Redmi K30 & Redmi K30 Pro First Look – CAMERA MONSTERS!!!

Redmi K30 & Redmi K30 Pro First Look – CAMERA MONSTERS!!!

What’s up everybody, I’m really excited for this news to tell you all This is all about the xiaomi redmi kateri new leaf and official poster release Xiaomi self released its posters and today we’ll be taking a look on them. Here is the first poster you can see and Chinese model holding the gorgeous red. Mckay 30 pro variant Now this is bro variant because it is god quiet camera setup at the rear side mount It’s a trade in center of this circular module This looks way much similar to the huawei mate 30 probe as a circle is totally same like of made 30 probe but camera alignment Is fully different in radnik 830 Pro We have quiet cameras in straight line, but in made 3 Pro it is different These great cameras are obviously humor to come with much higher resolution and much bigger sensor most likely one of the sensor among them could have 108 megapixel sensor but chances for it are actually much lesser chances are that Xiaomi will use the sony? imx6 86 16 megapixel camera sensor as a primary shooter and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens a 13 megapixel ultra, wide-angle lens and and 2 megapixel depth sensor So resolution is going to be much higher in radnik a 30 pro and below these cameras You can see the flashlight and below that flashlight There is in small logo or 5g. So no doubt No doubt So no doubt, we will have the 5d variant also Inkay 30 cities and radnik eternity will have simple triple camera setup now radnik 830 pro comes with pill-shaped Punch cutout design selfie camera setup that is going to be almost off 32 megapixel sensor implemented in it with a flashlight or 2 megapixel depth sensor and also we have the DOF 3d sensor in the front camera setup so that you will be able to secure your Smartphone with 3d facial lock system very securely here is another photo of a user using radnik a third approach supported live You can see it’s not clear that if this have side mounted fingerprint scanner or not But if care that is it is is going to use alt CD display, then it will obviously use the side mounted fingerprint scanner Not in display, but in case of AMOLED displays we will have in display fingerprint scanners This design really looks similar to the redmi note 8 pro and the previous successor of case series the radnik 820 and K 20 Pro Radnik a 30 will feature a display size of 6 point 6 inches with display or 20 by 9 aspect ratio and radnik Authority will be powered by snapdragon salmon 30g processor the same we have seen in that McCade 20 and radnik a 30 pro could have the Snapdragon 855 + according to rumors and 5000 milliamps of battery is also predicted in leaks and rumors with fast charging of up to 27 watts and 6 gigabytes of RAM with 128 gigabytes of internal storage These sectors are also rumored to be in K 30 series This new red mackay 30 series could also come with their newest released mi UI based on Android 10 operating system Come pre-loaded on devices that were the new leaks and rumors or advocate 30 series Hope you find it useful hit the like button and subscribe to the channel and I’ll catch you guys in the next one you

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