How to Replace a Lamp in a Promethean Projector: EST-P1, UST-P1

Be sure to turn off and unplug the projector
at least 30 minutes before replacing the lamp. Failure to do so could result in a personal
injury. Please refer to the owner’s guide for safety
information. It is not necessary to take the projector
down to replace the lamp. First, remove the screw on the lamp compartment
cover and take off the cover. The screw is not captive, so be careful not
to lose it when removing. Next, remove the two screws from the lamp
housing. Use the handle on the lamp housing to pull
the lamp out of the compartment. Place the replacement lamp into the same compartment
ensuring to align the lamp housing with the connector. Secure it with the two screws and replace
the compartment door. You will know the lamp door is not completely
closed if the power LED blinks seven times when you attempt to turn on the projector. After replacing the lamp, you should also
reset the lamp hour counter. This will stop your projector’s lamp replacement
indicator from lighting up until it is necessary to change the lamp again. Please see article 1035 on our support website
for instructions. If this lamp was replaced under warranty,
please return the faulty lamp per Promethean’s instructions. For more information about Promethean projectors,
please visit our support website. Thank you for watching.

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