The Best Home Security Systems of 2019

The Best Home Security Systems of 2019

Gabe: Hey, folks, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. Did you resolve for 2019 to make your home
more secure? Well, if that’s the case, you’ve come to the
right place because I’m going to give you my top picks for Best Home Security Systems
of 2019. [music] Gabe: In today’s video, I’m going to give
you my top picks in 11 different categories for best home security system and then I’ll
dive into the methodology that I use to come to my conclusions. Let’s jump in. [music] Gabe: All right, let’s kick off. The Best Home Security Systems of 2019 with
the best home security system for DIY installation and with this, we went with SimpliSafe. Now, SimpliSafe is pretty straightforward
when it comes to putting it together. I mean there are no drilling required, no
tools, no real technical know-how. I appreciate it as someone who has to put
together numerous security systems, how easy it is. In terms of setting it up, you take it out
of the box and it’s peel and stick and place, which is something we learn from preschool. For me, it’s the best experience of setting
up a system. It also comes with professional monitoring
and cellular backup, starting at 14.99 a month. We like the 24.99 a month plan, because that’s
where you get into the nitty-gritty of your smart home security system, with notifications
and integrations, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. That’s where you get the full experience with
SimpliSafe. In our end, we ordered the Summerfort security
system which came with a whopping 19-components. That helped us to feel as if we put together
a pretty comprehensive and robust home security system. When it comes to best DIY installation home
security system, here at Security Baron we went with SimpliSafe. [music] Gabe: The next best of category that we’ll
jump into for home security systems is best home security system for home owners. If you’re owning your home, you know you can
go with ADT. They’ve been in the game for more than 140
years, making them one of the oldest if not the oldest security company in the United
States. ADT brings a lot to the table. They have a very robust home security package. We went with the video package which gives
you not only motion sensors, door and window sensors, but also a video doorbell, smart
locks. There’s other components you can add to make
sure that you’re getting something protecting every element of your home. The entire vicinity is being protected. ADT doesn’t stop there, they actually offer
a lot on the soft side of security. In terms of professional monitoring 24/7,
they actually do all professional installations if you are a homeowner. They have pretty solid scores when it comes
to mobile application. We’re talking 3.9 in the Google Play Store
and a 4.8 in the Apple App Store. That’s with a ton of reviews. They’re doing really well on that side, and
go even further when it comes to customer support. Not only do they have an online help center,
live chat, and phone support, but you can even FaceTime an ADT representative. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much
do you think a video is worth? Overall, we’re really happy with all of the
options that ADT provides for a homeowner. That’s why we gave them the best home security
system for homeowners. Let’s look at our best overall security system
Frontpoint. Frontpoint is one of the most loved companies
on the Internet with a 4.6 out of 5-star Google rating. Tons of reviews lauding how much they enjoy
their experience with the company. Customer support, amazing, professional monitoring
options, great, highly rated mobile application on both iPhone and Android, check. They’re really doing a great job for their
customers. In terms of the ability to control your system,
configure your system, customize your home, Frontpoint does amazing. You have the ability to lock and unlock your
doors with the smart locks that you can order with your package. You can turn the lights on and off. It just has an ultimate plan that allows for
you to set up certain motion-triggered alerts, and just really know everything that’s going
on inside and outside of your home. People love Frontpoint for customization and
the fact that getting that whole process started doesn’t take too much effort. They have a do-it-yourself installation that
is pretty straightforward and simple. Overall, people’s experience with Frontpoint,
regardless if they’re renters or homeowners or apartment dwellers, they tend to really
agree that Frontpoint is an amazing system. We also really appreciate it our time with
Frontpoint. When it comes to the best overall security
system, we’re going with Frontpoint. [music] Gabe: The next category we’re going to look
at in our Best Home Security Systems of 2019 is best home security system for seniors. Here we’re going with Vivint. Vivint was a great experience for me because
it was such a nice installation. By that I mean it was a professional installation. Someone comes to your home and sets up a Vivint
system for you, not only do they do so in a discreet way with the beautiful system,
but it also just works very well. In terms of what my experience was, I could
use the panel in my home or the mobile application on my iPhone X and just made a very convenient
lifestyle. One I still have today. Now, with Vivint, you get a video doorbell. You can get various indoor cameras. You can get smart locks to make sure that
