Sim2 xTV – LASER Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sim2 xTV – LASER Ultra Short Throw Projector

So Blake and Adam here at the sim2 booth checking out the latest in
short throw technologies with Sim2, how you doing Adam?
It’s good to see you buddy. I’m doing great, it’s great
to see you Blake. This looks amazing!
Thank you so much we’re very excited to have this on
display here at the show today Well you know I had it on display
at my house there for a while And guys we’re looking at
a short throw projector from Sim2 that is LASER technology based Nice and bright! That’s correct, roughly 3,000 lumens. Awesome, man and it’s showing! And what we’re seeing here,
though, is a combination of two awesome technologies. Sim2, laser short throw projector,
and notice we’re inches away, literally,
from the screen wall And then we’re using
our ST screen material So, with your brightness
and our contrast enhancement, We’ve got an image that’s rivaling
any flat-panel TV out there Absolutely, that’s exactly right
and when you put this combination together, With this size image, we’re actually
far less expensive than This comparable size flat-panel TV. That’s right. It’s a very
exciting combination. In fact, we’re looking at
a 106 inch right now. In my house I had it on my 120. So feel free to go big and that’s another advantage we have in the 2-piece projection market is working with Sim2 and SI screens
we can build these in 1-inch increments or in your case, 1 centimeter increments?
That’s right, hahaha. and that’s a huge benefit so when you’re looking at spec’ing this
for your home, we’re going to take up the exact amount of wall space
that you’re looking for we can build this into
a beautiful cabinet, which you’ve done. That’s correct, the unit does come with 2 flavors so to speak we have the standalone option which is designed to be set ontop
of a piece of furniture or we have the INV option which is designed to be built into a piece
of furniture and it’s a great wedge shape
so again, This is CEDIA Selling a flat-panel off the end cap
at the big-box place – that’s retail but this is CEDIA, this is custom so I encourage you guys, the dealers
out there to take a look because it’s my belief this short throw revolution is kicking into gear I think probably within the next 4 years 25% of projector sales are going to be
short throw. well we’re definitely hoping so that would be very exciting
and yes, the segment is growing pretty rapidly,
absolutely and more to that, I think we’re going to actually start eating into the TV
sales finally. Well now we have a viable option. That’s true.
So now we have something that’s very viable – now we can go bigger and we can give you the same performance
and some cases, better. Much better. Here’s what I want to point out, and
Dave will do a pan of the room here. But, we are looking at, literally,
hundreds of light fixtures out in the show floor here.
That’s right. If this was a piece of glass, (aka, flat-panel TV) What would we be seeing right now? Oh you’d see a glare that would probably
be quite bothersome to watch. This is the golden age of 2-piece
projection guys, you wanna be looking at short throw, again, don’t think of dark room
dedicated theaters as the only place you can do
2-piece projection, we are out in the brightest area in fact, if your living room is
as bright as this room, you might think about moving! But if your room is as bright as this, the Sim2, the ST from Screen Innovations awesome combination.
It sure is! And thank you so much.
It’s beautiful. We appreciate it. Check us out on the web at Sim2 and Screen Innovations one take! one take! aw man we weren’t filming! Ah you didn’t hit the button again!
Hahaha. Forgot to hit record. Dang it.


  • MrSuperman258401

    September 26, 2016

    love it looks good, just need some affordable 4k ust laser high lumen projectors now

  • Jaheel Frederick

    September 26, 2016

    jesus thats stunning in that brightly lit room, im still on a 720p projector, at about 85inches with blu ray and 5.1 lossless system. wondering if to upgrade to 1080p or wait for 4k?

  • Bryant Valdez

    September 27, 2016

    Why no link to thiere products?

  • P F

    October 10, 2016

    Great picture even in a very brightly lit room. Very impressive indeed. Too bad the average consumer will not be able to afford this . Sim projectors are usually very expensive and usually bought by folks with very deep pockets . I'm pretty sure this one cost an arm and a leg too. Folks like me who dream of owning a true-4K projector , or a short throw unit like this will have to keep on dreaming.

  • Kartik

    April 6, 2018

    Does it available in india?

  • Narayana Samy

    March 3, 2019

    Indian price


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