Talking to an Imaginary Friend (HIDDEN CAMERA UBER PRANK 21) | AYYDUBS

Talking to an Imaginary Friend (HIDDEN CAMERA UBER PRANK 21) | AYYDUBS

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hi Valerie? Hop on in. – Alright. – Don’t mind Newman, he’s
just here for the ride. Newman. – Oh, uh. – Newman, Valerie, Valerie, Newman. – Hi Newman. (laughter) – Oh, so Valerie where
are you heading today? – Yeah I’m heading to an open mic. – Oh. – Yeah. – What kind of open mic? – Oh, cool. – Stop. No, she hasn’t made me laugh yet. (laughter) – So, you and Newman
known each other a while? – Yeah, yeah, Newman is actually my agent. – Oh. – He’s a really really good agent. He works at UTI. – UTI. – Yeah, UTI. – Oh, okay, I was thinking of
like the disease or something. Nevermind. – No. – No, okay, my bad. (laughter) – I mean you can speak for yourself on like what you sorta do. Well, commercial as well. I didn’t know she was a client. I’m kinda fangirling. Are you serious? I wanna meet her. – I wanna meet her too. – Really, you like Brie Larson? – Yeah, I think she’s fine. – I can’t believe my agent agents her! – Oh, wow that’s a big thing. – Yeah, like I had no idea. Oh my God. – So, like, um, how’d you guys meet? – Um, why don’t you tell the story? – Okay. – Woah, that’s rude. Don’t interrupt. – Sorry. – Can you not hear him? Because he’s asking you
a question right now. No, um, what was the question? I didn’t hear him. – Are you serious? – Um. – Have you gotten your
hearing checked recently? – No, I’m sorry, I think
I need to get it checked. What did he say? – I go to the ENT every two weeks. – Maybe I should get
myself checked as well. – He asked you if you had an agent because you do stand up, you said? – So far no, but I do produce
my own shows around LA. (laughter) – Stop! Sorry, he’s such an asshole. – Yeah. – He’s such an asshole. Maybe it’s good that you can’t hear him. I’m happy, I guess? (laugher) I don’t wanna be rude, but
I don’t see anyone there. Are you okay? (gasp) – Are you (bleep) serious? He literally has hyperthyroidism. Okay? Do you even know what
hyperthyroidism even is? – Hyper thyroid? – Yeah, an overactive thyroid. It means your body speeds
up various processes like your metabolism, which
causes rapid weight loss, and irregular heart
beats and irritability. Which he is, by the way,
very (bleep) irritable. Okay, so if you could
not mention his weight for the rest of this
ride that would be really really kind of you. (laughter) Are you (bleep) crazy? – I can’t see him. – Are you asking me if
I need to go to a doctor when you’re the one that
can’t hear my friend? – I can’t see anyone. – And you’re just straight up rude. You don’t comment on people’s weight when you first meet them. Is that how you were raised? Because I was raised to be polite. – You’re (bleep) nuts. – No, he’s my agent, I met him… Well, no, it was June. June 2014. Five years, six years? And, like I said, he has hypothyroidism so I’m taking him to the
hospital after I drop you off because he doesn’t feel well today. – Okay, so you’re bringing
this guy to the hospital because of his hypothyroidism? – Yes. – And he’s your agent
and he knows Brie Larson? – Yes. – Do you have any other agent friends? – When you sign with an agency, which is something you wouldn’t know cause you’re not with an agency,
you get an array of agents. But my main agent is Newman
and we’re very close, right? We’re pretty close. We had a sleepover one time. (laughter) It wasn’t weird though,
it was just like… (clears throat) It was my birthday. – So you had a sleepover on your birthday. Was it in his place, your place? – My place. – Your place. – Yeah, I live in a palace. – Oh. – People generally come to my
place if we’re gonna hang out. – I thought so. I literally thought so,
but I don’t think she… We could ask. Is there any change you
would do some stand up for me and my agent? – Um, sure, I guess I
can do like a few jokes. – Yeah, like a s…. You’re sitting, but like,
a sit down stand up. – Yeah, I was raised in the Philippines. Where you know, all
their crazy shit happens and my mom used to tell
me one thing growing up. She’d be like, “Oh, Valerie,
If you wanna pick up guys, you don’t go to the bar. Go to the Christian church. That’s where all the
rich, old, white men are. They die faster. (laugher) – Oh, fuck. – It’s true though. – Are you a gold digger? – My mom is. – Wow. (mumbles incomprehensibly) – Good thing we don’t talk. – Oh, I was gonna ask. Okay. So your mom’s a gold digger
but you’re not friends? – No, my dad’s an alcoholic. – Oh. – So, yeah. – And that’s why you’re a comedian. – That’s why I’m a comedian. – Fair enough. – Yeah. – Oh, okay. No, it’s okay, let’s
get you to a bathroom. (laughter) – He needs to take a potty break? – He does. Gimmie a second, I’m
