Is Your Airbnb Host SPYING on You With a HIDDEN CAMERA? | What’s Trending Now!

Is Your Airbnb Host SPYING on You With a HIDDEN CAMERA? | What’s Trending Now!

For at least the third time this year, a
guest at an Airbnb has found a hidden camera in their rental’s bedroom. Welcome
back to What’s Trending, I’m Martini Beerman. Be sure to LIKE this video and
SUBSCRIBE for more stories. Professional archivist Jason Scott tweeted a
disturbing story about one of his colleague’s
Airbnb experiences. He wrote “In ‘oh, that’s a thing now’ news, a colleague of mine
thought it odd that there was a single ‘motion detector’ in his Airbnb in the
bedroom and voila, it’s an IP camera connected to the web. (He left at 3:00
a.m., reported, post is suspended, colleague got refund.)”
A spokesperson for Airbnb told BuzzFeed News that this is “incredibly rare” and
the dude is banned from Airbnb for life. And for what it’s worth and very good
reason, Airbnb is supposed to disclose any and all surveillance on their
property and they’re not allowed to actually put any type of surveillance in
a bedroom or a bathroom. I actually have my own weird … Airbnb story.
My friends and I stayed in Palm Springs for a weekend and when we were in the
master bedroom we saw this weird contraption attached to the TV with a
green light on it. Now, I’m no detective, but I… anytime I see a green light
attached to a contraption I think well hey maybe I’m being videotaped. It was
like a small, rounded object that had a reflective piece on it and a light on
the side… what could have possibly been up to/
We ended up throwing a hat on it and just called it a day.
Despite the rule, that hasn’t stopped hosts who are overly paranoid or just
plain creepy trying to get around that rule. A few months ago we told you about
a couple who found a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in their
Airbnb in Longboat Key, Florida. That home’s owner, Wayne Natt, was arrested and
charged with one count of video voyeurism. The Independent talked to
expert Keith Roberts, who gave us some tips on what to look for if you’re
staying in an Airbnb and you think you might just be under surveillance. He says,
“with cameras you should look for tiny holes, which is where the lens will be.
Check common items: the back ends of books, mirrors, light bulbs, house plants.”
Great! The first thing I want to do anytime I go on vacation is a three-hour
scavenger hunt to find out if I’m being video taped. He also advises guests to turn all
the lights off and shine a torch slowly in every inch of the room. Any camera
lenses will reflect back the light. I do feel for people in that kind of
situation though, because especially if you’ve set aside time to go on vacation
and now you’re in a situation where you don’t know if you’re being watched or
not? Also, what are people doing with the footage? Is this guy just randomly
sitting in a bunker somewhere just watching you creepily like the real, real
world? Okay so what if your Airbnb host isn’t a creepy stalker?
You can still encounter some weird situations. Justin Miller and his friends
got an Airbnb in Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate his birthday, which is totally
normal and awesome, and what they discovered was less than pleasant. Miller
said, “It was really nasty. Bathrooms, toilet filled with fecal matter, condoms
thrown in the home, food and drinks everywhere, sheets everywhere…” Condoms
thrown in the home? What does that even mean?
Miller complained to the host who told them, “the cleaning people showed up and
it was so dirty that they had to go get more cleaning equipment, and when they
left, they got in an accident and are now in hospital, and no one else can clean it.”
Well, I’m sad for the cleaners, but that sounds like a mighty convenient story.
Cleanliness at an Airbnb would probably be important to all guests, but no more
important than to sex workers who are apparently, according to the BBC, using
Airbnb’s as pop-up brothels. Though prostitution is legal in the UK, it’s
against the law to operate a brothel, so members of parliament have launched an
inquiry. All members of parliament who are not currently using Airbnb’s for
their own pleasure… Although, I would be really livid if I knew that that was
happening and I owned the Airbnb. Escort Charlotte Rose says that it shouldn’t be
a problem and she’s just like any other guest… who, somehow, using the property to
make money through sexual activity… yup. That wasn’t something my friends and I
did on our vacation. She said that she’s just
trying to keep sex workers together and safe. Wouldn’t you rather work in an Airbnb than a Best Western? Sure. If you’re a prostitute! But
if you own the Airbnb, I’m sure you’d wish that they were at at Best Western.
When I sleep at an Airbnb, I like to cover my entire body up from head to toe
with a hoodie and gloves and socks because I assume that countless people
have had sex on that bed and I do not take a black light to anything I go to.
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