How to setup ANNKE smart wireless HD home security camera I41KD

How to setup ANNKE smart wireless HD home security camera I41KD

Hello everyone, today we’re going to introduce you the ANNKE smart Wireless HD home security camera I41KD And show you how to get it set up and start working in minutes This Wi-Fi camera owns tons of amazing features like 1080p HD video wireless connection remote access on phone clear two-way audio motion detection alert day and night protection smooth pan and tilt support up to 128 gigabyte microSD All these make it a perfect choice for hassle free home and business surveillance Now I will show you how to get it installed and remotely access it from your phone Before starting plug in the power adapter Download and install the my n key app from the App Store or Google Play Then open the app register an account if you already have an account just login After login click on the plus icon in the top left to add the camera to the app Choose PTZ cameras Scan the QR code on the label at the bottom of the camera to get its ID and password and then click on add There you can find two internet connection methods First we’re going to take a look at the first one “Wireless Connection” Before that make sure your phone is connected to the network click on it check have seen the lights and move on Then you have to press the reset button for 1-2 seconds to enter the Wi-Fi connection mode and you can hear the voice prompt Then input the Wi-Fi password move your phone close to the IP camera Make sure the speaker of your phone is turned on Wait a few seconds while they’re pairing Once done you have to change the default password of the device for the sake of security and the default password is admin After that, click apply and edit the device name Now your cameras connected to the network as well as your phone and you can enjoy the live footage and control it from anywhere Method 2: connect them through an Ethernet cable Plug one end of the cable into the camera and the other end goes to your router The first few steps are just like before click on the plus icon choose PTZ cameras and scan the QR code Then choose Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi connection Check have seen the lights Change the default password of the device and then choose an available Wi-Fi for the camera and configure it Input a device name, and then you’re ready to go now you can unplug the Ethernet cable and enjoy the live video If you want to get a more stable network connection just keep the cable plugged in Ok, this is all about the ANNKE I41KD smart wireless home security camera And if you want to know more about it or interested in other surveillance products and solutions from us Please visit our official site at Thank you

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  • ivan omari

    August 13, 2018

    The company was extremely helpful in dealing with an issue I had.>>>    Everyone who sees my footage, comments about the quality of the picture. I do recommend this system.


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