Helios Monitoring: The Best Security Camera Monitoring

Helios Monitoring: The Best Security Camera Monitoring

Security just got smarter. Helios Monitoring is the world’s first security solution platform that brings your CCTV
back under your control. Helios Monitoring tracks
all CCTV information, creating alerts and notifying
users of any issues. Helios allows you to monitor all of your environments
from a centralised dashboard, easily track and locate your equipment, providing information
such as serial numbers, firmware versions, and status. Helios can even drill
down into add-on modules such as GPS and radar units, as well as track and
record analytical data for advanced reporting. Whether you have 5,000 cameras or a single solar-powered
camera out in the desert, Helios has got you covered with a variety of monitoring methods, as well as custom-built solutions. Manage all your clients’
sites from one central portal, regardless of brand. With one single click, you
can access all key information and set up your own custom alerts. In addition to CCTV monitoring, Helios can also monitor your
onsite NAS and servers. Helios supports brands such as
QNAP, Synology, HP, and Dell. With every detail captured, we can present any and all details about your operating CCTV cameras, as well as back up your
configuration files, send you monthly automated reports, and track all serial
and warranty information for all of your devices. Helios provides a no-commitment contract and offers free setup, free
support, custom reporting, and mobile and tablet friendly operation. There is no excuse to not
get smart with your security. To get started, head to
heliosmonitoring.com.au, and sign up for your
free 30 day trial today.

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  • johndesign

    July 16, 2019

    Love this product. If you're serious, get Helios.


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