How I Smashed my GH5 Camera

sample text Hello.
Hello world. Today is … Thursday and it snowed where the snow has stuck, the
second time this winter. Last time was at Christmas, and so I want to get a couple
pictures while everything looks magical and snowy. Be careful the ground is
slippery here. This mural on this building is one of our local artists
goes by the name of Henry The morning sunrise colors are a bit
orangish. Let’s get a picture these bikes. this is the park where.. need to watch
my step! This is the part where November Project comes on Wednesdays, but today is
Thursday beautiful
it’s all covered in white I’m going to take some pictures. From
inside this pipe you can hear some birds Birds are hungry. Asking for their mom
they’re probably super cold it sounds like little babies I don’t know if you can hear that over the tractor. there’s the city of Seattle in Sunrise {[ footfalls ]} You can hear the jets and the commuter traffic. It’s a … uh… gorgeous sunrise but I
fell broke the camera. I slipped on the ice on this …
walking down these stairs [platforms] and so the screen is smashed but luckily it’s
insured so… time to go to work [aka make the donuts] okay I’m back in my office and you can
tell… I’m recording on the GH5 to see if it’s working
(excuse me) yeah, you can see the screen is not working, it’s cracked, if I push the
button to tell it not to use the screen there we go, you can see the screen and I
wonder if it’s working so I’ll pull the files, took a couple pictures, see if the
microphone see if the microphone is working too,
otherwise they just filed the insurance and wait for the repair maybe I can
repair the screen myself be nice if they just popped in and out yikes he’s uh… this guy just fell on his bike here comes another cyclist… I better warn them watch out, it’s slippery here Crazy cyclist: Thank you. yeah well I checked out the videos and they
seemed fine s o the camera i think is just smash trail LCD screen so which I
guess the part is like a $150 I might be able to repair
it myself and then just have insurance reimburse
me but i’m going to end the vlog here thanks for watching and i’ll keep you
updated, subscribe if you want to get notices for the update on the camera … and
other great videos, comment below if you have any questions, but thanks for
watching and we’ll see you in the next one. bye {[THANKS FOR READING! Did you find the “Sample Text” easteregg? Hint: it’s in the first scene.]}

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