Newest 3G Android Rear-view Mirror DVR for 2017 In-depth Review

Newest 3G Android Rear-view Mirror DVR for 2017 In-depth Review

This video is brought to you by TEQSTONE
To purchase the mirror you are about to see and many other cool gadgets, visit TEQStone
using the links in the description below. Back in our previous review we brought you
the ‘best android rear-view mirror’ that was available as of early 2017. Today we bring you the newest version in the
Android Rear-view Mirror Line up. This is the ‘Chupad S3 Plus’ 3G Android Mirror
DVR from TEQStone. The S3 plus mirror is an upgraded version
of the older S3 model which is quite similar to the ‘Huawen’ mirror we reviewed before,
that comes with a lower processor and less storage. The S3 Plus however, improves on every single
aspect, and manages to top our previous ‘best mirror’ in many respects. It has 3G connectivity, a large internal storage
space, sends notifications and can be controlled through Wi-Fi. Let’s begin once again with a brief unboxing. First comes the mirror, which has a familiar
style and looks similar to other models. We then have the LED rear-view camera and
camera cable The mini usb lighter power adapter The GPS Antenna Rubber mounting bands And the one page quick user guide. The S3 comes with an updated version of Android
5.0 lollipop which gives the mirror a much needed upgrade for functionality, security
and app compatibility compared to older models that still run Android 4.4 The mirror comes with a fast MEDIATEK 8382 Quad processor running at 1.3 Ghz The mirror’s Ram memory is 1gb which is up to
par with most current DVRs, but it blows most every other model out of the water by having
16gb of internal system storage! Compare this to the standard 512mb to 1gb
most other mirrors have and this is a superb improvement! You now have free range to install all your
favorite applications due to the plentiful space! It also comes with improved connectivity options
such as: Wi-Fi so you can connect to any wireless Hotspot. Bluetooth from any source such as your cellular
phone And 3G data by inserting a Micro sim card. We’ll go into more details about this one
in just a second. Having a look at the mirror’s aspect, on the
front we have the 6.86 inch IPS HD touch screen running a resolution of 1280×480 Video recording is 1920x1080p for the front camera and 640x480p for the back camera. On top we have the connection panel for your
Mini USB Power, the backup camera, micro sim card, micro SD card up to 32gb and the GPS
antenna. On the back we have the camera lens which
you can move and roll to provide the best recording angle, the speaker which is nice
and loud to hear notifications, Bluetooth talking or music. Some ventilation grills
and the reset button. And on the bottom we have the microphone and
the single power button which has three functions. Pressing it once will dim the display and
only show you your heading direction and the time. Here you can swipe left or right to increase
or decrease the screen’s brightness. Press it a second time and it will turn the
display completely off, giving you a fully unobstructed rear-view. And if you long press and hold it for more
than 2 seconds it gives you the options to: suspend the mirror and put it to sleep or
reboot the system. The mirror will automatically power on when
the car ignition is turned on and it takes about 20 seconds to fully boot up. Another cool feature is that once the car
is powered off, the mirror will go and stay in the ‘suspended sleep mode’ so that the
next time you turn on the vehicle the mirror comes on instantly without having another
long wait. It also helps with security notifications
as we will discuss later. The suspended mode can run for over 24 hours
before the mirror’s battery runs out. To install the mirror, first mount it on top
of your existing mirror and secure it with the included bands. Then run both the power cable and GPS cable
through the top of the car’s windshield. You may have to tuck it in with a tool to
ensure they will stay securely in place. The power cable should run through the left
and the GPS through the right. Find a secure location for the GPS antenna. You may also use double-sided tape to secure
it in place. Next you will need to run the backup camera
to the rear of the car. The camera will automatically record the view
behind you. However if you want to use the camera as a
reversing camera that activates when you shift into reverse, you will need to open up one
of your brake lights. Find the red wire for the white reverse bulb
and connect the backup camera’s loose red wire to it. Make sure everything is securely put back
in place. You may now place the camera either inside
the vehicle or outside since it is weatherproof. Once everything is in place, you just need
to plug in the lighter power socket, turn on the ignition, and you’re done! Let’s now have a look at the home interface
the mirror comes with. For this version they made a simple grid that
gives easy access to thirteen of the most important functions on the home screen. We can first see we have the settings gear. This takes you to a summarized view of the
most used options for the mirror. But from here, you can go to the full android
settings which has all the complete functions you’d expect. Here you can also see the bar code to pair
the mirror with the Car Assistant app which we’ll go into detail shortly. Going back, we see the time and date, followed
by the GPS navigation and satellite connections indicator. The mirror comes with Google Maps as the default
navigation app, but you can download and install any navigation application you prefer and
use it as the default by long pressing the icon and selecting your app. Once again I am using Waze. We then see a large square that looks like
a compass, and while the mirror has no magnetometer or gyroscope sensors, this compass works by
showing you the real time heading direction from GPS satellite data. It really does work and you will always know
in which direction you are heading as well as the speed you are traveling at. Next we have the ‘driving video’ icon which
takes us into the DVR. Here you can see what the camera is recording
