Mini Covert CCTV Spy Camera with Pinhole Lens Surveillance Video

Mini Covert CCTV Spy Camera with Pinhole Lens Surveillance Video

The MINI-540CO is a tiny CCTV security camera
that is typically used in covert spy-type surveillance applications. This is because
of the camera’s small size. You can see here that the body of the camera is barely bigger
than the size of a quarter. The MINI-540CO can be hidden inside of other objects and
only the pinhole lens of the camera needs to be exposed.
For this video I mounted a 540CO in CCTV Camera Pros’ demo studio. The camera is mounted 9′
high and the room is 29′ wide by 28′ deep. The door that I will enter the room from is
36′ away from the camera. Here’s the video surveillance footage that we captured with
the MINI-540CO. I enter that door from across the room, and again, that’s 36′ away from
where the camera’s mounted. This is about 12 to 14′ away from the camera right here.
I’m going to use this floor lamp just to create some ambient light when I turn the lights
off in the office. This is only a 15-watt bulb, which is extremely dim for a room this
size. It will look bright in the camera but that’s because the camera is really good at
capturing low light surveillance. Here’s the low light surveillance video. As
you can see, the camera does very well in low light. Again, that’s only a 15-watt light
bulb and this room is almost 30′ by 30′ in size. When I flip the lights back on you’ll
see the camera goes back into daytime mode. That’s the end of the demo.
For additional information about the MINI-540CO please visit
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  • CCTV Camera Pros

    February 18, 2015

    Tiny CCTV Spy Camera with Pinhole Lens Surveillance Video Demo
    This tiny security camera captures a wide angle of view and video surveillance footage in very low light.

    Watch this video to see the MINI-540CO security camera operate in normal and low light conditions.

    The MINI-540CO is about the size of a quarter so that it can easily be hidden among and inside other objects. The pinhole lens is the only part of the camera that must be exposed to capture video.

    The 3.7mm lens captures a 86 degree field of view and as you can see in the video captures almost the entire view of a 29 x 28 foot room.

    @Mike Haldas, CCTV Camera Pros co-founder, enters the this room during the demo from a door that is located 36 feet away from the camera.

    Please watch the video an let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

    For more information about this camera, please visit this page/

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  • accesscontrolforum

    February 18, 2015

    Perfect for installation inside of telephone entries / callboxes.

  • Sameer Khan

    December 29, 2016

    mini 540co price


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