alright guys so today we are going to do
an audio test for the ixroad action camera now I recently did an unboxing
first impression initial thoughts video I’ll put the card up top you can check
that out but we’re going to do a audio test for
this video for this camera now I’m going to mount it on the Joby little tripod
and we’re gonna do one with this and we’re going to do an audio test using
this similar to what we did with the akaso of EK7000 back last year sometime
and see the difference and how the audio compares in the waterproof housing
versus not in the waterproof housing so you stay tuned through the intro and I’m
gonna get this set up hi guys so here we are on the Joby 325
using the ixroad 4k action camera and just handheld no gimbal no stabilization
none of that just factory settings and running in 1080 with the camera in the
tripod so just wanted to do an audio test as to how it works with the
waterproof housing versus without so we’re going to just do a little walk a
little talk and test it out so I’m gonna flip the camera around and then we’ll go
put on the waterproof outer okay guys so you just saw it we did the
audio test with the i-x Road 4k action camera using the waterproof housing
versus not using the waterproof housing and a huge difference now I can still
hear the audio using the waterproof housing but it was very very very
muffled so keep that in mind if you are purchasing this and you want to use this
housing or if you feel you need to use this housing you’re not going to get
very good audio with it same way with the cost of PK 7000 I
expected those results that’s exactly what I expected
however I am pretty much going to be using this without the housing as I have
the cost of ek 7000 I do believe that the audio on the ixroad 4k is better
than the akaso ek7000 outside of the waterproof housing now I will be doing a
side-by-side comparison of that in the very near future it is on my video
schedule list to do just working on setup and how I’m going to do that but I
do believe just hearing the audio that the audio is better with this camera
than it is with the ek7000 but I will be doing this like I said I will be
doing a side-by-side comparison so make sure to stay tuned for that you want to
see any other in-depth review of this camera make sure to drop it in the
comments because I am wanting to dive down a lot deeper in this camera than I
did with the acaso and I will do side-by-side comparisons of them various
things and I think those aren’t needed because I think the the market is there
I think a lot of people are wanting these more budget-friendly cameras and
this one is retailing for right around $100 on Amazon I will drop a link in the
description below and you can go check it out but I think the quality of this
is very well made for a under dollar action camera and for what
it can do and some of the features of it you can check out my unboxing and first
impression video which I think it’s already a card up top and you can check
that out and see some of those features but this is a really good camera for
around $100 so if you are interested if you have other tests you want to see me
run with this camera if you’re in the market for it make sure to drop those in
the comments and I will check them out I’ll respond to them and until next time
stay bearded get outdoors and god bless you


  • Beardyvlogger

    March 12, 2020

    Dang the audio on that thing is just brutal

  • Beardyvlogger

    March 12, 2020

    Does it take an external mic I didn't hear if you mentioned that or not

  • BeardSWAG

    March 13, 2020

    Huge difference


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