as well as configure settings such as recording resolution, clip duration, GPS info watermark,
and more. You can change the view from the front or
the back camera, take pictures and view recorded files. Thankfully, the camera’s recording now happens
in the background and it does not set itself on top of other apps like in other mirror
models, which gives you more control of the system. Next is the Bluetooth icon which you can use
to pair your devices with the mirror, synchronize your phone contacts, look at your call logs
and make calls using the dial-pad. Next item is the FM Transmitter. Here you can select any FM frequency you’d
like and tune into that station on your car stereo to transmit all sounds from the mirror
to your cars speakers. It is wireless and works really well! You then have the music player. From here you can immediately play any music
you may have loaded into the mirror’s storage or the SD card and it will play through the
mirror’s speakers or your car’s stereo if you’ve activated the FM Transmitter. There is a dedicated icon for Google’s play
store to download any app you wish. Here’s the app drawer where you can view and
launch any additional application you have installed Controls for volume up and down Screen brightness controls And a dedicated button for the Car Assistant app Now, talking about the Car Assistant, this
is where this mirror starts doing things that other mirrors don’t
The bar-code shown on screen is used to link your mobile device to the mirror so that you
can remote control it when both devices are connected to the same wireless network. You will need to download the Car Assist app
which is available for both Android and IOS. Once the application is installed, you can
scan your mirror’s code from the app and you will have full wireless access to the mirror’s
DVR and notifications! I am adding a link to the Car Assist app download
page in the video’s description for your convenience. Let’s have a look at the Car Assist in action: Once you link your mirror and open the app, you will first notice the Play button in the
middle of the screen. By pressing it, you will be provided with
a Live Feed from the DVRs current view. You may also take a snapshot by pressing the
camera icon or hit the 10s Video capture to instantly record 10 seconds of video directly
to your phone. You can press the ‘DVR File’ to access the
mirror’s recordings straight from the SD card. You may either view the recordings directly
or download them into your phone. Under DVR settings you will have full control
of the DVR settings right in the palm of your hands without having to fidget around with
the mirror. You can view the files you have already downloaded
into your phone And under the ‘Me’ section this is where you
can pair or remove the mirror to your phone, see the alarms the DVR has sent to your phone
and show a recorded GPS Tracking history of where your vehicle has driven, if you have
activate the feature. And speaking about the alarms, this is a very
nice feature that the mirror has which can even work as a security system. Like I mentioned before, when you turn off
your vehicle, the mirror enters into the low power suspend mode, but it continues to monitor
with the accelerometer, camera and GPS. This means that, if for example someone bumps
your car while you’re out, the mirror will sense it, take a snapshot with the camera,
take the GPS coordinates and send you an instant notification that something shook the vehicle. It will also notify you if someone turns your
vehicle on while you are away, that the engine was started. And what’s even cooler is that if you add
a 3G sim card, it doesn’t matter if you are not on the same network. You will still be sent and receive the alarm
notifications in real time! The only downside to the alarms is that as
of yet, you cannot choose which alarms you want to be sent, so for now you will get all
of them which could be an issue for some. And the last function I wanted to talk about
was 3G. This mirror comes with a micro sim card slot
so that you may insert any GSM data-enabled sim card and have all your connection needs
met without the need of a Wifi Hotspot. You may browse the web, view videos, listen
to music, install apps, etc. You could even share the mirror’s 3G connection
by creating your own hotspot. That way any passenger in your car could also
benefit from your data connection. However, I found that there are some problems
with the mirror’s implementation of 3G: Unfortunately, not all 3G networks are compatible with this mirror. Depending on your country and your mobile
operator you may be able to use a 3G connection without any problems, but in some cases 2G
may be the only connection you will be able to get. This was my particular case. 3G Never worked for me. I was only able to get 2G speeds which by
today’s standards are much too slow. Nonetheless 2G did work fine for the mirror’s
notifications and remote alarms. Do note that this is my own experience and
the manufacturer has stated that, besides some exceptions, most 3G networks should work
Ok. And that’s all! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the Chupad
S3 Plus mirror from TEQStone. If you think this is the product for you,
don’t forget to click on the TEQStone link below to visit their store. Thanks so much for watching and I will leave
you with the sample videos from the mirror. See you on the next review!


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    June 5, 2019

    great review. Can i ask does or can the mirror work off of a mobile phones gps signal when its connected? It seems odd that you need to use a gps attached aerial when most people are going to connect their smartphones up to the mirror and all smartphones have a more than adequate gps on them. I bought one of these units because of you review, im just waiting on delivery now. Thanks for taking the time to review it.

  • Adam Pasiu

    August 12, 2019

    Where can I find the user manual for Chupad S3 Plus?

  • Lloyd popp

    August 16, 2019

    does that have an auto record mode or do you need to press record at the start of every journey?


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