Hindi Short Film – Mirror The Bitter Truth | A husband and wife relationship story

Aaaaa……ha ha Ha ha, you have become very naughty, huh ? Muuaah! Leave me alone. Muah! I will not leave, but will tease you…ha ha
ha…muah. Kiss me? Leave me alone. Listen ? I do not wish to listen. Listen ? Hey, listen to me will you? Where are you going ? Listen Many, many happy returns of the day. No, this will not do. Daughter-in-law! Will I get my tea today? Papa Papa coming…. Hmmm Greetings, papa.
Be happy (Blessings), child. Happy wedding anniversary. Thank you. Be happy (Blessings) May God bless you with a beautiful and healthy child. Yes dear? What were your wishes for our daughter-in-law? What blessings have you given to daughter in law ? “May God bless you with a beautiful and healthy child.” Why? You have been blessing her for the past five years but Your desires have not been fulfilled. What do you mean? Oh! As parents, we have crossed 60 years of age. Every parent’s wish is to play with their grandchildren. When the grandson sits on his grandfather’s shoulder The grandfather is happy in his discomfort. And when the grandmother takes her grandchild And massages the infant And when the child urinates in her lap For the grandmother, it is the greatest feeling of joy in
her entire life! I will have a word with our daughter-in-law, right away. Daughter in law! Yes? I have come to you with your father’s complaint. What complaint does papa have against me? You two better stop your birth control measures. We want a child in our house, that’s it! Five years have gone by And there is no sign of a new born, in this house. Why now even the neighbour’s have started questioning us. Mummy? What has happened? Who has the courage to force you to dance to their tunes? Who has the courage to force you to dance to their tunes? Hmmmm You, who else ? Ma ! Why are you going around in circles, what is it? What you want to say? look, I have to travel on office work. If you want go, then carry on. But give us, elders, a toy to play with, that’s all. Sanjana Yes? Please pack my bags. I am getting late, I have to leave now. Mummy Your younger son, Shushant is there. Look He will fulfill your dreams. Why ? Why not you ? Mummy ! I don’t want to become father ! You are lying, what’s the matter? Out with the truth! Is Sanjana incapable of becoming a mother? Is she infertile? Stop it, ma, stop it! Ma, if you want to know, then just listen! Ma! The truth is that there is nothing wrong with Sanjana. Your son is incapable of fathering a child! she is not infertile! Ma ! Mom, i am impotent! I am medically unfit. Ma, even if I want to, I cannot become a father! I can’t, how can I explain this to you? how can i explain ? Sob. Will I never be able to bear a child? Will I ever become mother ? Yes sanjana, you will. We will have the pleasure of becoming parents. Sanjana, don’t worry. Sanjana, now-a-days medical science is so advanced that Everything will be set right. This world takes away all rights from a woman who cannot
bear a child. I know sanjana, I know that A woman is incomplete until a child plays in her
lap. Once I return from this tour, We’ll go to a doctor, and everything will be alright. Everything will be fine, Sanjana.
(Sob…..) Why did you shut the door? Tell me? Answer ? In the Husband’s absence The man who performs his duties Is the brother-in-law, isn’t it? And today I have come to perform the duties of a
brother-in-law! I have come to clear the stigma that is attached to my
brother’s name. Some call you infertile, and my brother impotent? I cannot tolerate this. Never ! I have come to save you both from this. Can people talk ill of Ma and Papa? Can anyone tolerate this ? I have come to save them. And I have come to save our family’s respect and dignity. Now, don’t delay. Come into my arms. Sister-in-law with your single compromise, The whole family will be relieved, for an entire life-time! And the family will get a successor. The boy whom I took to be my child Is trying to disgrace me today? I am not here to disgrace anyone. But, I am saving our family from the stigma attached by
society. Please agree, sister-in-law! Just get into my arms once Papa! This Shushant has gone mad. He is trying to degrade the (sacred) relationship between a
sister-in-law and brother-in-law Silence! My son Knows his limits And whatever he is doing, is to protect the reputation and
respect of his family People will call the daughter-in-law of our house infertile? He is trying to save his sister-in-law from disgrace! and above this He is obeying his father’s command, understand? What are you saying ? Yes This is papa’s decision Shushant had not come to you on his own, Papa had sent him. Our family needs one successor, only one successor! That successor who has our family’s blood running in his veins! And that need only you can fullfill,only you can Sanjana What’s wrong with this? Where are we going to tell others? That the unborn child is not of Shekhar, but Shushant’s? Shame on you! Such ideas are not only demeaning and deplorable, but so are
the people, who think in such a manner. Why should I pay the price for your son’s impotency? If today your daughter-in-law can warm her brother-in-law’s bed, then why can’t she do the
same with other men? Today i am fulfilling your wish Tomorrow don’t stop me from my disloyalty. Come, Shushant, come! For the sake of the false prestige and pride of your mother
and father Take this defenseless woman’s Self-respect, pride, spirit and destroy it. Your brother turned out to be impotent. Come, come! Display and exhibit your masculinity. Go on. Welcom, Lata ji. Thank you. Women’s exploitation has become a serious issue that our
society is confronted with. What are your views on this? My aim is to expose the exploitation, within homes. And fight against it, To give so much courage to these exploited victims That they fight against this injustice that they are facing. Lata ji What is your take on such a ‘disease?’ Now, only those who have experienced suffering Will feel the pain. Now see our Dutta Sahib Nargis ji had cancer Then Dutt Sahab took a stand That he’ll never let anyone die due to a disease called
cancer. Then he opened cancer hospitals We too have had a similar experience Inspired by which we have started this work Do you wish to share your experience with our audience? Yes. Why not ? My elder sister was very sick, those days. She was hospitalized. And I had to go to her in-laws house to help. Brother-in-law What….what are you doing ? I am making love. To both… sisters God has certainly taken his time, creating you! Brother-in-law, spare me? Are you out of your mind? Sister-In-Law is half a wife. Sister-in-law is also a sister, brother-in-law! Silence!! Listen to me, carefully. If I am happy, then your sister will be happy. Once your sister is happy, then you too will be happy! And when both of you are happy, then, your parents will be
happy. Am I right? What? Tell me. What do you say? (Sob….) Lata ji I fail to understand Why did you not raise your voice against your tomenter? God took away that opportunity from me. The next day He died in a road accident And the injustice that I faced was overshadowed by a tragic
accident. So this incident made you so capable That those women who could not express their problems – out
of fear, are today coming out fearlessly, in the open. Some are coming out, And many others are yet to come. You will see They will definitely come, through this show of mine. Mirror – the bitter truth. A lot of women will openly remove these masks from their
faces Hello Lata, Sanjana speaking. Hi Sanjana Tell me ? How come you thought of me? Let me meet and explain. This is my sad story I thought as much, as soon as I heard you, that Something is gone wrong You understood my pain in my voice But, my family?? Yes Ma, tell me How are you, dear? I am fine mother, how are you all? Forget about us. You now need to take good care of yourself. In this state you need rest. What do you mean, ‘in this state,’ Ma? Dear, this morning we received a call from our son-in-law
(your husband) with the good news That we are going to be grandparents! Mother, I’ll call you back, later. Okay, dear. Atleast tell your family the entire truth What do we achieve by telling my family? What do you mean? Now enveryone should know this! What happened to me, No other woman should undergo the same. The way women are being exploited in every house should be exposed to all. After all, the truth about our society, and, the misery women are going through, has to be exposed!

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