Nest Cam Review: Is This the Future of Home Security?

Nest Cam Review: Is This the Future of Home Security?

– Hey there, this is Seth
Williams from the REtipster blog and in this video, I’m gonna
be giving you a quick review of the Nest Cam Outdoor. Now chances are you’ve probably
heard of the company Nest, but if you’re not
familiar with these guys, this is an outfit that has
brought some really cool new innovations to the market
just in the past few years. Things like smart thermostats,
home security cameras, both indoor and outdoor, smoke
and carbon monoxide alarms, and a lot of other third party products. And what’s really cool is that
they can all be controlled remotely from an app on your phone. Because your phone has the
ability to track where your location is at any given time, the system knows when you’re
at home and when you’re away and this can come in handy
especially when we’re talking about outdoor security
cameras like the Nest Cam. For your own peace of mind,
it’s really nice to always be able to see what’s going on and even get recordings
and notifications of what’s going on, specifically
when you’re not at home. So the first thing we’ll
start with is the packaging. This camera comes in a very
nice clean-looking box. Kinda reminded me of the
experience of opening up an Apple product. After I opened this thing
up, it was by far the most beautiful piece of trash
that I threw into my garbage that week so if you’re someone
who geeks out about packaging I think you’re gonna like this. When it comes to the installation,
this thing was pretty darn easy to install, even
for a completely helpless and incompetent handyman like myself. I know sometimes even the
thought of having to install anything is kind of
intimidating for some people but I’m telling you, if
you’re even willing to try, Nest has made it really,
really easy to do this and even if you don’t wanna do it, Nest has also made it
really easy to find a local handyman through their
website to come and install this thing for you so if you
really don’t wanna touch it it is possible to get
this thing up and running without you lifting a finger. Once I got my Nest Cam installed, my first impression was that I thought it looked pretty cool. Judging by how small today’s
cell phone cameras are, I kinda thought it could stand
to be a little bit smaller, but that’s a pretty small gripe. I know this thing has
been out for a while now at the time of this
recording so it’s almost not even worth mentioning. The camera itself has a
really nice wide field of view which is exactly what you
want in a camera like this. I could see about 80% of my backyard the second I put it up
which was pretty impressive. The Next Cam Outdoor is built
to handle just about any weather that you’re gonna encounter which makes good sense for
an outdoor camera like this. It’s got a very clear 1080 HD image with really good night vision as well. I actually know one person
who uses this exact camera as a baby monitor for their
child because the night vision works so well and they can
use it with their phone which is really, really convenient. When you pair this thing with
the Nest app on your phone, it has a really cool notification feature where it will vibrate
or ding on your phone if and when it detects any motion. You can also set your preferences
so that it notifies you only when it detects a
person, not just any motion, and it even has face recognition, so if you’re waiting for a
specific person to show up at your front door, it even
has the capability of letting you know that, so that’s
pretty impressive. It’s kinda funny, the first
night after I set this thing up, there was a notification that came through at two in the morning of a
little critter in our backyard, and I actually didn’t even
hear the notification so I just saw the recording of it through
Nest Aware when I got up. Nest Aware is another
optional service you can use with the Nest Cam. It’s currently $10 a
month for a basic plan or you can pay for that
annually for $100 a year, and that’s for one camera. For every additional camera
you add to your system, it’s either an additional
$5 a month or $50 a year if you pay annually for that. And basically what Nest
Aware does is it will record the video footage from
your cameras for up to 10 days so say if something happens
and you weren’t there to see it at the moment it actually happened, you could see a recording
and it makes it very, very easy to pinpoint when the action happened and you can even save the
video clips to your phone if you want so if you wanna
monitor what’s going on but you don’t wanna sit
there staring at your phone 24 hours a day, Nest Aware is
the way to make that happen. Another really cool thing
about this camera is that it’s got some pretty
cool audio capabilities. The thing has a microphone
and a speaker on it so you can hear whatever is
going on around the camera and you can even talk to people through it through the Nest app on your phone. I can’t say I’ve used this feature a lot and I don’t know if I’m going
to but if the need ever arises that’s kinda cool that you can use it for that if you want to. One other thing I discovered
when I was shopping for my Nest Cam was apparently
there’s a third party company that makes these skins that
you can put over your Nest Cam. So say, for example, if you
don’t like the white look of the camera against the
background of your house, say if your house is
like a really dark color or just any color that isn’t
white and you don’t want it to have contrast like that and
stick out like a sore thumb against the side of the building, these skins make it pretty easy to sort of disguise the camera. It’s obviously not gonna
disappear but it’s definitely going to pop out less than
