Hidden Camera Clock Unboxing

Hidden Camera Clock Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome back it’s
CivilGuy here and today we have an unboxing of the Fuvision Wi-Fi hidden
camera table clock now I bought this camera from Amazon obviously and and I
figured hey what the heck might as well try something different because not a
whole lot of people from my understanding actually have a hidden
camera now why might you need a hidden camera well if you’re in the market for
a surveillance system this might be the type of thing you’re looking for you
want something that’s discreet and not noticeable but still legal sometimes
that can be a problem but let’s say you have an office somewhere and you really
want to capture whatever’s happening while you’re not at your desk this might
be something that you’re looking for all right so right after you pop this top
off you’ll see the clock it’s there in a plastic bag we’re going to move that to
the side I want to see what else is in the box first so all you have to do is
pull this piece of foam out we have a instruction manual and this is
very important because this camera is Wi-Fi enabled and now we have a micro
USB to USB cable for charging and a power brick alright so now let’s look at
the clock and pull it out of the plastic bag as you can tell it has a very sleek
design it’s not very showy you can easily see the camera because of my
lighting but I’m sure in a normally lit environment you won’t be able to make
out the camera from a distance so you might be wondering how do you turn this
thing on in the first place well that’s why it’s important to read the
instructions I know typically I would say just throw
them out but with this device it’s very crucial because there’s an app that
actually works with this device so let’s go ahead and take a sneak peek at the
instruction manual and we’ll look and obviously it shows us the function keys
every single button in what its purpose is and how it works and so all you have
to do now is pop off this back panel so this is the battery that comes with it
you also have a micro SD slot comes with its own micro SD card 2 16 gig cards not
a lot of space but it’s enough space and the button with the R which is actually
how you set the clock and so now I’m going to directly hook it up to my power
bank that I have sitting on standby and as you can tell all the digits are
lighting up and these buttons are what you use to actually set the clock time I’m going to go ahead and put this panel
back on here and we’re going to actually look more at the instructions I highly
recommend you read the instructions because it’s very simple now in order to
get this camera working you have to download this app called cam WF so it’s
ca MWF it’s actually in the App Store and also a Google Play so you can use it
on Android or iOS now after you launch the app I would suggest you connect to
the camera now it actually has its own Wi-Fi label and it starts with RT and
it’s highly recommended that you actually have a set password now once
you’re connected to the camera you can search the camera in your device list
then you can label the device and after that click on the device itself and you
can view the image as you can tell this is a live feed from where I’m standing
and you can actually control the camera from here you can take pictures you can
actually record audio and you can actually listen in on what’s happening
in the room in real time here’s a test clip of what this cameras
actually capable of capture now it does film 1080p but keep in mind it does this
at 11 frames per second now that’s not too bad for a security cam well is it
worth it to be honest yeah I mean why not it
films 1080p you can clearly see what’s in the shot it’s Wi-Fi enabled you can
access the clips on your phone and it’s very responsive I would definitely
purchase this again and as always I just want to say thank you to everybody for
supporting this channel so much I see so many subscribers coming in and it’s just
amazing thank you all for supporting this wonderful channel I really do hope
it was helpful for anyone who’s in the market for new camera if you like the
content so far please give this video a like also let me know what you think by
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thank you


  • Duer

    July 21, 2017

    Nice video! It's good to see you uploading again.

  • Tom King

    September 22, 2017

    Can the camera be controlled manually without using a cell phone and if so where can I get detailed instructions, Thanks Tom King [email protected]

  • Braycen Shelton

    January 4, 2018

    Can you upload the manual?

  • ThomasHardenFishing

    January 22, 2018

    What's the biggest sd card you can put in it? You have to download the app, so they can watch to. =)

  • KingRed

    June 27, 2018

    You can clearly see that camera. πŸ˜‘

  • Sayed Omar

    January 24, 2019

    How to factory rest the product ?
    Its very conflicting …


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