How to Read a Script While Looking Into the Camera  |  Brighton West Video

How to Read a Script While Looking Into the Camera | Brighton West Video

– Do you want to be
able to read your script and look at the camera at the same time? No more memorizing scripts
or looking offscreen. The solution you’re looking
for is called a teleprompter. In this video I’m gonna
show you how they work, how to set one up, and
I’ll share my favorite teleprompter hardware and software. (upbeat music) I’m Brighton West and I help
coaches, authors and speakers use YouTube to grow their business. And that requires getting on camera and talking directly to the viewer. For a lot of people, myself
included, it’s really hard. Right now I’m reading my script. It’s projected onto a piece of glass in front of the camera lens. I see the script, but the camera doesn’t. This is really pretty easy and
it’s surprisingly affordable. About half of my clients
use a teleprompter, and the majority of the rest of them already had some kind of theater training. Let’s jump right in. So let’s start with what
you’re going to need. So you’re going to need
a tripod right down here. The teleprompter hardware, the iPad, and the teleprompter software
that runs on the iPad. And then iPhone, or DSLR, or
some kind of camera to record. So, the first thing you need is a tripod, and I say this is one
of the adult tripods, one that comes up to, like,
five, maybe six feet tall. And, you know, these little guys, just aren’t gonna work for this, the one that are the Gorilla ones with the arms that go around stuff. The teleprompter hardware
itself is pretty big and you need something, a
sturdy tripod, to hold it up. This tripod is only $25, $30 on Amazon, and it is kind of the
minimum that you would need to be able to use the
teleprompter hardware. I have a link down to that below. So one of the things to know with tripods, I will just go over them quickly, is usually you’ve got something, you know, different controls for
different directions, and you can tilt them around
and then tighten them down. You’re definitely gonna
wanna tighten them down, when you’re got that
teleprompter on top of there. But you also have this
quick-release plate. So most big tripods have
a quick-release plate. And this will be attached to the bottom of the teleprompter
hardware before you attach the whole thing over to the tripod. So, let’s go ahead and get that attached to the teleprompter hardware
and get it put together. So this is the teleprompter
hardware that I recommend. It’s called the Caddy Buddy teleprompter. And I’ve got some videos
about why it’s so great, you can go watch those. But pretty simply, for this video, I’m just gonna show you how it works. All of them work about the same in terms of how the technology works. So first thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to attach
that quick-release plate to the bottom of the teleprompter where it has the screw
to screw into a tripod. So let’s tighten that guy up. And then, we’re gonna put in on and lock it down with that lever. So, what we’ve got, just real quickly go
over the teleprompter. We’ve got, I’ll pull this up, a tray where you put the iPad, and then you have
essentially a one-way mirror. And back here is where
you would put the camera. So we’re gonna go through
that piece by piece. So for this demonstration
I’m just gonna use an iPhone to be the camera part of this. Like I said, you can use
a DSLR, or video camera. You can probably even
put a webcam back here. But you’ll use an adapter
to connect your camera to the quarter-twenty screw. So this is the same screw that was at the top of your tripod. So the teleprompter
connects to the tripod, and then the camera connects
to the teleprompter, and actually sits behind the teleprompter. So, you’ll go here, and just attach that. And because this is an iPhone you have the ability to
kind of scoot it over a little bit to one side, to make it look more like
you will be in the middle. So I’m gonna set this
up where the LCD screen from the iPhone is facing back, so if someone were behind watching that would be how they could watch it. You can’t have it setup
the other direction, because you can’t have any
light behind the glass, or the one-way mirror doesn’t work. So we’ll do some quick adjustments here. We can kinda move things around. Let’s move this guy down. So it’s kind of in the
center of the mirror. So you can see there. Let me just turn it towards you. So you can see we’ve got the camera here looking through the glass and
then we’re gonna be putting the iPad with the app down below here. So the app I love to use
is called PromptSmart. And you can buy this for your
iPad, or for your iPhone. And you can find that in
the app store, I’m sure. I’ll have the link down below for that. So what you’ll do, is
you’ll go into PromptSmart and you’ll add a script. So I usually import the script, because I write them in Google Docs and then I’m able to go through here to Google Drive, or One Drive, or DropBox, there’s a number of different places where you can go and
pull your scripts from. So I’m gonna choose Google Drive. And then I’ll see the script
that I want, click on that. And then it’ll open it up, give it a name. And you’ll see this is a
pretty short script here. But we’ll just click Save. And now we’ll go down to the Play button. And then we’ve gotta quiet. One of the cool things about PromptSmart is it listens to the room and it will recognize
your voice as you talk. So let’s be quiet here for a second. And you’ll see here that it’s backwards. This is something that you
can set in the settings here, you can mirror the text. And what you’re doing
is mirroring the text because you gonna bounce
it off another mirror. You can do settings of Scroll settings, how fast you want it to go, or if you want it to recognize your voice, what colors you like, how
big it is, lot of options. So now what you do, is
you put this in here. And you can see, not
much has happened yet. This is where the magic happens though. The black cloth. So this comes with any teleprompter is gonna have this black cloth. When you put is on there you can now see the script in the screen, but the camera isn’t seeing any of that. So this allows you to be able to read what’s on the screen, while making it look like you’re looking at the camera. And it appears like magic. So when you’re ready, what you’ll do, is you’ll start the camera back here. Start it recording. And then you’ll walk around
to where it’s recording. And start reading. Do you want to post a video to a Facebook Group with your iPhone? I’m Brighton West and I
love showing people like you how easy online video can be. So that’s pretty much it. You saw that it scrolled with my voice, very simple, easy to setup. I’ve got reviews, and
different information. I have some information
about this specific software, but I wanted this video
to just be an overview. It does take a bit to get used to and to look natural while
reading a teleprompter. I have a video with tips
which you can watch. And what I’ve found, is that
if you’re recording with an iPhone, you should use
an iPhone in the tray. If you use an iPad the audience will probably see your eyes
moving back and forth. If you have a video camera, or DSLR, you can step back further
and iPad will work just find. Questions? Leave them down in the comments. And if you’re a coach, author, or speaker looking for help with your YouTube videos, like coming up with topics, editing and attracting an audience, then head over to my website to setup a free discovery phone call.


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