if you just left that white camera on a dark color background so I actually picked one up just
to see what it looked like and to show you in this video. And as you can see it looks pretty good. It’s kinda subtle in my case
because the side of my house is sort of a beige color
which isn’t a huge contrast from the camera itself but
kinda gives you an idea for how it can change the
aesthetic look of the camera. So being a real estate
investor who also owns some rental properties, another
question that just came to mind for me was does it ever
make sense to purchase this kind of thing and install
it at the rentals that I own? Well, I think there’s a few
things just to keep in mind if you ever wanna go there. I’d say first of all,
these cameras do have to be within range of a wifi signal, so if you’ve got tenants
who are constantly gonna be coming and going and
changing that wifi signal, then it probably doesn’t even make sense, I wouldn’t even think about it. However, if you’ve got a
property with some common areas, say like a parking lot
or an entrance or a lobby or something like that and
if you actually control that wifi signal, then yes,
this could totally work for that and it could be a pretty
good way just to keep an eye on the premises and make sure
nothing fishy is going on. I’d also keep in mind that as a landlord you don’t wanna invade your
tenants’ privacy in any way. So if you were gonna put this
on one of your properties, you’d only wanna put it
in a place that’s already sort of a public area and
doesn’t encroach on their private space and also just
personally, I would only buy this kind of thing for my
rentals if I had a valid, ongoing concern that warrants the
extra money and trouble for this kind of thing, say
if I was like an out of state landlord and there was no
easy way for me to get to my property and see it, this
could be one solution to just sorta help you keep an eye on the place when you’re not there. For the most part, I’ve
gotta say the Nest has been just an absolute joy to
open, install and use, and if I had to think of any complaints, the only thing I could
think of would be probably the ongoing cost of Nest Aware. And believe me, I totally
get why it costs money, and it’s not even a bad
deal for the service considering what it can do,
but it also kinda gives you one of those yeah, aww moments where the camera seems so cool
but then when I realize there’s an ongoing cost
it was kind of a bummer. Something else I didn’t really
like about the installation process was having to drill holes into the vinyl siding of my house. Kinda wish there was a
less permanent way to affix the mounting plate to the exterior walls. Even if there was an option
to use like a semi-permanent sticker, that kinda would
have been preferable to having to actually drill holes through the siding of my house. Another thing that kinda bugs
me about this type of product and it’s just the nature of
using electronics like this is that I can virtually
guarantee that one day, probably not long from now, it’s gonna be replaced by a newer version that is gonna render this
one not necessarily obsolete, but it’s gonna seem a lot
less cool than the new thing. And granted, I think this
camera is still gonna be an awesome piece of equipment
that I’m going to use a lot, especially because I work
in the basement of my house all day and if somebody happens
to be at the front door, this gives me a really
good way to first of all be notified that somebody’s at the door and also see who it is
without having to get up, walk upstairs and walk to
the other side of my house just to answer the door. This kinda camera makes
that kinda thing really easy and I can also say I was actually
on vacation with my family this past week and while we
were on our week long trip more than two hours away
from where we lived, I was able to see at any point in time what was going on at our house and if we had packages on the door and if anybody had shown
up while we’re gone and it was just kinda cool to
be able to do that so easily just with the phone in my pocket and that’s something
that just wasn’t possible a decade ago so I think this
is really cool technology. It’s awesome to see the kind
of innovations that continue to come to the market. This is not a sponsored or paid
endorsement of the Nest Cam. Nest has no idea that
I’m making this video. I just thought it was
a pretty cool product that I’ve been using lately
and I wanted to let you guys know about it. If you have any desire for any kind of home security system, even if
it’s just to see what’s going on when you’re not there, I
can tell you that I’ve had a really good experience
with this product so far. I’ve got very, very few
complaints and the ones I do have is as you’ve heard are pretty minor. If you wanna check it out,
I’ll have an affiliate link beneath this video and if you
purchase it through that link, it will send a very teeny tiny
commission to the REtipster blog and we obviously appreciate
all the support we can get so that pretty much sums
it up for the review. I appreciate you watching, and hopefully I’ll talk to you again soon.


  • Wim Schoenmakers

    February 11, 2018

    Nice video ! Well done !

  • 11 11

    March 9, 2019

    This technically isn't home security. It is home surveillance, we have 26 POE security cameras on our property… They are a deterrent and a sort of security measure, but they don't physical secure your home. You need to have other things in place such as steel doors (my choice), toughened glass windows, alarm system etc. Every security measure you take is a layer and the more layers you add the harder target your home will be.


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