If your shop assistant was an app (hidden camera)

If your shop assistant was an app (hidden camera)

– That looks good. – I’d like to see the last five text messages you’ve sent. – Excuse me? – My phone number? Then I want yours too. – No way. No, I refuse. – I sent a text to my sister. – And what’s her number? – I can’t give you her number. Certainly not! – I can’t do that without her permission. – Where were you at 8 p.m. yesterday? – I was at my parents’ house. – Can I have their number? – No. – Hi. I’m coming with you to see where you’re going. – What? Okay. This is a bit strange. – We’re going that way. – Okay. Fine. – That will be 13 kroner. And your phone number, please. – Why? – That’s standard. So we can provide a better service. – I’d rather not. – Then your e-mail address? – No, just give me my roll. – Where were you at 8 p.m. yesterday?


  • Wydec

    January 6, 2015

    Very cool Video.
    Hopefully it will open some eyes.

  • PeaceWithDefenseOnly

    February 1, 2015

    So true. Actually, Google and Apple has been serving our data to NSA without any restriction. What is new about this? Smart phones are one of the reason why RFID chip implantations were postponed.

  • John Wunderlich

    February 6, 2015

    Nothing to hide, right?

  • Bazuzeus

    February 12, 2015

    I had to refuse too…. as I refuse to give acces to my sms or location to an app I wish to use to listen music.
    Sheeples are so fucking dumbs !

  • Lucas Zanella

    April 6, 2015

    Android and Google has a LOT to learn with it. In iOS, whenever an app request your data, it has to ask the system, and you must give permission. Not the best but the best we have. In Android, you must give permission to EVERYTHING the app needs, just in the installation, and then the app can do whatever he wants…

    I would like to be able to control EVERY permission an app asks…

  • MatchUpBox Inc

    June 17, 2015

    Vidéo très bien faite qui montre bien que nous ne sommes pas conscients de tout ce que les services providers du Web collectent sur nous et l'argent qu'ils font avec sur notre dos !!!
    Notre société MatchUpBox s'attaque à ce problème pour redonner le contrôle aux utilisateurs que nous sommes ! Et pourquoi pas un jour gagner de l'argent (nous utilisateurs !) avec les données que nous accepterons de vendre !

  • CAPrice Community

    February 21, 2017

    Great video about privacy and personal data protection. Thanks!

  • MyLife Digital Ltd

    December 11, 2017

    A great way to help individuals understand the amount of data they share. People need to grasp a true digital understanding of what happens to their data when they entrust it to an organisation. GDPR will help, but organisations need to empower their customers to take back control of their data – it belongs to them after all. And to be accountable regarding what they do with it. With greater transparency, trust will be strengthened.

  • Sissi Piriou

    May 14, 2018

    Love it! Such a good demonstration of what the GAFAM and the rest is…


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