Spy Camera Collection Page

Spy Camera Collection Page

Hey there my name is Allen. I’m one of the
product experts here at SpyGuy Security. This video, we’re gonna go over
some of our nanny cameras some of our hidden cameras just so you have a broad
overview of how they work different cameras gonna have different
little changes in them maybe a different resolution maybe one has high quality
video the other one only has standard definition video may be one of them is battery operated maybe one of them is plugged in but generally the hidden cameras all work in the same way let me show you how that it is. We have an AC adapter
right here have a wall socket camera hidden camera here and we have a weather thermostat
camera right here. All of these cameras work in the exact same way they all have a camera built inside of it they all have
a DVR, a digital video recorder, built inside of it and then they use of memory
card to keep the video on. You will take that memory card out and plug it into the
computer to see what has been recorded so let’s look at this model for example
there’s a hidden camera right here nobody’s ever gonna know there’s a
hidden camera in here most people don’t even notice the big ol’ dome cameras
that are in the corner of a room let alone inside of a AC adapter people are not
paying attention to this so don’t worry about anyone noticing it. the camera is going to record motion-activated video that means it’s only going to record when somebody is
walking around or doing something or doing some sort of motion in front
camera there’s nobody in the room it’s not gonna record cuz if it did then you’d
just have a bunch of footage of nothing happening so motion-activated video either gonna be standard definition or
high-definition depending on the type of camera that you get just be sure to
check the specifications on each camera that you look at on our website it’ll
have all that information there when you’re ready to start recording with
this model all you have to do is just plug it in to the wall it’s gonna have
constant power and then hit power button that’s below that’s it. when you’re done recording you
want to see what the footages saved your gonna go ahead open up the trapdoor very
slick there inside it’s gonna be a memory card all you have to do is take the memory card out and then use the adapter that came with the product to connect it to your computer any computers gonna be able to play the
video doesn’t take any extra software you’ll be able to see the exact video
that was recorded it will be date and time stamped you’ll know exactly when it
happened and then just to show you how the other ones work as well we have hidden
camera inside of the wall socket all you’ll do is just pop the face off you’re going to see the battery that’s where the camera is and then on the side you’ll have a USB port to charge it with the cable
that’s how you’re gonna view the video as well connect it to your computer and you’re gonna see where the actual memory card goes the weather thermostat hidden camera and electrical outlet hidden-camera these both are battery-operated and you can actually
they come with a piece of adhesive so you can stick it on the back and then place it
on the wall if you want to so these are three of our best selling models we have a lot of other ones available we have wall clocks, we have clock radios DVD players plants teddy
bears everyone knows about the teddy bear hidden camera we also have models that can connect to the
internet which are pretty great you’ll just want to go over to the spy camera section click
on Internet ready hidden cameras those are the kind of you’ll be able to
log in to from your cell phone or from a computer and see exactly what they’re seeing but that about does it for hidden cameras here If you have any questions give us a call
800 number is up at the top of the webpage open up a live chat and talk to somebody
customer care about any questions you have regarding product warranty return
policy things like that we’re more than happy to help.

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