hunted by robot dog to near extinction[Black Mirror-Metalhead]

hunted by robot dog to near extinction[Black Mirror-Metalhead]

Hi what’s up guys Today I am gonna show you a movie called the Black Mirror-Metalhead The story is set some day in the future When the Earth has been taken over by robot dogs The human beings are being hunt and killed to the near extinction Some of the few left have to struggle their life usually they only go out searching for food and Trying to avoid any confrontation with robot dogs But one day Bella decides to go out with her friends searching for a pet doll for her nephew Who is dying They drive to an abandoned warehouse While Tonny is trying to hack a truck for reuse Bella and Black enter the dark warehouse for searching based on the serial number on her hand Bella soon locates the container While Black climbs up the ladder for the container box He never thinks this has activated a robot dog waiting for the bait The dog shoots a metal bomb containing numerous trackers in small metal pieces Black and Bella get shot by those metals Suddenly, the dog jumps down and kills Black Shocked by the brutal killing, Bella has to rush out the warehouse And drives away immediately Tonny hears this and also drives the truck for escape they are running fast but the robot dog comes after them in hot pursue Suddenly it breaks in the truck and shoots tonny in the head The dog hacks through the truck system and controls the truck for the pursue before Bella flees far away Very soon, the dog comes nearly after Bella and pulls her car over Near a cliff in the forest The dog locates Bella with its radar and breaks the car window with its metal leg Fortunately, during the struggle Bella manages to confine the dog into a very narrow front seat right after that, She jumps out to the ground before the car falls into valley Seeing the dog is still locked in the car Bella rushes time to run all the way to a creek she stops there for a moment Takes out a knife and exacts the tracker out of her thigh Next, she places the tracker into a bottle and make it float away with the water On the other hand, the robot dog manages to get out of the car By cutting of its front leg following the signal sent by the tracker It tracks down all the way to the bottle Meanwhile, Bella tries to ask for help with the radio on a mountain top But due to the poor reception Bella cannot hear the reply With no time to stay long with the radio because of fearing the track Bella has to shuts down the radio after she express her love and apology to her husband But to her surprise the dog has already tracked down the radio signal And comes directly to signal point However, not leaving very far away Bella turns back and sees the approaching dog She feels so scared and rushes back into the forest for shelter Later she climbs up a big tree for hiding But she is spotted out by the dog Luckily, the dog cannot climb up the tree with only one front leg So it decides to stay powered down and waiting there for chance But Bella also knows that she cannot wait up in a tree for death So she throws some sweets towards the dog Trying to reactivate it to power up In this way, Bella hopes that the dog will run out of power Before it can charge itself with the sun light in the next morning Within her expectation, due to the continuous disruption the dog finally runs out of power seeing this, Bella comes down from the tree And runs to the far She later reaches a land She climbs through the fence to an abandoned villa seeing there is a van parking there Bella rushes to the van but finds out it is locked Later she finds by chance some keys are locked inside the villa she manages to get the keys but She feels very disappointed because there is not any key for the van Without any choice she has to enter the villa for more searching Luckily, she finds two bullets in a drawer but she finds no guns there So she decides to go upstairs for the gun Only seeing the dead body of the suicided house owner withholding the gross feeling from the dead body Balla gets the gun and also the key for the van After that, she goes to the bath room taking care of her wounds in her thigh On the other hand, with the sun risen The dog in the forest is charged with power and wakened up It scans the footsteps on the ground and tracks down Bella all the way to the villa Next, the dog breaks through the door lock system unbelievably, it can even improve its weapons on its own By taking use of the knives and tools in the kitchen Right at that moment, when Bella is turning off the running water She is alarmed by the metal sound outside So she goes out with the gun and finds that the dog is approaching upstairs At a lost, Bella hurries to hide herself up Before the dog comes close to her She grabs the paint bucket and sprays the paint at the dog Luckily, the dog becomes blind due to the collapse-down of the view tracking system It begins to attack any potential targets with its sound tracking system Bella takes chance to escape downstairs To her disappointment she cannot even start the car with that key But soon she comes up with a plan she turns on the audio system of the van when hearing this, the dog stops the attack And comes to the car It’s trying to destroy and shut down the audio Right at that moment Bella shoots gun at its head and blows half of it but Before she wants to shoot it with the second bullet She gets stabbed in her knee by the dog At last, she finally destroyed the dog with a second bullet Nevertheless, the dog even shoots out another tracking bomb Which hits Bella all over her body Bella hopes to extract the tracking metal piece on her face But she finds some are on the artery around her neck Feeling desperate Bella has to send out the final message through the radio Which conveys her deep apologies to her nephew And the endless lover to her husband in the end of the story, after the message sent out Bella kills herself by cutting her throat While beyond the fence numerous robot dogs are coming over after the tracking signal the world is only left behind with destroyed, desolate and desperate landscapes I’m Daniel don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to my channel See U next time with more fancy movies!


  • Sophia S

    March 18, 2019

    Robot dog? Should be robot cockroach..

  • Keith Hernandez

    April 20, 2019

    You make good explain

  • John Doe

    May 9, 2019

    Can't understand half of what is said yet it's still somehow enjoyable.

  • Daniel CC Movie Review

    May 21, 2019

    Hey guys please write down in the comment section how you feel about the video or whatever you wanna share!

  • Jeff B

    September 4, 2019

    Me like video good make

  • JCatalan C

    October 25, 2019

    Boston dynamics ain’t happy

  • shades2

    November 26, 2019

    The music is quite relaxing really…


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