Jeep Wrangler Barricade Adventure Mirrors – Black (1987-2018 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Barricade Adventure Mirrors – Black (1987-2018 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review & Install

The Barricade Adventure Mirrors in textured
black are for those of you who have a 1987 all the way up through the most current model
year Wrangler that are looking for a mirror that you can pop on your Jeep when you take
the doors off to keep you legal and to keep you safe. These are gonna be a very, very simple, one
out of three wrench installation. And we’ll talk a little bit more about that
in just a sec. So obviously, when you remove your doors,
you are removing your mirrors, and if you wanna stay legal and safe, you’re gonna have
to come up with another solution. This is one of them. There are really a couple of different choices. One, you can mount a quick release mirror
on the A-pillar. That way you always have that bracket on there,
but when you take your doors off, you attach the mirror to that bracket. Another option is to permanently move your
factory mirrors from the doors onto the A-pillars. And finally, you can go with an option like
this where you drop a mirror into your hinge when the door is not installed on the Jeep. This option, of course, you take the door
off, you put the mirror on, you take the mirror off, you put the door back on. There is a little bit more switching back
and forth. But with the options where you move a factory
mirror to the A-pillar, you can have a little bit of issue seeing the passenger side mirror. Now, some of the brackets to take care of
that for you, but that is something to consider. And, of course, with the quick release, you
always have that bracket on the Jeep even when the mirror isn’t on there, and that can
bother some of you. So obviously, all of them have their pros
and cons. If you do like this style, if you’re fine
pulling your door off and dropping a mirror in place, it’s a nice easy-to-see mirror,
very visible, inexpensive, then this is going to be an excellent choice for you. There isn’t too much to say as for construction
here. These are very, very simple. You have some round bar here that’s threaded
on the one end. This is the part that’s going to drop into
your hinge. Then on the back side of the mirror, you do
have a bit of ball joint with a bolt right through it. That’s going to attach it onto this arm. The main body of the mirror is plastic. And then you have the mirror itself here. So, again, very simple, adjustable, easy to
drop into place, easy to assemble, easy to remove. They just are going to get the job done for
you. As I mentioned, I think these are very fairly
priced, they’re a nice inexpensive solution to the problem of not having mirrors on your
Jeep when you take the doors off. For 50 bucks you’ll get a pair of these. I think they’re a good buy. Now a member of the install team will show
you how to assemble these and how to get them installed. Today we’re gonna install our Barricade rectangular
adventure mirrors on our 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler. We’re gonna begin by removing the front door
off our Wrangler. To do this, we’re gonna make sure our window
is down. This way, when your doors are stored, nothing
gets broken. Now let’s go ahead and get started. We’re gonna begin. We’re gonna open our door. We’re gonna go inside and we’re gonna disconnect
our safety strap and our door harness plug. We’re gonna begin. We’re gonna take this panel off here. Its got a little safety strap on it. Come in here. We’re gonna disconnect our plug and then unhook
our safety strap. Unlike your JKs and your TJs, the JL Jeep
Wrangler comes with a door check now attached to it. So we’re gonna have to go ahead and get that
removed after we’ve removed our harness and stop strap. Now, using the T-40 Torx and the ratchet that
comes in your Jeep toolkit, we’re gonna go ahead and unattach this. Next, you’re gonna locate your Jeep toolkit
in your vehicle. And this is really awesome. Jeep gives you the tools to go ahead and remove
your top or your doors. Go ahead, open it up. It comes with a small ratchet and a few Torx
bits. We’re gonna take our T-50 Torx bit and a ratchet
out of the kit, and we’ll go ahead and remove our door hinges. On the bottom of your hinge pin, there’s gonna
be a Torx bit. And be very careful not to scratch your paint. And go ahead and repeat this for your bottom
hinge also, and make sure you don’t lose these. Now that our door is unfastened from the vehicle,
we’re gonna go ahead and swing the door open and lift it off at the pins. Once you do that, you wanna go put your door
in a secure place where it’s not gonna get damaged in any way. And go ahead and put your Torx nuts back on
the bottom of your hinge pins. This way they don’t get lost, and your threads
don’t get damaged on your door. Now just carefully lift your door off and
store in a safe place. We’re gonna begin by installing our mirror
support in the top hinge. We’re gonna go ahead and just slide it down
through the top. We’re gonna secure it down with the 15-millimeter
nut supplied. Then go ahead and just snug it down. Next, we’re gonna take our new rectangular
mirror. We’re gonna remove the 13-millimeter bolt
out of the back of it. Line it up, the hole on our support. Using your 13-millimeter wrench or ratchet,
secure it down. This concludes the installation of our Barricade
rectangular adventure mirrors on our Jeep JL Series. For more parts and videos like these, make
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    June 14, 2018

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  • SunBurnDice

    June 14, 2018

    This product is cheap but nice and good quality. Hard to see sometimes because they are a little smaller than stock mirrors but you get used to it after you cut some people off and flip the bird.


    July 24, 2018

    when these coming back in stock? been out forever

  • JW

    June 7, 2019

    It’s not a requirement in all states.


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