How to use the Raspberry Pi camera module

How to use the Raspberry Pi camera module

– [Instructor] The Pi’s
camera board is an HD camera which captures high resolution images. It’s pretty much the same
as the camera in your phone and you can use it to take
pictures or record video. To attach the Pi camera
to your Raspberry Pi, first find the camera port
near the ethernet port. Now, lift up the small tab
on the port a few millimeters and then slide in the camera cable. The tab does not come off, it just becomes a bit wobbly. Make sure that the blue
side of the camera cable is facing the ethernet port
and press it into the port. Make sure that the cable is
level when you push it in. Push the tab back down
into place over the port and the camera should
be securely attached. You can capture an image
and save it to your desktop as pic.jpg by running this
script on your Raspberry Pi.

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  • Elliott's Lab

    September 6, 2019

    It’s next to a usb now isn’t it on the pi 4

  • Tyron St.Denis

    September 7, 2019

    A Lot of Electronic Crafting A Lot of Doing and A Lot of Building.


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