Huawei P20 Pro vs. iPhone 11 Camera Comparison

Huawei P20 Pro vs. iPhone 11 Camera Comparison

Hey guys, This time will question performance of the
Huawei P20 Pro’s camera by comparing it against the iPhone 11. I am very curious to see the gap between this
one and a half year flagship from Huawei and that brand new iPhone. Let’s begin! First difference lays in HDR and it’s automation. It works not always and generally it’s more
subtle in the Huawei. In the iPhone HDR kicks in always and it is
stronger. As you can see more details are preserved
in the sky area in the iPhone’s picture. On the other hand some will prefer that less
processing so it depends on what you like more. That’s said the results from the P20 Pro
are also pretty good, as you can see, oddly enough in this image it even came out looking
better in terms of the exposure and dynamic range so it shows the P20 Pro hasn’t lost
all of it’s potential. I believe that the iPhone is directed towards
average users and designed to be as simple as it can be which also applies to it’s
camera. That’s why I think the results form the
iPhone were always that predictable and balanced. iPhone’s pictures are pretty much always
well exposed, which I can’t say about the P20 Pro, but I should also mention that the
iPhone’s extended dynamic range comes with the price of more noise, especially visible
in the magnification. In terms of the sharpness in the landscapes
iPhone 11 seems to be a bit better. The P20 Pro looks slightly more messed up
sometimes. I am not sure what is the cause of this though,
maybe it’s because of the autofocus? …but with quote on quote „normal pictures”
there is not much difference when it comes to the level of detail. Going to some macros, as you can see both
didn’t have problems with color accuracy handling that red flower, and in the crop
both seem to deliver results expected from those small sensors and apply noticeable sharpening. Same goes for this picture of a sunflower,
nice colours on both, in the magnification both perform very similarly. And one of the biggest difference – bokeh. The P20 Pro has significant advantage in terms
of depth of field, probably thanks to the bigger sensor and lower aperture. It’s definitely nice to have that more depth
and professional like look in the pictures. In terms of the video quality – I don’t
see any big difference in the level of detail, but aside from that iPhone 11 is clearly miles
ahead of the P20 Pro. Exposure control is not as harsh and works
in a fluid way. Autofocus is more reliable. Colors are much closer to the reality and
the dynamic range is fantastic. Not to mention the stabilization is almost
like when filming with a gimbal. P20 Pro seem to have no stabilization in 4K
and which was already an disappointment when it came out, so no surprise it looks bad in
comparison with the new iPhone. On the flip side – the iPhone 11 has slight
issue with artifacts, especially visible in with scenes involving more movement. I haven’t noticed that on the Huawei. Either way, overall I would say the iPhone
11 is significantly better when it comes to the video recording. I feel like the guts of both cameras are comparable,
but often what makes the difference in smartphone photography is the software. Low-light performance seem to be similar,
but I noticed the iPhone has tendency to make pictures as bright and exposed as it’s possible,
which unfortunately will often translate into more noise than in the Huawei. Once again, you may also noticed that more
shallow of depth field also, it is an advantage over the iPhone, in my opinion. As conditions get more extreme – gap between
the two increases significantly. I can’t stress enough that the strongest
point of the iPhone’s new night mode – is that is working automatic. When doing low-light photography in most of
those phones, including this P20 Pro you have to hold your phone very stead anyway, because
the shutter speed will be very slow… so I would rather have that good working automatic
night mode. Which works simply fantastic. The P20 Pro unfortunately doesn’t have a
chance here. Those shots were made in a complete darkness. It’s really impressive how much information
we can gather from the iPhone. The P20 Pro is still pretty solid low-light
performer, but it just can’t keep up with the new iPhone 11 in terms of the night mode. And lastly – capturing video in low-light,
I know, it is a tough one, extreme conditions, as you can see, both are very noisy and there
is a great loss of detail. The P20 looks a little bit darker, but with
less noise than the iPhone. Colors are definitely more appealing on the
iPhone though. It’s hard for me to choose a winner, but
if I had to – I would pick the iPhone because of it’s colors and more brightness. To sum up, in my view The Huawei P20 Pro haven’t
lost all of it’s potential, but it is outdated when it comes to some features like video
recording and maybe that HDR. I was pleasantly surprised by the same level
of detail on both and that great bokeh. Low-light was also respectable, until I used
that new night mode on the iPhone 11, of course. Let me know which one you prefer? Is the P20 Pro’s camera already outdated
or not? Write in the comments! See you in the next one! Peace!

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