just gonna try to find a gas station or something. Oh, perfect. (slam) – Okay. – You have this. Alright, we’ll be right here. – Ew, that’s disgusting. – Oh well, you said he is sick so… – Yeah, it might take a while. I hope you’ve got time to kill. Okay. – It depends, if I asked you that question I don’t know if you
would be able to answer. It’s like sometimes you probably
do, sometimes you don’t. You know what I mean? – Okay, so, depends. – Yeah, it depends. – We just sit here. – Yeah. – Just the two of us. – Me and you, mm-hmm. I mean, to be honest this
happens every few months that I have to take him to the hospital. Hyperthyroidism. – Yeah, that one. It causes a lot of stress for him. – Oh. – Hair loss, weight loss,
irregular heart beat. – You must really know a
lot about hyperthyroidism. – Well, I know he’s my agent but Newman’s like one my best friends. I like to be informed
about what’s going on in the lives of the people that I love. Do you have any other best friends? – Sure, yeah, there’s Katie. Perry. Selena. Gomez. Michelle. Obama. Taylor. – Swift? – Yes! Oh my God, do you know Taylor? – Yeah, I know Taylor Swift. She’s also one of my friends. – Are you serious? – And Michelle Obama, yeah. – How do you know Taylor? – I just met her through a friend. – I don’t wanna be rude but it
just feels like you’re lying. – I’m a comedian, so
you’ll never know, right? – I guess so. Just, lying is a sin, so… – Yes, but you know, Taylor
Swift, she’s amazing. – I know. She’s a really good friend of mine. – So have you met Barack? – Yeah, we had actually
dinner, I wanna say, a couple weeks ago. The kids love me. – Yeah, I can imagine. – Mm-hmm. – Sure, yeah, everyone
has their own friends. Do you have friends? – I would like to say
yes, but not like Newman. – No, not like Newman. – Yeah, Newman seems amazing. – He’s a really special guy. What time did you have to get to the cafe? – He said like I could
be half an hour late but I guess the sooner the better. – Okay, cause I just have no idea how long this is gonna take. I gotta be honest. – Yeah cause the show starts
in like fifteen minutes. Can you text him maybe? – Yeah, I’ll text him. Sorry to bother you in the toilet, but Valerie needs to get going
and needs you to wrap it up? – Yes please. How long have you been an Uber driver? – I have been driving Uber
since I moved out to LA. Before I even met Newman. I have a lot money and a lot of success but for me, what I really enjoy is just interacting with people. – And Newman. – Yeah, of course I like
interacting with my agent. I don’t know what you’re implying there. – Nothing, I’m saying
you’re very interesting. – Thank you. – Yeah. – My mom always says that. – Oh, Reba. Reba. You don’t know who Reba is? She’s my mom. Oh, he’s calling. Hello? Yeah, I’m hungry. Get me a burrito with white
rice, chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce, guacamole and corn. Oh and did you get my text about Valerie? Do you want anything from Chipotle? – Oh no, I’m good, I’m good. – She says she’s fine. You’re still on the toilet? Okay, so, I mean, how’s it
going, are you alright in there? Good. Okay, okay, okay. I’ll let her know. Okay, I’ll see you soon. He’s probably gonna be
like 25, 30 minutes. But he’s gonna pick up food as well, so. I mean, you can just get get up and walk the rest of the way if you want, cause I have to take care of my friend. – Yeah, it’s a good 7 miles. Maybe I can just get another Uber. – Yeah. – Yeah, I think that would be safer. I’ll get out right now. – Okay. – Alright. – Yeah, don’t forget to tip. – I will. Bye, have fun with Newman. (laughter) – Valerie had to get somewhere
so I wasn’t able to tell her on camera that this was a prank. But I do have her cell number and I’m gonna call her and
let her know right now. (ringing) – [Valerie] Um, hello? – Hi, Valerie? – [Valerie] Um, who is this? – This is Alex the Uber
driver you just had. I just wanted to call you and let you know that that entire experience was a prank. – [Valerie] A prank? – A prank, yes. – [Valerie] Really? Oh my fucking gosh. – Did you think I was just crazy? – [Valerie] Honestly, yeah. I was actually about to report you to Uber and say that you were unsafe
but thank God you didn’t… – Please don’t do that. I just want to apologize if you were late. I will work this out with you off camera, but I can totally pay you for your time. And also, if you are interested, I have an audience that watches this. If you wanna tell them
what your social medias are they can follow you. – [Valerie] Oh yeah,
definitely, I’ll text it to you. But thank God it’s a prank. – Thank you for being a great sport. It was nice to meet you. – [Valerie] It was nice to meet you. Well, have a nice day, I guess. – You too. – [Valerie] Alright, bye. (bouncy music)


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