OHWAI Security Camera system network video recorder unboxing,  ip camera nvr security system

OHWAI Security Camera system network video recorder unboxing, ip camera nvr security system

today we’re going to be doing
the unboxing and the installation of this network security camera system
it comes with four cameras that has night vision and you can install it
outdoor and you can expand this little system up to eight cameras that can be
configured via Wireless and it comes with one terabyte of space on the hard drive
it is capable to record eight channels up to 1080p
you can monitor via your mobile cell phone or your mobile device and through
all these through your computer as well so let’s just jump right into it to show
you how it works so let’s unbox it and see what comes inside the package comes
nicely back with and I suppose wires on the rack you’re gonna see that you have
a connector for the VGA port HDMI and network jack for the network a USB port
the power port also you have the two antennas which are not detachable and on
the front as far as I can see there are no operational buttons let’s see the
other boxes to see what they contain only
camera boxes let’s see what the actual cameras look like there are cameras
these are night vision ip cameras and waterproof so it can be installed
outside, on the back of the camera has three screws to mount on the
wall support for to install the wireless antenna in the front it has a cover, protective film over the lens as you can see us a number of LEDs there will
be the ones that will go to the night vision light on the back of the camera
you’re gonna see a red cap that you must remove little holes on the box so I’m
gonna connect the antenna right here and this is what it looks like when it’s
fully installed and it has the antenna in place so you have two options here
you can connect it Wireless using the antenna or you can connect it hardwired
on this port or you can connect an ethernet port if you prefer to wire it
after this it’s more stable but if it is too far far from the wireless signal and
you also have a power connector in case that you wanna pull it up with a power
adapter but I think you can also power it up using POE, power ofver Ethernet to bring the
power over the different cable so that’s the camera we have four of those so let’s see what comes inside of the
additional accessories box first or not find an antenna that you
can choose to replace the dancer come to the cameras in case you want to have a
longer range signal a network cable and a number of our adapters to donate the
cameras mouse and it’s labeled face for camera what do you think series for
relief and we are this one is labeled in NVR this one sir they were promised
that’s all that comes inside the box and comes with a marathon block by default
even though I think there are all models though we’ll have you are connected for
four other countries come to the label for for camera and in the case for the
one that is for in VR comes with the label that says for him via so let’s put
it together so at the end this package came with four power connection to the
cameras that are labeled for camera so you the computer did one for DMV are
that we’re gonna use for the never video recorder an extra antenna in case that
one of your cameras is too far and you need to extend the wireless signal to
reach where they never video recorded peace will be nice if we had photos a
mouse that you can use to control the network video recorder and a neighbor
cable so let’s press it to install it run it to see how the initial setup on
this unit I will be jumping into that in just a minute how to set up the client
on my android phone and how to set it up so you can view the images remotely the
first thing that’s gonna happen is that the network video recorder is gonna
present you with the QR code so you can download and install the application
let’s do that once you install the application from the
from the market day you have your phone in this case the name is IP pro you’re
gonna be asked to allow the application to access your multimedia resources and
then it’s gonna proceed to create an account that you can create with your
cellphone number or an email I’m gonna use an email in my case once you confirm
the email it’s gonna send you a confirmation email to your email with a
code verification code so we can ensure that that’s your email account so let me
grab that activation code from my email and switch back to the application and
paste the verification code and then I’m gonna choose a password then I’m gonna
confirm twice once you finish out the process of confirming your account and
going back into the application allow the permissions to record audio in case
that you want to have a bi-directional audio with one of your cameras and it’s
kind the QR code that you’re gonna find on the DVR device in the menu once you
scan the QR code for the network video recorder the my neighbor network video
recorder you’re gonna be asked for the password you just enter the password and
click login and now it’s checking whether we can access the network video
recorder via the wireless network once you open it you’ll be able to see the
cameras let’s see what functionalities we have here we can most definitely
click on one of the cameras to zoom in I see it closely let’s turn it as you can
see it turns properly too to show a bigger view a horizontal view retaining
the phone this is a camera that I just connected here on a corner so we can
test it let’s go back to the four cameras view and you have some controls
that will allow you to control a PTC camera in case you have that
functionality in my case I don’t have that functionality but
you have controls to pan zoom and tilt you can also you have controls also to
record to take a picture to record video let’s go back to the to the vertical
view you have functionalities at the top to back up a segment of the of the
recording to your phone and also down below you’re gonna find the same
controls to control the PTC aspects of the camera sure you have that
functionality also retained that you switch a camera in between cameras
you’re gonna you’re gonna see the speed how many megabytes how many what is the
bandwidth they’re using for your network video recorder for your security system
let’s see what else do we have on this interface we have to back up at the top
the PTC controls at the bottom if you have selected one camera and you can
select the the SpeedGrade of the PTC as well
you can add presets for different connections and you can also move back
and forth in time to see the previous recordings in my case I just connected
these cameras so I don’t have any previous video recording so on the
device but if you had some you’ll be able to go back and see it on the first
screen you have space to add several network video recorders let’s go back
into into the only one that I have you can change the aspect ratio of the
screen between 4.3 16.9 and the original aspect ratio of the cameras let’s click at the top and see how does
the backup functionality works pretty much is gonna ask you for the backup for
the channel that you want to backup and also it is going to ask you for the
starting time and the end time of the interval that you want to record that
you want to save to your phone and make a backup you can switch the channel
switch the times for the time interval that you want to do a backup to your
phone let’s go back to the main screen and that is pretty much all the
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