Iranian TV hidden camera

Let us take a look at our nearsighted driver once again Sir, pull over please. Excuse me sir, I think I’ll get off here. Why? We’re not there yet. Wait till we get there. No, let me get off here. No I can’t do that. I think I’ll get off here too if you could pull over. I said i’ll get off here. Not possible, I have to take both of you where you need to go. I’m not ready to die yet. Who said you’re going to die? Plus, I have to pay off my mortgage. Everyone can’t just get off where they want. Just a second, if you could just show me which gear is reverse. How am I supposed to know?? What kind of driving is this?? Could you put it in reverse for me? This one, right here. Put your foot on the clutch. I’m pressing it. Excellent, thank you. Is there a car behind me? Yea, don’t go. Stop! I said stop!! There’s a car? Which way? Sir, slow down a bit. Just pull over, let me get off. Pull over! We haven’t gotten there yet! Wait, don’t go! Oyyy, Slow down! Here? Where? Stop! What’s in front of us? Is it a taxi? Yea, let him pass. Who’s next to me? It’s a motorcycle. Could you show me the third gear also? I only know first and second gear. Is the car still in front of us? You can go now. No one’s in front of me? No, just drive slower. Watch out. Is the light green? Green. My brake’s not working. It’s not braking!! Am I pushing the right pedal? The one to the right is brake. Watch the road! What’s wrong with the brake? could you show me the brake? What do you want me to do? I press brake and it goes faster. What kind of a taxi driver doesn’t know the difference between the gas and the brake? This isn’t my car. It’s the first time I’m driving this car. Have you never driven before? I have driven before, but not this car. The last car I drove was a tractor you see. Maybe you should go back to driving a tractor. Is there a car in front of me? *&%$! What are you? blind?? Which way? What you mean “which way”? Where are you going?? My bad, is this the right way that I’m going? slow down! Watch the road!! Which way should I turn now? Turn right. I wanna get off. Pull over. Should I back up the car? No, Stop! Pull over, I’m getting out. Don’t hit the pedestrian! Pull over real quick, let me get out. I’m not feeling well. Excuse me, do you know which one is the brake? Not that one. That’s for opening the trunk. Do you know if I can reverse with the brake? Oiiii!!! Watch out! Ma’am wait. We’re not there yet. No worries. I’ll get you there safe and sound. I change my mind. I think I’ll get off here. Pull over. Where? Right here? Don’t worry, I’ve been driving all my life. You see, this is not my car. It belongs to my brother. Poor fellow is not feeling well, so I’m helping him out. Pull over, we’ll get off here. I would pull over but I don’t know which one is brake. Police! Watch out for the police car. I have a family to support, let me get off here. Crazy dope! He’s not crazy. It’s hidden camera. Where you scared? You don’t think of other people’s health? Ma’am you’re the guest of our hidden camera. I have to tell you, you’re very brave. You’re the only one that sat the whole way. I felt sorry for the guy, I thought I’d stay for his safety.

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