How to Hang a Mirror | Pottery Barn

How to Hang a Mirror | Pottery Barn

A beautiful mirror brings character to a room, but it also but it also makes a space feel bigger and brighter
because of its reflective properties. And since a great mirror becomes a natural
focal point of a room, it’s important to hang it properly. Begin by having all the appropriate hanging hardware and tools. Level, tape measure, stud finder, No 2 Philips screwdriver or
drill with a Philips drill bit, pencil, and the hanging hardware included with your mirror. With the help of another person, hold your mirror up to
the wall to decide where you’d like it to hang. Us the pencil to mark roughly where
the top of the mirror will fall. Then, flip the mirror so the D-rings or keyhole brackets are in view. And make a pencil mark at the level where the D-ring will
hang on each side. Use a level to make sure that the two marks are level. You can measure the distance between each mark and the floor, making sure the distances are equal. Measure the distance between the center of both D-rings
on the back of your mirror, making insertion marks for each D-ring at the level you
previously determined was best. Another quick way to get the measurements for your insertion marks is to place a piece of painter’s tape across the back of the mirror over the D-rings, and then poke two holes in the tape, over the center of the D-ring. Place the tape on the wall, centered between the lines
that you previously marked. Use a stud finder to determine if your insertion marks
are aligned with the stud. If they are aligned with the stud, us the provided stud screws and screw directly into the wall at your mark using a Philips screwdriver
or drill with a Philips drill bit. If your insertion marks do not align with the stud, us the Philips screwdriver to instal the provided anchor or toggle on your insertion marks. Continue rotating until the
large flange becomes even with the surface of the wall, do not over-tighten. Install the provided screw into the
anchor or toggle, and rotate until the screw head is about one quarter inch from the wall. With the help of another person, lift the mirror so that the D-rings align with the protruding screw heads. Lower the mirror so that each screw head captures each respective D-ring, and supports the mirror. Do not let go of the mirror until you are sure that each screw is firmly holding a D-ring.


  • AstarStudent

    February 26, 2013

    Not great with DIY, but tried searching for a "toggle" and screw – nothing found on most UK DIY shops. I have a heavy-ish mirror with the same "D hooks" attached, puzzled to what will the most secure item to drill onto the wall.

  • Jeff D

    April 25, 2014

    That painters tape tip is the BOMB! Thanks so much!


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