Level-up with ambassadors (Hidden camera, real people ;) ) (CC in English)

(English) Hi, everyone! It’s Sebastián again. So we’re today in the Portugal embassy here in Mexico because we’re celebrating the National Day of Portugal dedicated to Luis de Camões. So, we’re going to level up because I have found that there are ambassadors* here so I hope I will level up here I will start in Spanish and later I will change if it’s the case I will change, I will switch (Spanish) Hi! How are you? Fine, pretty fine. -How’s you’re going through here?
-Fine, thanks. Fine.
-We’re having great time here. -Me too. I was invited because of my participation in the stand of Portugal in the World Culture Fair.
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-Aw yeah!
-I had a pleasant time there. Such a good showcase I took part in. -By the way, where are you all from?
-Are you Mexican?
-Yes, I am -(Portuguese) And do you speak Portuguese?
-Yes, I do too.
-I’m from Angola 🙂 -So, you do speak Portuguese. (He speaks…) Magnificent, because I wanted to practice a little bit my Portuguese. It’s not so good but it’s just enough so people take me for a Portuguese. -Yeah, yeah.
-People thought I was Portuguese and it was funny. -I had lots of fun on this week. I had things to do in these two weeks…
-This ambassador here speaks Portuguese too. -But where is he from?
-I’m from Ukraine. I’m Ukrainian. -(Russian) Do you speak Russian?
-(Portuguese) In Ukraine, everybody speaks Portuguese… (Russian) But we speak Russian too. -We can speak Russian. I was wondering to speak Russian a little bit in order to practice.
-So you’re ready to learn to speak Ukrainian. (Laughs)
-Yes, of course.
-And also Georgian.
-(Georgian) Hello! Georgian ambassador- :O 😀
-I started to learn Georgian two weeks ago but I know how to write in Georgian. I want to speak more in Georgian. I have a handbook of Georgian language that I’ve downloaded in internet One friend of mine gave it.
-Let’s see! Now, continue in Bulgarian. -(Bulgarian) I want to speak in Bulgarian
(laughs) because I studied a little bit Bulgarian. I have a friend.
-Bulgarian. Her name is Mariela Kalinova. -Good friend
-(Spanish) And now, there’s Belarussian to go. -Let’s see if he switches to Belarussian. We’re the only ones whose languages he doesn’t speak. -(Russian) I’m short of Belarussian. -But you speak in so many languages… What’s your name? -Lilya.
-My name is Sebastián.
-What’s your name?
-Sebastián -(Spanish) Nice to meet you.
-(Russian) I was invited to the Portuguese embassy
-(He’s Mexican but he does speak Russian) Disclaimer: Sorry guys, I couldn’t understand my words, neither the others’ ones. (Russian) I beg you pardon for speaking Russian with you. I know that Russian it’s not native…
-But they also speak Georgian. Yes, I would like to, but I’ll continue studying Georgian (The Georgian Ambassador spoke me in Georgian, and of course, I understood nothing) I know a Georgian folk song, Zamtario. I really like this song. -I don’t understand at all the lyrics, but I really like it.
-Very good -Ah, which city are you from?
-From Tbilisi. I was born here. I was born here. I started to learn Russian two years and a half ago. -I studied it in National Autonomous University of Mexico.
-Great! -Without teacher?
-No, I studied the five courses with a teacher. -Nice to meet you.
-I’ll be back in a moment so we can carry on the speaking. -(Portuguese) It was a pleasure to work there in the Portugal stand and act as a Portuguese. (Spanish) Perhaps the most known song of the world: “Sea song”. (Portuguese) I enjoyed a lot this week. I was dress like a Football player, and people made photos with me. Which country is he ambassador from? But allow me to present one Mexican actress who acts as Frida Kahlo and as Edith Piaf. (Spanish) From Contentinal Hotel Presidente, a great Mexican actress, an alive Frida Kahlo and Edith Piaf. The Ukrainian ambassador.
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-(English) So, where are you from? (same question in Spanish)
-(Spanish) I’m the ambassador from Ireland. -(Gaelic) Hello!
-How are you?
-I’m fine and you? -(English) Well, I don’t speak so well Irish. There are the only two phrases I learned by heart. -But it’s very nice to hear you.
-Yes, it’s like a show of respect to the Irish culture. -So where did you learn those phrases?
-In internet I learned these. -(Irish) Goodbye!
-Goodbye! -(English) Well, I would like to learn Irish, because it’s such a nice language. It’s really good. And I have downloaded a course of Irish language, so I will learn it later. -Do you have a card?
-Actually no, it’s a shame. (Spanish) I went to Italy three years ago. Yes, it was three years ago. Well, I wasn’t there, I already lived here As you can see, we’ve already met the ambassadors from Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Bulgaria. It was such a nice time, and I’ll know the Italian one. -(Italian) Nice to meet you! Are you the ambassador from Italy=-I’m his wife. Who is your spouse*? -Cognato?
-I have forgot this Italian word. It’s the male version of wife (I wanted to say “husband”) -Husband (marito)?
-Yeah, exactly
-(Spanish) He’s gone already
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5 minutes ago.
-(Italian) Is he gone?
-Yes. He had to work again.
-I’m sorry. I hadn’t spoke Italian long time ago. I had learned it in UNAM. I love so bad this language.
-Thank you. -When I have the chance to practice Italian, I take it.
-Of course
-Bravo -Who is he?
-He’s Mexican.
-Does he speak Italian too? -In fact, he speaks amazingly Italian.
-Oh, great! I’d like to speak with you all (I said “loro”) -It’s said no more “loro”.
-But it’s for show more respect to speak like this.
-“Loro” are the others=they. -It’s not used anymore in Italy “loro” as a respectful form. -Long time ago, it was used, it was very respectful, but nowadays it’s not used anymore. -It’s a pleasure to speak with you (Mi fa piacere parlare con VOI).
-It’s a pleasure to speak with you In fact, I started to learn with a book somewhat old, it came from 50’s and 60’s years… I liked a lot. I started by myself, and also, the religious order of my High School was Salesian went to Italy many priests (how is it said “sacerdote” in Italian).
-Ah, sacerdoti And with them, I spoke with them. Later, I succeeded to enter the university, and there I continued with my story. -Congratulations!
-Thank you!
-We have to go. Bye bye! I think that I guess, I did participate to level up. I was inspired by Moses McCormick. Greetings (if you hadn’t seen that).
-So, here we go. If you have any suggerences to say, write them below. So, bye bye!

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