smanos Open Box Video — IP6 HD WiFi Camera

smanos Open Box Video — IP6 HD WiFi Camera

Hello there! This is the smanos IP6 HD WiFi camera. It is easy to install and can be directly controlled by a free app through WiFi or mobile internet connection. You can place it anywhere you want to keep an eye on the area with the 110 degree wide-angle lens and HD 720p resolution. Listen to what is happening on-site or talk back via the built-in speaker use the camera stand alone or combine
it with a smanos alarm system. It doesn’t need a contract and doesn’t
have any monthly fees. The box contains the HD WiFi camera itself, an AC adapter, a screw kit, a bracket, a reset pin and the manual. Connecting and installing the IP camera is very easy. Just install the app and follow the instructions in the app. Turn on the camera, press the reset
button with the pin until you hear a beep and the red LED starts blinking. Search for the smanos IP6 wireless network in you smartphone. Go back to the app and fill in the credentials needed. After installing, the camera will appear in the camera overview list. Tap the view to directly see what is going on on-site. In the view there are buttons to record
video, take a picture on-site listening or talking back through the microphone of your smartphone to hear the sound via the built-in speaker of the camera. When going back to the overview a settings button underneath the camera view can be seen. When pressing this we can adjust the camera name, weekend adjust the camera name delete the camera and share the camera. Also the video quality can be adjusted in
three levels: low, medium and high. A nice feature is, that you can share the camera by showing the QR code and it will directly pop-up in the other users’ list of cameras. The camera can now be viewed simultaneously by you and by the other accounts it’s shared with. The camera has a card slot to insert an optional microSD card up to 32GB. When inserting a microSD card in the slot, the camera will start recording instantly when it’s turned on. Then it will keep on recording When the storage is full it will start to overwrite the first recorded file and keep on going. When it’s getting darker the camera sensor will come in handy for creating superb images in low light conditions. In short: the smanos IP6 HD WiFi camera is a super easy to install and easy to use camera. It can be controlled with the free app in which you can share the added cameras directly with the QR-code. Also it has a superb quality in low light conditions. For more information check, your local reseller or find us on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates. Thank you for watching and see you next


  • smanos Smart Home

    February 20, 2016

    +Rick J: You need to make sure your home WiFi name doesn't contain any special characters or spaces. If you still have issues, cold you please contact [email protected] with your serial number and QR code in the back of the camera, as well as your location, and we will sort it out for you. Thanks for writing.

  • Karen Shortt

    March 19, 2016

    i can't get the camera to activate on my cell phone. samsung 5

  • Chris JW

    August 28, 2016

    I can't view my camera when I leave my house. can only see it when I'm in the house connected to it via wifi. when I leave my home and am not connected I can't view . how can I fix this?


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