Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 Review with Camera Samples

Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 Review with Camera Samples

Hello guys, here we have new Huawei Y7 Prime. A successor to the last year’s Y7 Prime
It’s 2018 edition. The phone costs only 20,000 Pakistani rupees,
that’s around 175 US Dollars. It comes with the same 3GB RAM and 32GB internal
storage, as last year’s Y7 Prime There are some upgrades such as dual-camera
but there are some downgrades as well. we’ll check later. Let’s just open the box and see what we got
here. Okay. The plastic wrapper seems to be too lose for
this phone. There’s a protective film included. That’s the user manual. The charger is standard, not even 2 mpere,
the one we had with Y7 Prime last year. And this is the normal silicon back cover. Good for most of you. Now what’s inside, is…
the earphones and USB cable. These are very much standard earphones without
any doubt. But that’s what you get with an entry level
smartphone. That’s simply a micro USB cable, if you had
expected anything better, It’s not a USB-C the phone isn’t really wrapped well like other
Huawei phones. label films applied on both sides of the phones On the front, they tell you about the major
features of the phone. – the FullView display
– Dual camera – Android 8
– 3GB RAM and 32GB storage That’s pretty much it. It’s a nice phone, not that much different than Mate 10 lite, but the camera position. With matte black finish, it there’s a dual
camera on the back. It’s a pair of 13MP camera and a 2MP camera It allows you to take shots with background
blur. The sides of the phone are well polished
but it’s still not matel at all just like the whole body. Though it catches fingerprints much easily. On the right side, there is power and volume buttons. The SIM slot is on the left side. There is a dedicated microSD card slot as
well. So you don’t need to give up on one SIM card
to use a memory card. There’s nothing on the top side Micro USB port is on the bottom, with an audio jack and a loudspeaker. You can also see a tiny mouthpiece down there. OK, let me set it up first. These glossy sides actually add some decent
looks to the phone. Hope you can see it shining. Handling is fine as well. Those polished sides help the grip. It’s a 6-inch display with only 720p resolution. It should be enough for an entry-level phone. This is Android 8 Oreo, with EMUI 8 software on top of it. The phone comes with Snapdragon 430 processor. That’s a step down from the last year’s Y7
Prime 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage are the same things as before. The phone comes with the
traditional Huawei app launcher but, you can turn on the app drawer from the settings Dual-camera of this phone is something that
you would consider a big thing in such an entry-level smartphone. It allows you to take photos with bokeh effect
(the blurred background). If you want to see how, here it is. It’s simply an apperture control that lets
you simulate aperture from f/1 to f/7. Touch on the screen to focus an object, anywhere, closer, in the middle, or on the
object little far away. Take the shot. Edit the shot, refocus, re-adjust the aperture
and so on. That’s now a common flow of taking shots with
bokeh effect on most smartphones. [Camera Samples] and that’s pretty much it with the camera
in Y7 Prime 2018 On the front there is an 8MP camera with
a soft flash. The build quality has nothing serious to
object. With a price tag of 20,000 rupees, it’s a
good phone with these two-cameras on the back. Fingerprint scanner is good just like other
mid-range smartphones from Huawei. The bad thing, like always, Huawei never bothers to coat
the screen to prevent fingerprints smudges. I hate it because it takes a good time to
clean off. Again, the glossy finish on the sides is
probably the best thing in its looks. Right now, that’s it. We’ll bring a detailed review later. So subscribe to the channel and enable notifications.


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    2. Battery drains quickly
    3. Charging time (0-full charge) takes up 3-4 hours
    4. Camera is not good at night
    5. Display is not good
    6. Performance is dissapointing
    7. The brightness is not so bright
    8. Heats up quickly
    9. Speaker is not so loud
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