your doors are locked or unlocked from wherever you happen to be and you can give access to
all these systems to people you trust. If you are senior and would like someone to
make sure everything is taken care of, you can just give access to someone else, or if
you are someone that has a senior in their life, you can make sure that everything is
locked when they go to bed. You can make sure that the lights are on when
they are not there. There is just a lot of things one can do with
the Vivint System and it’s just convenient. It just works. That’s the case not only for the mobile application,
but also for customer support and professional monitoring. There is a host of options to make sure every
part of the process moves smoothly. When it comes to best homes security system
for seniors, definitely going with Vivint. [music] Gabe: Let’s look at the next category for
our Best Home Security Systems of 2019, the best home security system for business where
we went with Protect America, because you want to protect your business. Your business is you baby. You got to protect your baby. Protect America does so because it is so customizable. In terms of what you need, if you have tons
of doors or tons of windows or you just need to have indoor security cameras to surround
any particular part of your space, you can do so with Protect America. When you are installing it, it will be easy
because the do-it-yourself installation comes with a customer service representative on
the phone with you throughout the entire process. I really enjoyed it. I thought that it actually brought a lot to
the do-it-yourself experience because I was not doing it myself. I had someone there not only walking me through
the setup, but helping me test out each component before I moved on to the next one. If you are someone who is not too worried
about cellular backup, you get the professional monitoring for free with Protect America. You essentially have an entire system and
professional monitoring guaranteed with Protect America. If you do want that cellular backup, it will
cost you between $20 and $60 a month depending on your particular needs. In terms of what you get with Protect America,
for your business, can’t really say it’s parallel. That is our choice for best business home
security system. [music] Gabe: The next category that we looked at
for our Best Home Security Systems of 2019 is the best home security system for Amazon
Alexa and Scout Alarm, like it was built for Amazon Alexa in mind. Whereas with a lot of home security system,
Amazon Alexa seems more like an afterthought is at the heart of the Scout Alarm System. When you are looking at the Venn diagram of
affordability, flexibility, and Amazon Alexa, you are going to find Scout Alarm home security
system. Scout Alarm is very affordable, even when
it comes down to the professional monitoring which you can get for as low as $20 a month. When it comes to the integrations, of course,
it has Amazon Alexa but it has a host of other smart platform integrations that one can use
with it in conjunction with Amazon Alexa or by itself. When it comes to best home security systems
for Amazon Alexa, we are going with Scout Home Security. [music] Gabe: The next item on our Best Home Security
System of 2019 list is best home security for apartment dwellers. Someone who lives in Brooklyn, I can say that
I’m very use to paying a lot of money for a very little bit of space. I want to invert that when it comes to my
home security system which is why I go with Nest Secure which allows me to pay very little
and get a lot out of it. Nest Secure is a pretty great system beginning
with a couple of Nest detect sensors, your Nest guard that goes in your home, and Nest
tag divider turn on and off that system. Where it really comes through in a clutch
is its expandability. Nest Secure gives you so many options in the
long run. You can add you Nest’s cam indoor, Nest’s
cam IQ, Nest’s cam outdoor, Nest’s by Yale smart lock, Nest’s video doorbell. Just really a ton of flexibility and it’s
ultimately pretty affordable. If I wanted to look, for example, at the professional
monitoring option, I can do a three-year contract with Brinks which is who Nest Secure partners
with and get that for $19 a month, or I can just do a flexible contract and do $29 a month. If you’re living in an apartment, and want
to get started in the home security path, you want to look no further than Nest Secure. [music] Gabe: The next category we’re going to look
at in our Best Home Security Systems of 2019 is best home security systems with no monthly
fees. Here Security Baron goes with Abode. Abode does not require you to have a monthly
professional monitoring fee that you pay. You can just self-monitor with Abode. If you feel strongly about self-monitoring
versus professional monitoring and know that you do need that professional monitoring from
time to time, you can do so. You can do a three-day period for $8 or a
week for $15. That means you decide most of the year. You want to be on top of all of your self-monitoring
and what’s going on in your home, but you really want to have a weekend away, clean
slate, and not thinking about what’s going on at your home. You can do so. That’s a pretty flexible option and one that
we’ve not seen from any other home security company. We talked about that flexibility because they
offer a lot of customization. You can customize the Smart home integrations
