Panasonic PT-RQ32Ku 30k Lumen Prototype Laser Projector

Panasonic PT-RQ32Ku 30k Lumen Prototype Laser Projector

This is our brand new 30,000 lumen
laser projector. It’s the RQ32KU and like our other other laser projectors 20,000 hours of reliability maintenance free, no filters, no lamps
obviously. This will start shipping this is the 4k version so it’s a for 4k
resolution, 30,000 lumens brightness and this one will
start shipping in January. We also have a 2k version RQ31K that will start shipping in
the October, November time frame. So the RZ31K and the RQ32k this is
certainly the engineering sample as we start to finish and take customer
feedback it will obviously have a little bit different look but it will be
running off of 220 voltage because it is a very high brightness projector. We’ll have some different lenses that
will give you some great flexibility so if you’re shooting it outside onto
buildings or into larger auditoriums you have a lot a wide range of new lens
offerings and that will also be available in that October, November time frame. This is Clayton with Guys and Gear TV. Thanks for watching my video on
Panasonic’s upcoming 30,000 lumen laser projector. If you liked that video please check out
another video I shot at Infocomm on Panasonic’s ultra short throw projector
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    February 11, 2018

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