OUR FIRST KISS!! (On Camera)

OUR FIRST KISS!! (On Camera)

I think it’s time to clear something up! in the past we have received a lot of comments talking about our chemistry with each other and some of you were wondering: why do we never kiss y’all? well to be more precise this is not entirely true a lot of you have noticed
that I’ve tried to kiss Janik many times and that I usually move away apparently that happened so often that somebody even thought about making a compilation of me trying to kiss Janik well it’s your lucky day because we did
that job for you now the main question is: why am i doing that? of course some of you guys shared your own theories in the comments and some of you tried to explain it with cultural differences others just blamed it on Germans being too cold or too shy there was one person that took it to a whole other level by questioning our entire relationship saying that we look more like friends well here’s one of two reasons why I usually move away lipstick, my worst enemy! since she’s always wearing it in the videos I already know she’s gonna kiss me, afterwards I have to stand up, go to the bathroom and take it off and you know guys… I’m lazy so for me it’s just easier to move away and even though we already kissed in one of our videos before well, it was only our shadows.. a lot of you guys are still waiting for us to kiss for real and we decided: it’s time! but if we’re doing it we’re doing it right we’re talking epic movie kiss No Don’t do it bro, it’s your sister! daaang Joss you’re so beautiful! you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen you You’re so intelligent and so lovely! Shut up and kiss me! Are you nervous? *sings… Okay so you’re not nervous… Are you nervous? – I’m so nervous No, are you nervous?
so nervous! it was snowing before and it looks super beautiful but now it’s not snowing anymore but there’s still snow!
there’s still snow and the Sun is coming out so I’m pretty sure this is gonna be a very beautiful scenery I’m excited. I’m excited to kiss those lips! give it to me, papa! mamacita! I’m so excited for this kiss.. you guys
have no idea this is not be the best kiss on Youtube it’s gonna be legen – wait for it – dary! we’re arriving! yeah! so we’re at the spot where we’re gonna kiss and I’m so cold yeah my feet are freezing already I want this to be over already!
great thank you Wow I’m ready for some sugar I’m nervous! are you ready? yeah, are you? okay, one two three 1, 2, 3? since when do you count 1, 2, 3? could you feel me shaking? – yeah! it’s so cold! – It’s so cold? I thought because of love… – yes because of love! – great! so there we were. feeling like two ice cubes with red noses it’s freaking cold my toes hurt mine too! my nose is running! yeah I want to go back let’s go back to the car and that’s what we did by walking through a breathtaking landscape now to end this video let’s talk about the second reason why we don’t kiss in front of the camera that often it’s simply because we like to keep things like this to ourselves and it’s important to not forget that when you’re watching someone’s video you’re seeing what they want you to see there is a reason why we leave the parts where I’m trying to kiss Janik in the video and we don’t show you the parts where we actually kiss believe it or not there are actually plenty of those so if in the future you don’t see us kissing that often don’t worry guys we’re doing
just fine see you next week adios muchachos

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  • emilia morales

    January 21, 2019

    it's gonna be legen… wait for it… dary legendary


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