Spy Camera Watch – How to use and actual footage

Spy Camera Watch – How to use and actual footage

Hello this is Spy Equipment UK’s selection
of spy camera watches covert recorders. As you can see both are very similar in design,
both with the buttons laid out in a similar fashion. The reason for this is because the
workings are pretty much the same. Both use the same HD recording camera, but
you can see that the front of the camera layout is slightly different.
The spy watch on the left is more for sporty ware, where the one on the right is for more
formal or office ware. So, both of them can record audio or can take
pictures or we can take video as well. When you do take video you can record video at
the same time. Just quickly talk about the layout of the
spy watch, on the watch face itself, you see below you have 5 small dots. Now the centre
one in the middle below the number 6 that’s the actual camera itself.
The 2 outer ones on each side they are the infrared lights, now you can turn these on,
it allows you to see practically in complete darkness.
Now on the side, you’ve got the microphone. Now obviously there’s a slight hole which
allows the sound to get through. You can use these spy watches in water and if you do want
to do that we give you a replacement cap which has no hole in it which allows obviously you
to use it in water. On the side as normal on every watch you set
the time, this top button here is to start recording, this one starts the infrared lights,
and this cap here allows you to access the memory of the camera and allows you to get
the footage from it. So if you wanted to make a recording all you
do is simply press and hold in this top button and what you’ll see is a blue light starts
to flash. Above button number 12 there. Once its finished flashing that’s actually started
recording now so you just point it at the target and away you go, once that’s finished
just press and hold it again. Now if you are using it in dark conditions
you want to press and hold this button and you’ll see a light flash and these lights
are will switch on. Now these lights can’t be seen by the human eye, but they can be
seen by the camera so will light up the room when you playback but no one can actually
see these lights switched on. If you don’t need them press and hold that
again and it will switch off and then once you’ve finished recording press and hold this
button and you’ll get a tiny little red light flash above number 12 again,
So to be able to access the footage first of all you need to remove this cap simply
by unscrewing it slowly. Put it to one side and insert the jack plug into the side. Then
plug the other side of the USB into your PC mac or laptop.
Files can be easily be viewed on a mac or windows PC.
Ok so just to show you the spy watch once it’s on a person’s wrist obviously you’d ware
it as you do with a normal watch. The clever thing about this is that the camera actually
records upside down. So when the watch is held like that it’s actually recording the
right way round. Otherwise it’s very difficult to record with
your wrist in this way, so as before if you start recording press and hold the light will
flash a few times and when you’re ready it’s simply the case of holding your arm in this
way pointing at the target you wish to record and capturing footage. Obviously I am holding
my arm in an unnatural position normally you would have your arms folded but however you
do this is how you capture the data. Once you’ve finished simply once press and the
camera stops recording. Visit spyequipmentuk.co.uk to find out more


  • Adam Mad

    February 9, 2016

    does the video recorded with this watch lag (is choppy) like that??

  • CrackityJones

    June 20, 2016

    The real footage is very laggy?

  • Sam G

    November 30, 2016

    Does it work in Windows 10? Is a driver provided?


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