Netgear Arlo Pro 2 | TechHive Review

Netgear Arlo Pro 2 | TechHive Review

this is the Netgear are Lowepro – going
into 2018 it’s tech guys pick as the best indoor home security camera and
this is why the ala pro 2 is the second generation model from Netgear one of the
big differences is video resolution it’s gone from 720p which is kind of okay–
high definition to 1080p which is much better high definition the cameras are
battery powered is a pretty decent two thousand four hundred and forty milli
ampair hour battery in each of these and niki has done a really good job of
keeping power consumption low in battery mode I had one of these mounted outdoors
for a month and the battery was only about half dead when I checked up on it
so in that application I could reckon on having to bother recharging these about
once every two months if you don’t want to be bothered with charging up the
battery all the time Netgear sells the solar panel it costs $80 and should keep
the battery always charged up or you can run power into the USB socket on the
back and there’s actually a very good reason why you should run power to these
if at all possible and that’s because it unlocks more advanced video detection
features when the cameras in battery mode one of the reasons it uses so
little power is that all of the detection is based on a simple infrared
sensor in the front this is the same type of thing as in a very low-tech
porch light if you run power into the back you’re getting video detection
analysis and that means that it’s looking at the video image and looking
for signs of movement in that image to alert you that something’s going on and
that is more advanced you also get motion detection zones you can draw
areas in the video image and tell it to ignore or to concentrate on certain
parts of the image this can be useful if for example something is always setting
it off by accident you can exclude say a tree moving around from the video
detection you also get a pre record mode and what that means is when the camera
sees something in triggers you don’t just see the video from that moment you
get to see three seconds before that as well which is a pretty useful feature so
that all comes when you pair it up one of the only disadvantages of these is
that it requires a dedicated base station these won’t
run off your regular Wi-Fi now I don’t love the idea of having an extra bit of
kit around my house but the base station does have these couple of USB sockets on
the back and I can plug a thumb drive in and keep local recordings of all of the
video that’s also useful if the internet goes out plus the base station makes
setting up the system really easy when you first get it you have to pair the
cameras with the base station press a button on the top press a button on the
top of the camera and they pair there’s no more messing around so net gears made
installation pretty easy wherever you place them as well you’ve got these
little dome shaped amounts there’s a magnet in here and magnet on the back
you put that on the wall stick the camera up and you’re done it’s really
easy so Nick is Nick has certainly done a good job there one of the other big
reasons why we love this system is that there are no expensive ongoing monthly
charges some competitors will try to charge each month for a service and give
you a very short or no free service but Netgear isn’t doing that when you have
this system up to five cameras storage of up to the last seven days worth of
alerts is free of charge and that should be pretty much good enough for most
people if you have a larger system with 10 cameras or you want storage for a
month you can pay $10 for that $10 monthly if you have 15 cameras 2 months
whether storage that’s $15 but for most people the free plan should suffice
so when you’re looking at this and evaluating other camera systems take
that into account as well so the price of these two of these cameras with the
base station the battery the mount the whole kit four hundred and eighty
dollars at the present a version of the kit with four cameras is eight hundred
dollars and to expand the system later additional cameras cost two hundred and
twenty dollars so that’s why we like the a low pro 2 and it’s tech craves current
pic is the best indoor home security camera system


  • MutsFire

    February 15, 2018


  • BottomThe

    February 22, 2018

    You talk about detection zones, but u can’t pick which zone is being used. Making it a pointless feature

  • goprocbr

    March 1, 2018

    Does Netgear give replacements if the camera is stolen like how Ring does?

  • Original Loki agario

    March 30, 2018

    This product is way to expensive for how good of a job it does. It lags constantly and motion and audio detection is a joke. Whenever it detects motion it quits after 10-20 seconds even if there is still motion. Audio is also a joke you can’t hear anything unless you are yelling. The sound of the actual camera is super loud as well when your looking back at a clip. The quality is more like 720 than 1080. Nest cams are much better and do constant recording and have a TRUE 1080p quality camera.

  • David Collins

    April 22, 2018

    The base station is actually a positive feature rather than a negative one.
    To have 4 Arlos streaming over your regular home Wi-Fi channels would max out most people’s wireless bandwidth. The base station acts as its own access point allowing the alto cameras to function in their own separate wireless channel. This is much preferable to having slower/spotty internet. Good job Netgear!

  • Richard's World Traveler

    June 25, 2018

    Anyone try to use an external battery pack with this?

  • Belly-OnFire

    August 9, 2018

    watched many reviews on these, this one is best by far. Thx for AUD Prices

  • DC-Friends

    August 11, 2018

    Really "Pro" video … great job … credible and informed … 🙂

  • Raven Faire

    October 26, 2018

    I was having trouble viewing this video embed on the article that houses many of these security camera videos. I just sent an email about this as well so hopefully more people will see this video!

