How to Install Recon Projector Headlights

How to Install Recon Projector Headlights

Hey, guys. John here with Today,
I want to show you how to install the Recon Projector Headlights on this 2012 GMC Sierra
Denali. As you can see here, these lights come with everything you need to get them
installed onto your truck in pretty short order. They come with the bulbs already in,
the spots down here, those will be the bulbs that we’re going to use out of our truck,
that’s already in our truck, we just put them right in here, ready to go. Little bit of
wiring and we’re all set. We’ve tested our lights to make sure everything works, so we’re
all good to go there. We need to remove this upper bumper valance and the way we’re going
to do that is by taking a couple of screws out back here on the back side of it. And
the reason why you have to do it that way, is because there’s one bolt down here on the
side of your light that’s back in behind all that, and you can’t get to that with the valance
on. Now that we’ve got our valance loose and pulled
down out of our way, it allows us to get in here to that bolt that holds the side of the
light on, and it’s just a 10 ml bolt and we’re just going to pull that loose. We’ve got this
one out, so now what we’re going to do is go over and take the one out of the other
side. Guys, there’s a bolt right here and then another one of you just lift this up.
There’s one right under here and we’re going to pull those two bolts loose, and that will
allow us to get our headlight out of the truck. Once we have the headlight out, then we can
just unclip it from the main wiring harness and set it aside, and we’ll show you what
to do with all this in just a minute. Guys, you can see here now that we have everything
laid out here, we’re ready to start moving our wiring around. We have our old light here,
our new light here and what we’re going to do with this, I know this kind of looks a
little bit scary but it’s really not that bad. We’re just going to start unhooking our
trucks factory wiring harness for the headlight from this old light, and get it ready to start
hooking it into this one, and I’m going to show you guys how to do that right now. Okay, guys. The first thing we’re going to
do here with this mess is start unplugging our plugs and that will kind of free some
of this up, and it won’t look so foreboding at that point. It’s really not all that bad.
So we’re going to start unplugging some connectors and start breaking this stuff loose from here. These wires are all soldered, so if they’re
not soldered it’s easy for you, you just untape and unwire them. However, ours are soldered
so what I’m going to do is the wires, you’ve got to be careful. Make sure you get the right
wires guys, that go to the light, I’m just going to snip them off so we can get our harness
out of this mess, and actually start unsoldering those wires off of the harness so that we
can use that. So just follow along here we’ll make this simple. Okay. Now, we’ve got that broke loose, so
we pull these light sockets out of here because these are going to transfer to the new light,
and voila! We’ve got our harness out, so we can untape this stuff and start unsoldering
these old wires off, and start getting ready to hook these all in. As you guys can see
here, we’ve got our old wires all off of our harness and our harness is ready to go into
our new light. And then, also, if you look here, I’ve gone ahead and got our wires hooked
together. Really simple, guys. Just hook the black ones together and all the red ones together,
and then I’m going to show you on the harness, where to hook these in. So the next thing
we’re going to do here is open these spots up because we’ve got to put our lights that
we took out of our harness, back into these spots. So, the easiest way to do that is just
grab a screw driver and pop these things open and peel them out of here. All right, gang. Once the things are all out,
then we can just take our harness and we can start attaching our bulbs in, and I always
just start up here with this little one. All right. Now that we’ve got those all in
place, we can start hooking our wires up, really simple here, guys. The black wire is
going to go to the black wire here, and the red ones are going to go to this green one. Now, make sure that you pay attention here
with your green wires because there are several different ones, and you want the one that’s,
if you look down here on the socket, you can see it’s the one that’s right beside the black
one, is the one you want to hook into. So make sure you get that hooked in properly.
So we’ve got that ready to go. Now we’re just going to start soldering these wires onto
this harness. Now that we’ve got our wires soldered together
here. It’s still hot. You want to give it a little bit of time to cool off but since
this is actually pretty cool right now, we’re going to go ahead and wrap this with electrical
tape and that will help hold it together better, plus keep moisture and stuff out that could
corrode the wires and cause you some problems later. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap that,
and then after I do that, then we’ll finish plugging this thing in. Okay, guys. You can see here, we’re ready
to go with everything. I put a little bit of dielectric compound, silicon compound on
our connectors that will help keep the corrosion and such out. Now what we’re going to do is
start plugging these into our lights, and as you can see here this connector with the
orange and black wire is going to connect up to our LED lights on the side here, which
are the black and red wires. So we’re going to go ahead and plug that in. Really simple,
just plug that right in there like so. Make sure you kind of push down there really good,
to make sure that it seats in well, and then were going to do the same thing with this
connector and put a little bit of this dielectric compound on here. I don’t use a lot because
if you use a lot, then it’s going to make it harder to plug in because of the way that
these are made. And then we’ll plug this one in to this side and there you go guys. Plug
in our connector. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a little bit of dielectric
compound on here too, just while we’ve got it apart. Because these are on the front of
the vehicle going down the road, catching some rain and some water. It’s usually a good
idea to put some kind of stuff on here just to keep that out of there. So we’ll plug this back in. Make sure you
hear that click and then once that’s back, and we’re ready to slide the light back into
place. Make sure that all of your connectors and such, are out of the way for your pins
on the side over here to go back in. And there we go guys, it’s just that easy. And there you go guys. That’s how easy it
is. So, we’re going to do the other side, get it all back together. Make sure we have
everything lined up here, and there we go. Okay, guys. There you have it. That’s how
quick, simple and easy it is to install these Recon Projector Headlights into your truck.
So remember, until next time, happy motoring.


  • Zach Bennett

    July 28, 2015

    These are old school compared to Anzo's new U Bar design. They probably don't have them for everything yet though.

  • alex humphries

    April 19, 2019

    What nulbs are in there


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