with Abode. They do work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home,
Philips Hue, Kwikset, IFTTT. You get a lot out of the Abode home security
system. Once again, without having to pay any monthly
fees. When it comes to best home security system
with no monthly fees, we’re going with Abode. [music] Gabe: The next category we’re going to go
over in our Best of Home Security Systems 2019 is most affordable. Here we’re going with the Swedish startup,
Minut. Minut has this one device the point that you
put up on your ceiling and it will give you a read on everything going on in your home. I’m talking motion detection, glass breaking
detection, temperature, humidity, light, noise. It can even work with your existing CO2 and
smoke alarms to ensure that you get a complete picture of what’s going on in your home. It’s doing all that without a camera. In fact, in that sense, is one of the more
private home security systems out there because you don’t know exactly what’s happening in
terms of the environment of your home without watching what’s actually going on. It even integrates with things like Google
Assistant and IFTTT. That’s all included for only $149, because
there’s no pressure in monitoring, that’s it. You’re done. You don’t have to worry about paying for anything
else. When it comes to the most affordable home
security system, we’re going with the Minut point. [music] Gabe: The next item we’ll look at in our Best
of Home Security Systems 2019 is best home security system with Google Home. We wanted to look at what traditional home
security services integrated well with the Google Assistant platform. Here we went with Brinks Home Security. Brinks is a well-known name in the security
game, but they also integrate well with Google Assistant and Google Home. You can, of course, do the robust comprehensive
system with the array of components like video doorbell, indoor security cameras. All brought to you by, and know
that it will integrate well with your voice or on your mobile phone with the Google Assistant
application. We appreciated that as we had a big system
right from the outset, and the ability to make sure it integrated it well with our Smart
home. When it comes to best home security system
with Google Home, we went with the Brinks Home Security system. [music] Gabe: You thought we were stopping at 10 categories. No, we’re going to go with an 11th bonus category
best home security system for pets. As long as your pet isn’t above 45 pounds,
you’re going to want to go with Cove home security. Cove home security has motion sensors that
do not detect anything under 45 pounds. If you have a particularly active dog or cat
and as long as they aren’t too large, you should be fine in terms of your notifications
because we all know that a dog or a cat running around an apartment throughout the day can
definitely make your notifications go off and be a little bit extra, disturb you in
those meetings that you’re in all day. We don’t want that. Cove also has a lot of other things going
for. A pretty highly-rated mobile application,
solid customer support, affordability, and do-it-yourself installation. When you’re looking at best home security
system for pets, you might want to check out Cove home security. [music] Gabe: Those are our top picks for Best Home
Security Systems of 2019. Let’s talk a little bit about the methodology
we used to come to our conclusions. One, we focus on installation. There are various types of insulation. Generally, there are do-it-yourself installation
or professional installation with a little bit in-between in terms of maybe being on
the phone with a customer service representative while installing the system. We looked at that process. I installed each one of these systems except
for those that came with professional installation. Then we look at professional monitoring. We look at the price of professional monitoring
at all the elements that are offered. That is one thing that we used to see how
we feel about a particular security system. The third thing we look at is customer support. There are various ways in which you can get
in touch with companies and we like to look and see what those are. You have things from an online helps to things
like what ATT offers, a FaceTime call. That helps us to get an idea of the customer
support options. We look at reviews and our own anecdotal experience
to essentially characterize the customer support experience for any particular home security
system. The final thing to look at is the mobile application. We look generally at, of course, the actual
mobile application on my iPhone X. We also look in the Google Play Store and
the Apple app store to see how people feel about those particular mobile applications. We don’t just look at their scores, rather
we look at the trajectory of how people feel about it. If two years ago, everyone hated that, but
now, six months ago, they made an update and everyone is positive. We try to note that so that we’re not basing
our reviews or our experience on something from a long time ago. Of course, once again, we’ve tested each one
of these mobile applications ourselves. That’s a bit on our methodology for coming
to our conclusions on our Best of Home Security Systems 2019. That concludes our look at the Best Home Security
Systems of 2019. If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]


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