Imitation Bernie, peeking on camera and too many Alaskans of the Week: Congressional Hits and Misses

Imitation Bernie, peeking on camera and too many Alaskans of the Week: Congressional Hits and Misses

WYDEN: I am gonna be filling in for senator
Sanders today McCONNELL: Okay everyone… WYDEN: And I assume it comes with 8.8 million
Twitter followers and the possibility even of a cameo on Saturday Night Live CALDWELL: Hold on we have mark Meadows right here congressman meadows can we talk a lot so
he he’s walking by right now JONES: Recognizes the importance of the peanut industry CALDWELL: Republicans are really struggling to defend the president okay great MEADOWS: We’re not struggling on anything Republicans are not struggling on
anything GRAHAM: What I can tell you about the Trump
policy towards the Ukraine it was incoherent MEADOWS: There is no linkage there is no quid pro quo. GRAHAM: He seemed to be incapable of forming a quid pro quo. KENNEDY: Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him. I don’t mean any
disrespect but it must suck to be that dumb. I didn’t mean it as disrespectful. THOMPSON: Just calm down MILES: I’m very
calm sir. THOMPSON: Then be quiet TRUMP: Be quiet, be quiet. Quiet, quiet! KENNEDY: Popeye’s fried chicken is among the
best fried chicken God ever put breath in. DEMINGS: Chair lays before the House a
communion from the speaker A communication from the speaker. PETERS: Will the quorum call be vitiated? No, we’re not in a quorum call. Oh! JOHNSON: My daughter’s standard line was “girls
are smarter than boys boys just too stupid to know it” SINEMA: Your daughters a
genius SULLIVAN: So Mr. President I’m gonna break the rules a little bit on the Alaska the
Week cuz I usually recognize one but today we’re gonna recognize four
extraordinary Alaskans It’s a Thursday
afternoon and that means it’s certainly one of my favorite times in the US
Senate because it’s when I get to come down to the Senate floor and recognize
an Alaskan PRIEST: One Alaskan of the week Two Alaskan of the week?? [stammering] Oh my medication! COTTON: Is there sufficient second? There appears to be?

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  • timevampire83

    November 8, 2019

    Lmao 0:16 that kid doing the worm behind Acosta at a Trump Rally.


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