  • njdevs999

    December 10, 2018

    Product Support = F-

    This has to top one of my worst "Product Support" experiences in recent years. The "CHAT" icon in the web-based program just takes you to an open window with the word "CHAT" in it. You think that someone will soon log on to speak with you but my advice is don't wait too long because nothing is going to happen. In light of this, I called several times and was …. best case ….. 5 in the queue. When it took 20 minutes to become #4, I figure it best to call at night. I call this morning at 3:00 AM and was #3 in the queue. It was 1 hr and 10 minutes before the agent picked up. Very nice gentlemen but wasn't really trained with working knowledge of the system. All he could offer was the same troubleshooting steps that I could get on the website. I have 7 cameras on my system… all configured the same. One of them is not responding to motion at any sensitivity at any range. The only way I can get it to record is a manual trigger. You would think that just shear logic would tell you that it's a malfunctioning piece of equipment but yet the agent put me through the painful process of the troubleshooting steps that got us nowhere. One step was a complete wipe and re-configuration of the entire setup. Frustrating to say the least but it got me to the next step which is an email telling me that my situation was being elevated to the next step and that I'd be hearing from an "expert" in the near future. I can't wait to waste more time talking to him about this.

    Now let's talk about design- in theory B+ – in reality C-.

    It's a completely wireless system which is every enthusiasts dream….. but…. the battery depletes over time and the higher demand and desired functions selected, that time decreases exponentially. So you want high resolution at maximum sensitivity and all the notifications etc…. be prepared to charge those batteries quite a bit. Is that a big deal you ask…. take the time to situate your cameras exactly how you want them and then you can write your own review about the goat rope you just went through.

    The exterior mounts are pure garbage. Just when you have the camera set exactly the way you want…. you torque down on the set feature and the whole camera begins to turn so now you have to calculate how much your camera is going to move as you set the torque so they both end up where you want when the torque finally sets. Do this while you're on a ladder overlooking your driveway or your front door. Play a little circus music in the background too. It's fun.

    The interior mounts don't trail too far behind. Magnetic- easy/peasy but the person that designed these must have slept through Physics 101. They are round and mount to the wall similar to a picture frame. Put the screw in, find the hole, and slide it down. If your camera is attached perfect to the centerline of the slide, you're in business…. but…. if you want to offset it to the right or the left, go find that circus music and start it again. Any deviation from the centerline of the mount causes the camera to tilt in the opposite direction… and other than putting a stop pin along side the mount, there is no way to stop this rotation unless you use glue. I elected not to use glue because this setup is going in the trash just like my last one did.

    Now let's talk features….I'm not even going to grade this because they are all a joke.

    They have this Arlo Smart feature – let's take at look at each one.

    Package detection – misleading. it doesn't detect packages, it detects the person delivering the package. You're not going to get a message that you have a package. I don't really need to activate this feature because the system already inherently does that. You can, however, manually log into that camera to see if that motion alarm was in fact a package delivery or just simply stream the camera video live and see for yourself.

    E911 – will call the 911 region where your system is based. A nice feature but I can also call the police station directly from my phone speed dial. Ill give them this one though. It has its merits.

    Activity Zones – complete nonsense. Unless your surveilling a parking lot you don't need zones. When you actually set these up and try to use them, you're going to realize that in most rooms, theres no way to avoid stepping into a zone (or avoiding one) you set up. If your rooms are that big where you need to set up zones….. you'll have the resources to buy a much better system than this and not be the one fussing with it.

    Then let's get to the cherry on the cake. If you keep your system to 5 cameras or less, you get free iCloud recording for 7 days. Wow…. generous….thats enough storage to go on vacation and come back to overwrite the burglars that broke into your house 6 days ago. You can buy a hard drive and attach it to avoid this and I highly recommend it. You're going to love this system so much that you going to want to go out and buy another camera. Well, congrats! You just became a premium member because your free service ends at 5 cameras. All the hard disk space in the world isn't going to get you out of paying this fee.

    Well, alas….. Im stuck because I bought all this garbage at just under a cool G spot and now I have to wait until it to finds its place in the eternal landscape at the county grounds. Would I make this mistake again? NO FREAKING WAY!

    It is easy to set up and start using. I liked that. I hope everything works. If not, return it for another. You'll get a quicker turn on a functioning product.

    It took 3 rounds of contacting support to convince them to replace my defective camera. Then to add insult to injury, after being forced to buy into a Premium Service because I have more then 5 cameras, they email me and offer for 4 months free and a significant discount for the same Premium Service and denied me the offer because I signed up 12 days ago.

    My system is new so I can't really speak for longevity but their Product Support is the worst in ANY industry. The idea behind a wireless system is great but Netgear/Arlo wouldn't know PRODUCT SUPPORT if it was under their nose. I had the system less than 6 months, added 3 cameras to it and am now regretting this purchase. Im very disappointed I invested in this company and its product. It will be the last time.

    One other note I want to add to my review that should definitely be considered before making this investment……if Arlo/Netgear decides to shut down their website, your cameras all become pumpkins unless you have a significant amount of IT skills. There goes your simplicity. My advice is to steer clear of this setup…..or just hope you're the lucky one that doesn't need to get support.


    December 10, 2018

    Any WiFi or wireless cameras suck, plain n simple. You might be mesmerized at first but, when the poor reliability hammers your ass, you'll be the dummy and the sales developers at Netgear did a grand job selling garbage PLUS made bonuses off your negligence purchases.
    kNOWLEDGE IS POWER, use it first!
    Choosing cost over quality leads one to the lowsey systems.
    Choosing quality over cost nets you the best money can buy and not cutting corners from a mere novelty gimmick.

  • Javier Sigala

    January 5, 2019

    I have a question. If you plug this camera to an outlet, does the battery need to be in the camera or can you remove it since its plugged in to a power source? Thank you

  • symbian1530

    February 26, 2019

    What happens in case of power outage?


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