’s better than my iPhone,
so that’s always nice. – Who’s bag is this? (camera shutter clicks)
Nice bag. – I feel really professional, yeah. – It looks like a professional did that, which is understandable,
just given the context, but you can see every fiber of the wool. – These are terrible photos
I’m taking right now. – It focuses itself, I
have to be two feet away? – One word, extravagant. – I don’t know, a hundred
megapixels, I have no idea. – A hundred and fifty
megapixels, which is so, it’s (bleep) impossible to compete with. – You asked me how many
megapixels it is and I guessed, and it says right on the camera. (laughs) – What do megapixels do? (laughs) (camera shutter clicks)
– Oh god. Yeah I look how I feel about this camera. – [Interviewer] So, if
you had to guess how much this camera costs, what would you say? – I don’t know, $2000?
– 10 grand? – 20, 30, what? (laughs)
– 52, this is $52,000? – $52,000? (laughs) – [Interviewer] Is in your hand right now. – Wow. (laughs)
– I should know this, because I got the request
from Henry to buy one for the office and I believe
that was me that rejected. – [Interviewer] Is it worth it? – I guess if you make
billboards it probably is. – If I had an extra $52,000, I would buy it, (laughs) but I do not. – [Interviewer] Is that the most expensive selfie you’ve ever taken? – Yeah, I still wanna delete it. – All jokes aside, that
was the Phase One IQ4 150. It is an absolute monster of a camera. This thing is gonna cost $52,000. You know, the price of a
well-equipped three series or a down payment on a lotta house. It’s made to produce incredible images. It’s got a ton of features built in around kind of the pro workflow, it
talks to computers really well, you can do bracketing, you
can do time lapses that are kind of beyond anything
else you’ll see in a camera. You’ve got 150 megapixels,
huge medium format sensor. In terms of a normal camera size, this is a full frame Nikon
Z7, it’s big, it’s expensive, it’s like, $3,500 bucks and it’s awesome, but this is the Phase One IQ4 sensor. Generally, the bigger the
sensor, the kind of better true life rendering, the
better dynamic range, and you just get access
to a lot more real estate for resolution, for bigger pixels which will give you better
low light performance. The downside is that this
thing’s gonna be slow and it’s gonna be huge, it
takes about 30 seconds to turn to turn on, the auto focus
is not exactly DSLR worthy. So, who should buy it and who shouldn’t? Just about everybody shouldn’t buy it. If you’re lookin’ for a
camera to shoot the dog, shoot the kids, don’t buy this, but if you’re a pro photographer, you’re shooting a lot of studio stuff, you’re shooting a lot of landscapes, you’re shooting things that
aren’t generally moving around a whole lot, really anything
where you’re gonna make your money off of these photos, it’s hard to go wrong
with something like this. (beep)
All jokes aside, all jokes aside, all jokes aside, all jokes aside, all jokes
aside, all jokes aside. All jokes aside.


  • Mike Kennedy

    August 3, 2019


  • Star Light

    August 3, 2019

    Fuji GFX 100 is more practical

  • Antonio Grande

    August 5, 2019

    If money grew on trees…

  • Zach Haedt

    August 9, 2019

    I like the caveat that if you're going to shoot pictures of your dog don't buy this. I would like to meet the person who was on the fence about buying to shoot their dog and this convinced them not to.

  • Venom746

    August 12, 2019

    where was my invite to test this camera (totally a noob) -_-

  • Troy Leslie

    September 5, 2019

    I believe 151mp devices will soon fit in pockets. For the meantime I’ll wait. 😅

  • DeAndre' Truesdale

    September 9, 2019

    Have mercy…😍

  • M S

    September 13, 2019

    "It's better than my iphone" JFC… why are these people shooting with this camera?

  • hacking444

    November 14, 2019

    Can you send me one for free like…..


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