IoT Wuxi 2019 – Back in China | MaiOnHigh

we kicked off September with a five-day
trip to China we got invited by egodrift for race in Wuxi near Shanghai and this is what we got up to I would just like to say that there’s
four people in the back Heiko: No Nadeshda: And three backpacks
Lexie: And three backpacks and we barely fit what do you have to say? Heiko: There’s a spot for another person here so that’s
fine he’s crazy Guess what?
We’re gonna run Nadeshda: we have to run yeah Lexie: ready for run?
Franz: half kilometer she’s ready are you ready? how are you guys doing? how did it go? As you can see we’re sweaty – You know – Sexy Nadeshda: All is fine? Franz: Yeah
Nadeshda: I’m not sure We’re dead but we’re on the way to Shanghai let’s die now even our luggage made it! YEY! And we just got called by Yutao! And
he said that he’s waiting outside We’ve made it and we’re going Long story short: we just got to know that
there is actually a typhoon coming here so that’s not gonna be good
and as you can see the weather is… naaaah But it’s fine
We’re going to eat food are you guys excited? see? Yutao is the most excited SO guys it’s 6:00 a.m. and I consider it
brutal but we’re gonna leave at 6:50 so breakfast time! Franz: Breakfast! I think it’s brutal
to get people from all around the world and just tell them that “hey I know
you’re jetlagged but 6:50 we’re leaving” scary Are you guys ready!? Yeahhhh!
So ready! So ready… This lady tells us what to do and we don’t know what to do So we’re looking at kids I don’t know! and now it’s raining really bad so… and it’s still hot just sayin so today’s sweaty face is sponsored by China there’s another spot for another person
here so it’s fine he’s crazy there’s no more spot! Franz: Thank you Yutao
Everyone: Thank you Yutao! I wanna feed the fish anna feed the fish… I feed the fish Hello Fish! They are eating! Oh god Oh god! This one run out! Save her! Franz, Heiko, Lexie: *Laughing* Heiko: Yes? Yes! Heiko: It’s waterproof!
(His phone survived saving fish) The saver of the fish – Heiko and after dinner we went for a
well-deserved rest

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