Resolution and Aspect Ratio Explained

Resolution and Aspect Ratio Explained

Hi everybody my name is Todd Reed and i’ve
been selling projectors here at Projector People for over twelve years now, and we’re just gonna take a basic look at
aspect ratio and resolution now the two go hand in hand and
hand so we’ll discuss them together as we go along we just want to make sure you have a
good understanding exactly what you’re seeing on the spec sheet numbers everything what they mean so first off the definition resolution is the number of pixels that
the projector can project out. There’s going to be a width number and a height
number… basically like the square footage of
a room. It’s just letting you know exactly how many pixels are up on the screen aspect ratio is the shape that the resolution takes whether it be a
square rectangle so you’ve got the aspect ratio which is the
shape that the picture takes and resolution which is a number of
pixels inside that shape so what we’re gonna do as we’re gonna
put up three resolutions on the wall and we’re gonna go through them and talk
about the advantages and the best applications for those resolutions Allright? So let’s get started. What we’re gonna look at is we’re gonna look
at three main resolutions We’re gonna look at XGA, WXGA, and high-definition. okay those are the three main ones that
you’re gonna come across when you’re shopping for the projector. now the first one is XGA and as you
can notice it’s almost a square has an aspect ratio a 4:3 just think
about a square is 4:4 this is a four three aspect ratio this is the oldest resolution we’ll talk
about and the lowest resolution but still has a good place in the market uh… the resolution is 1024
by 768 pixels now this resolution is still great for
business applications church applications, power point, media shout – anything like that. This guy
still does a great job. now the reason it’s still real popular is it’s low cost. now you can get these guys for under about four
hundred dollars now so real good as far as your budget gets also you can get these guys down
around three pounds, so for businesspeople they’re very portable uh… very good as far as the business
application goes, so even though it’s the oldest resolution and the
lowest it’s still real popular in the marketplace and you can get a lot for
your money out of the XGA. Next is kind of a new kid on the block it’s WXGA the resolution on WXGA is 1280 x 800 so it has more pixels than the XGA does so
you get a little more information on the screen uh… great for spreadsheets and things
like that. We’ve got a lot information, you’ll get a couple more rows on the
image when you have a spreadsheet. Now the aspect ratio is 16:10, a little more of a rectangle so you’re future proofing yourself a
little more with the WXGA, so I recommend you go this way if you
can, but this budget is a couple more
bucks than the XGA. So you just wanna make sure this fits into
the budget – but if you can, this projector will kind of future proof you with the newer
computers and some of the newer devices that have
HDMI. And of course last but not least
everybody loves HD… We all want HD. you’ve got 1920 x 1080
pixels and it’s a 16:9, so it’s a little
narrow rectangle – really getting into high
def. Now of course you want this for home
theater; if you’re home theater – this resolution is a no brainer Great for conference rooms, great
for photography, great for Autocad type programs where you
really need a lot more detail, a lot of clarity in the picture This is the way to go. now the down side to high definition is size right now, we can’t get much
lower than about eight pounds as far as the weight goes. So you’ve got to wrestle with weight – you’re not
gonna be running on an airplane with this if you’re a traveling salesman. As far as the price goes. you’re
starting in the entry level around a thousand dollars so budget may come into
play as well You just gotta decide, but if you
can high def is certainly the way to go to get
the most information and the clearest picture possible. All of these guys will mate up to your laptop, but the key is you want to try and get
the resolution of the projector close to the
native resolution of your computer. That way the picture will look the best,
you’ll have the clearest, best image. Okay guys what we’re going to do is
we’re gonna show you real quick what a 16:9 signal looks like coming
through a regular 4:3 projector, just so you understand that they can handle different aspect ratios and resolutions. So what we’re going to do here is as you
can see we’ve got a 4:3 aspect ratio up there right now we’re going to send a 16:9 movie (if you
want cut the lights we’ll go ahead and do that ) – Now what we’re gonna do real quick we’re gonna go down and we’re gonna get the movie in there. now remember you’ve got your 4:3 right now, when the movie pops in (it takes just a second) – Now you got your 16:9 inside the
4:3. This little 4:3 projector can handle
it. okay we just want to give you an idea of
what it looks like with the different aspect ratios and resolutions Now lets walk down here real quick and we’re gonna look at high definition. With high-definition, you’ve got your 16:9
aspect ratio, right? Okay – we’re just gonna pop it into 4:3 real quick and what you’ll see, you’re semi-square inside the rectangle. So you’ve got your 4:3 and your
16:9. So again, um… if you have any questions on anything
like that as far as the aspect ratios correlating with the projectors the best thing to do is give us a call at
projector people. We’re happy to help you out. We’re here to answer any questions you have
so give us a call.


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