PLEXIDRONE RUGGED Drone by DreamQii best camera drone on Indiegogo Video 4K drone

PlexiDrone intro video as shown on the original IndieGoGo campaign. This video shows you how to buy and order Plexi Drone from DreamQii on the crowd funding platform for drones we’re really excited to introduce the
plexi drone. We’ve really thought about the things that people don’t talk
about with respect to drone technology. How to do you improve camera drone technology? how do you make camera drones like PlexiDrone more accessible to everyone? how do you inspire people to create
using camera drone technology like the portable PlexiDrone at DreamQii we believe technology should be building bridges towards new levels of creativity and productivity rather than barriers
and the plexi drone is one of those technologies. A camera drone that you can snap together and take apart in less than one minute. When you’re done you just
put it into your hard shell backpack and take PlexiDrone anywhere that you want to go Not only that, but we also have the plexi pack. tout PlexiPack is something we designed to carry everything you need to capture all the great shots that you
want and carry PlexiDrone with you everywhere you go. Anywhere you can go with a
backpack you can take the the
plexi drone. You can carry more than just a camera with very simple payload clips that mount to PlexiDrone with just snap whatever payload you would like to attach to Plexi, you can do it. Its so simple. Another unique feature
about the plexi drone is that it has retractable landing gear. you will no longer have any kind junk
in your camera shot that has to be cropped out it’s just gonna be clear beautiful 360
view. On the plexi drone the PlexiLink gps follow me is an amazing feature. all that you do is press “follow me” on your mobile device on your
phone or your tablet and it’s as easy as that PlexiDrone is just very easy to use. These days everybody has a smartphone. Great, you just saved yourself 800 bucks by not having to buy a camera drone remote controll aside from that you’re also able to
control more than PlexiDrone at the same time. You will definitely not find any drones that you can control using swarm technology it’s completely new, something you won’t
find anywhere else on any other camera drone. that means that you’re able to view the
same camera plexidrone scene from multiple vantage points you get the same camera drone scene with one user, but using many drones. our PlexiDrone is also equipped with an ultrasonic sensor of the front. it’ll
flash its lights and give you an audio message to let you know that you’re
getting to close to Plexi. you don’t have to interpret blinking LED
lights because PlexiDrone tells you whats goig on in its own voice initialization sequence completed.
are you even going to use me? Plexi drone is going to unleash new
dimensions of creativity and productivity and take your camera
places you never thought were possible. In order for us to realize our
dream of building PlexiDrone we need your support any support that
you can give to us to bring drones like plexi drone to market would be extremely
valuable even just sharing our story with your friends. what we’re here to do is reimagine
what plexi drone technology means to all of us PlexiDrone is ready! PlexiDrone logo animation transition. Learn more about how to buy plexidrone by visiting DreamQii Logo for PlexiDrone campaign closing scene

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