Security Cameras: The Best Locations to Install Home security Cameras system to Catch Burglars

Security Cameras: The Best Locations to Install Home security Cameras system to Catch Burglars

A well-monitored home is a safe home
according to the National burglar and fire alarm association burglars attack homes without a security system three times more often than homes with a
security system well placed cameras can help identify intruders and increase
chances of catching them so before you install any security cameras you need to
carefully choose where you place them here is a list of the top locations to
position home surveillance camera a great place to put his security cameras
the front door in fact the National burglar and fire alarm association
estimates that nearly 34% of burglars enter through the front door although most homeowners prefer to mount
their security camera whether on the eaves of their roof or on the second story if
they have a home that has a second story some experts say that placing your
cameras about seven feet high pointing a bit down at an angle that can record
clear facial images produces the best detection results cameras at front door
will serve as a deterrent and will scare burglars away so investing in at least
one security camera for your front door should be a high priority 22% of
burglars in their homes through a back door it’s the second most popular entry
point for burglars it’s important to install security cameras with a clear
view of the back of the home if your home has a back door and rear windows
try installing your surveillance camera in such a way that you cover them all
with one security camera but if you can invest in more than one camera two cameras
is parallel to one another at either end of the back of your home will do the job make sure you use good cameras that
resists bad weather 23% of burglars enter through a first floor window!
if burglars can get in through front doors because they are easy viewable
from the street they’ll try a window especially the
first floor windows that are off the street or behind your house have outdoor
cameras aimed at front windows with the front door as well windows and back door that may be hidden
from view you might consider and indoor security camera facing the window or you
can place the camera in a visible place such as on the window ledge to deter
burglars 9% of burglars enter through the garage if burglars can’t get in through
house doors and windows they’ll try garage door place a security camera to
monitor your garage or shed many burglars will try to access your
backyard if you have a backyard consider using an outdoor security camera that
can cover all the backyard including the entrance leading into it you may want to
mount a security camera above the gate so it can cover the gate on all sides of the yard
there are other areas that may need to be covered by a security camera such as
rooms with objects of value like a safe try to get the most out of each security
camera in your house consider a security camera with a wide angle lens to cover
multiple points lighting conditions are very important try to avoid positioning your security
cameras where excessive exposure to lighting or light reflections can affect
the security camera footage, a sudden change in lightt will make
viewing images impossible cameras can only help prevent crime if people know
they are there if you have a CCTV or other camera system in your home you are
encouraged to post a sign in a conspicuous place indicating that a
surveillance system is in operation and you will share recordings of
suspicious activity with the police don’t forget that it is only when you
combine stronger locks doors windows with alarms and security cameras that
you have a real chance of keeping your home burglar free


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